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Introduction to Eikon

Learn how to use Thomson Reuter's Eikon database and Eikon Excel Add-In to retrieve financial data

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Introduction to Eikon

  1. 1. Introduction to Eikon Jiaxin Low Research Librarian, Finance Singapore Management University March 2017
  2. 2. What is Eikon? • Financial database from Thomson Reuters with company fundamentals, analyst research, latest news, economic data, and various tools for charting and analysis • Worldwide geographical coverage
  3. 3. In this presentation How do I… • Access Eikon? • Retrieve and export data in Eikon? • Use Eikon Excel to build custom spreadsheets? • Find help?
  4. 4. Where to start? 1. Logging in • Log in to the computer with your SMU ID and password • Eikon shortcut on the desktop • Wait for password to load automatically – do not click in the fields 2. Using the database • Click on the Eikon button on the menu bar to see options. • Go to the Home screen, or use other Eikon apps
  5. 5. Click on Eikon button to open this menu Home screen Other apps
  6. 6. Home screen
  7. 7. Browse content by asset class…
  8. 8. … or use the search bar • Start typing into the search bar • Dropdown shows list of possible results • You can also type in a question such as “what is the meaning of life”
  9. 9. Smart searching: “Eikon answers” facebook revenue past 2 years
  10. 10. Retrieving and exporting data • Instrument overview page – e.g. Facebook
  11. 11. Retrieving and exporting data • Other key menu bar options: • Price: historical price, volume information • Research: analyst reports • Fundamentals: financial information • Chart: charting function • Transactions: offerings and M&A data • 360 menu: “sitemap” linking to all available options for current instrument
  12. 12. Retrieving and exporting data • Quote history page
  13. 13. Retrieving and exporting data • Quote history page Click on [X] icon to export data on this page to an Excel spreadsheet
  14. 14. Other export options • Fundamentals page
  15. 15. Other useful functions • Country pages Country page menu options: • News & Events • Financial Markets • Investment Focus • Central Bank • Credit • Debt • Economics • Research • Country Comparisons
  16. 16. Other useful functions • News & Research portal
  17. 17. Other useful functions • Advanced Research Search – search/filter for analyst reports
  18. 18. EIKON EXCEL ADD-IN Use the Excel Add-In to create custom spreadsheets
  19. 19. Where to find the Excel Add-in Click on the Log In button in the Thomson Reuters tab
  20. 20. Screener function • Filter for a list of companies or other instruments
  21. 21. Screener • Use the Quick Filters or search for filters • E.g. filter by exchange  enter exchange name directly
  22. 22. Screener function • Once you have filtered for a list of companies, display more data by adding columns. Start typing to see what data points are available.
  23. 23. Screener function • Use Insert Screen to export data into Excel
  24. 24. Screener function - results
  25. 25. Formula builder • Use the formula builder to add and customize more data points
  26. 26. Formula builder • Search for instruments or use cell referencing Previously screened list Use cell referencing to select tickers
  27. 27. Formula Builder Referenced cells • Search for data items in the second search bar, enter parameters Click “Select Date” to enter a specific date
  28. 28. Formula Builder • Once you have selected the necessary data items, click on “Insert” to return to Excel Selected items: Price Close; Volume; Market Cap
  29. 29. Formula Builder results • Note the cell you have placed your cursor on. I placed the cursor on E3 before using Formula builder. Data will start displaying from F4.
  30. 30. Formula Builder results • Note the cell you have placed your cursor on. I placed the cursor on E3 before using Formula builder. Data will start displaying from F4. Referenced cells Selected data items Retrieved data using Formula Builder
  31. 31. Formula Builder results • To edit the retrieved date, place cursor on cell E3 and click on Formula Builder button again, or edit formula from Excel Formula Bar.
  32. 32. • Research guide: • Email: • Walk-in: the Desk at Library Level 2 • Schedule a consultation with a research librarian