Tips and Tricks from a (Wannabe) Productivity Geek (Salt Lake City)


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This presentation is a variation of the presentation given in early May in Silicon Valley; this version was given in Salt Lake City, UT on 6/20/2013. In this presentation, I share some ideas and thoughts for improving personal effectiveness and productivity.

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Tips and Tricks from a (Wannabe) Productivity Geek (Salt Lake City)

  1. 1. Tips & Tricks from a (Wannabe)Productivity GeekSome thoughts and ideas for being productive and effective in today’sfast-paced industryScott Lowe, VCDX 39vExpert, Author, Blogger, Geek / Twitter: @scott_lowe
  2. 2. Before we start•Get involved! Audience participation is encouraged andrequested.•If you use Twitter, feel free to tweet about this session (use@MyVMUG or hashtag #SLCVMUG)•I encourage you to take photos or videos of today’s sessionand share them online•This presentation will be made available online after the event
  3. 3. Your name is familiar...
  4. 4. •Know the metrics•Reduce the friction•Find a trusted system•Process your e-mail•Know when to stop•Some tools I use•Demo timeAgenda
  5. 5. Knowing is half the battle!
  6. 6. What is the other half?
  7. 7. •Try to understand where improvements can be made•Ask yourself questions like these:•What tasks am I constantly performing?•What takes up most of my time during the workday?•What causes the most disruption to my focus?•Once you know the answers, you can make progress onbeing more effectiveKnow the metrics
  8. 8. •Find ways to streamline and simplify common tasks•Use automation tools (macros, scripts)•Use text substitution applications (TextExpander, Breevy,AutoKey)•Use keyboard-based application launchers or search tools(Quicksilver, Launchy, Gnome Do)•Learn and use keyboard shortcutsReduce the friction
  9. 9. •Which system you use is less important than actually using it•David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) is one populartrusted system•Lots of applications designed to fit into GTD, if that’s yourtrusted system•GTD isn’t for everyone, though—find what works for you!•Reduce the friction to make your trusted system easier touseFind a trusted system
  10. 10. How many of you strugglewith e-mail?
  11. 11. •Don’t just manage e-mail, process e-mail!•Four rules for processing e-mail:•Rule #1: If you can do it in under 2 minutes, do it.•Rule #2: If it takes more than 2 minutes, put it in yourtrusted system.•Rule #3: If you need the information, archive the message.•Rule #4: Otherwise, delete the message.•Reduce the friction to make this process easierProcess your e-mail
  12. 12. •Pay it forward—help others process their e-mail•Useful subject lines help; consider these prefixes:•“Info:” for FYI-type messages•“Request:” when you’re asking them to do something•“Inquiry:” when you’re asking a question•“Confirmed:” to confirm the receipt of a request or task•“Delivered:” means you’re completing the request or taskand delivering the item(s)Process your e-mail
  13. 13. Know when to stop
  14. 14. •AppleScript•Quicksilver•FastScripts•OmniFocus•Typinator•TextSoap•MarkdownSome tools I use
  15. 15. Demo time!
  16. 16. Questions &answers
  17. 17. Thank you!Don’t forget to provide feedback and rate this session on the lastpage of your Program Guide.