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Dma Win Back And Life Cycle Brochure 08


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Multi-day strategic customer life cycle workshop, focusing on risk, churn, and winback. Features both individual and team case studies, in banking and telecom

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Dma Win Back And Life Cycle Brochure 08

  1. 1. BUILd VALUE fOr YOUr MOst VALUABLE CUstOMErs Profitable Customer Direct Marketing Association, Inc. U.S. POSTAGE Prsrt std PAId ABOUt thIs EVENt 7 KEY BENEfIts Of AttENdING retention and WinbaCk dON’t MIss OUt – rEQUEst A CAtALOG tOdAY! Visit to request a reference catalog of DMA’s Learn How to Better Manage Customer Acquisition, Retention and 1. Understand the relationships between customer loss, customer retention Workshop Winback to Increase Profits – All in Just Two days. How many customers have you lost this year? If you’re like most and customer acquisition – insight that is critical to your ongoing success. 2. Learn why the reasons customers leave may not be what you think – and companies, 10 - 40% of your customers have walked away and will never how to get to the real root of the problem. discover Hidden Profits return. When you lose a customer, you lose more than just revenue. You 3. Discover the secrets to winning back lost customers – and preventing have to go out and find new customers to replace the lost ones – and that at-risk customers from leaving. can be costly and time-consuming. and thrive in this Direct Marketing Association, Inc. 4. Customer defection is a company problem – learn how to pull together That’s why this workshop is so timely. In two days, you’ll learn the vital to win back or save high-value customers. 1120 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10036–6700 connection between customer loss, customer retention, and customer Challenging economy indicated, please deliver to the Marketing Director. 5. Target and acquire new customers who will perform like your most Attention Mailroom: If undeliverable to addressee acquisition as well as how to retain your current customers … win back customers who’ve left … identify and stabilize at-risk customers … and profitable customers – and stop wasting money on the rest. give your most desirable customers all the reasons they need to stay. 6. Build an organization and culture in which everything – from communications to processes – is centered around the customer. acclaimed seminars and events. July 28 – 29, 2008 | new York, nY whY YOU shOULd AttENd 7. Clear up misconceptions about customer loyalty and customer satisfaction – and the real differences between the two. Ask Yourself: • Do you consider a lost customer a lost cause? whO shOULd AttENd? • Are you tired of losing customers and having constantly to recruit Middle and Senior-Level Executives in: new ones? • Do you spend most of your time acquiring and retaining customers – but a • Business Development • Database Marketing lot less on winning lost customers back? • Corporate Communications •Loyalty and Relationship • Are you unsure which lost customers are even worth trying to win back? • Customer Relations/Satisfaction Marketing Agencies and CRM Market Research and Analysis • • Do you consider complaining customers to be nuisances? Customer Retention and Loyalty • •Marketing • Would you do something to stop customers who are about to jump ship – if you only knew who they are? • Customer Service and Contact • Sales and Promotion Printed on paper containing 10% post-consumer content. If you answered “yes” to just one of these questions, this workshop’s for you. Centers • Strategic Planning rEGIstEr NOw! retention and winback workshop Designed for both B-to-B and B-to-C companies of any size, this fast-paced work- Optimize Your Customer Retention dId YOU KNOw? shop will arm you with an actionable plan for your organization to use right away. • Build value for your most desirable customers Companies large and small, B-to-B and B-to-C, can all improve PrE-sEMINAr QUEstIONNAIrE perform like your most profitable customers • Target and acquire new customers who will their bottom lines using the techniques taught in this invaluable dMA‘s Profitable Customer KEY CodE: Get the most out of your seminar. You’ll receive a pre-seminar questionnaire • Identify and stabilize at-risk customers two-day workshop. which will help you determine pressing issues and prioritize your learning You, too, can see tremendous returns from updating your customer- agenda. Email your questionnaire to your expert instructor(s) prior to the retention and recovery strategy. Look at these phenomenal industry- and Recovery Strategy seminar. Make sure you bring your completed questionnaire to the seminar In two days, learn how to: specific results: and ensure your questions and concerns are addressed. • Managed care company reduced member turnover by 40% • Maximize you customer retention • Bank’s relationship recovery program saved over 70% of at-risk, high-value • Determine why customers leave sAVE $$$ BY BrINGING YOUr ENtIrE tEAM customers • Identify – and stabilize – high-risk customers There is no “I” in TEAM. Each member of your team plays an important • Cellular phone company reactivated 25% of customers who had switched to role in your direct marketing program. This seminar has something for • Change your business to prevent future customer loss another supplier more than a year ago each of them. You’ll save $150 off each registration when you send two Learn how to: • Major newspaper, even using rudimentary winback techniques, regained over people, and $250 off each registration when you send three or more to 50% of former subscribers the same session. The best benefit of this discount is enabling your staff to • Continuity book publisher generated 10 times the return on investment from be on the same page at the same time. Contact DMA Customer Service at recovering expired members as from selling to new customers 212.790.1500 to receive your team discount. WBKL0109 Call: 212.790.1500
  2. 2. workshop Outline* rECOVEr thE CUstOMErs YOU’VE LOst ANd KEEP thE VALUABLE ONEs YOU ALrEAdY hAVE 4 This two-day workshop will help you win back lost customers and retain those most valuable to your organization’s bottom line. Here’s a brief outline of what will be covered: dAY 1: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. dAY 2: 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. ABOUt YOUr sEMINAr LEAdEr frEE BONUs wAYs tO rEGIstEr Please arrive 30 minutes earlier Learn cutting-edge tactics for acquiring and You will receive a workbook packed with over 240 than the start time to register. retaining profitable customers. Michael W. Lowenstein, Ph.d, CMC pages of valuable information you can continually Continental breakfast will be The Power of Customer Commitment served. and Advocacy Vice President and Senior Consultant, refer to on the job. It includes proven techniques, • ONLINE: • The ‘new rules’ of trust and value creation Harris Interactive Loyalty checklists, guidelines, and a wealth of other • CALL: 212.790.1500 Apply hard-working strategies to win back lost customers, save those on the brink of • How informal communication is changing the tools for improving your company’s results. ww landscape of customer loyalty behavior, and how With over 30 years of management and consulting e-dm • MAIL or FAX: Download a PDF registration form from our website defection and make your company Plus, there is ample space for you to take notes a.or g your company can leverage it experience in customer and staff loyalty research, CRM, defection-proof. and highlight new ideas as they are presented Manage Customer Retention loyalty program development, customer winback, service Get Started – An Introduction to the during class discussions. Powerful Customer Life-Cycle and Satisfaction and channel quality, customer-driven corporate culture, rEGIstrAtION rAtEs* DMA Members Save • Tangible and intangible performance Attendees tell us this workbook alone is worth the price of admission! • The Customer Life-Cycle Concept – what it’s absolutely critical you understand • A closer look at the vital link between measurements – when and how to use each • Don’t react to customer complaints – proactively HRD, and strategic marketing, Lowenstein is an active international keynoter, speaker, workshop facilitator, and trainer, and is a regularly featured dMA Members $1,399 Non-Members $1,699 *Registration rates are subject to change. $300 turn them into loyalty-building tools acquisition, retention, loss and recovery • How to use the gap between what customers contributor to two customer loyalty newsletters. He also provides expert sPECIAL fEAtUrE! For information on DMA Membership, please call 212.768.7277, ext. 1155 • The often surprising causes of customer risk perceive and what employees think they perceive customer loyalty resource commentary to several professional CRM, Take part in a detailed case study and gain hands-on experience devising a and loss – and the costly effects to improve training, sales, marketing and or email • Can you really save a customer on the brink of culture-building marketing, customer service, and HRD sites on the Internet. plan to promote winback, customer retention and loyalty. Work with a group defection? Absolutely – here’s how • Common mistakes made when communicating of your peers and present your program to the class. It’s a powerful learning • Churn management: How to apply the power findings Harris Interactive is a worldwide top 15 market research and consulting experience you’ll benefit from long after the workshop is over. sEMINAr dAtE, LOCAtION, ANd hOtEL of predictive churn modeling to identify • What does it really take to organize for customer company, and provides research services for corporations in automotive, customers most likely to jump ship loyalty? ACCOMMOdAtIONs consumer/retail, financial services/insurance, business-to-business, telecom, Win Back Lost Customers • Making profitable win-back decisions – who, Become a Customer-Centric organization • The powerful role the Customer Loyalty health/healthcare, and technology enterprise sectors. Formerly, he was Senior COMPANIEs whO hAVE PrEVIOUsLY A limited number of rooms are available the Algonquin Hotel at what and when • Lifetime value vs. second lifetime value: Pyramid can play in your organization over the long-term Vice President, Customer Management Center of Excellence, GfK NOP, a AttENdEd thIs sEMINAr 888.304.2047 or the Millennium Broadway Hotel at 212.768.4400. Mention division of GfK Aktiengesellschaft, based in Nuremberg, Germany, and one of AIG FedEx Qwest that you are attending a DMA seminar when calling to make a reservation. How a regained customer may actually mean • What highly successful, commitment-based more ROI companies do differently the three largest full-service marketing research and consulting organizations DMA’s corporate rate will be honored, depending on hotel availability. Allstate Motor Club GE Financial Sears • Using the Customer Loyalty Compass – • The “Seven S” Framework Model for setting in the world. a disciplined approach to identifying what and managing direction for your organization AXA Equitable Hallmark Loyalty Staples July 28 – 29, 2008 drives loyalty • Essential tools for making your company defec- tion-proof – how to use it to impact customer processes • Tips on using the “Seven S” model to build a customer lifecycle culture and infrastructure ? Do you have a question for Michael? Please send questions you have about this seminar to Bank of America Celebrity Cruises Inc. Harrah’s Casino Harte-Hanks The New York Times New York, NY DMA Seminar Center “ The Swiss Colony PrAIsE frOM PAst AttENdEEs • Providing value to customers you think are • Why you need to focus on the tangible and “safe” – but really aren’t measurable Hard S’s of customer loyalty strategy, Chicago Tribune Hewlett-Packard 1120 Avenue of the Americas TiVo Inc. • How to put together a customer information structure and systems Hoover’s, Inc. Commerce Bank (between 43rd 44th Streets) system that drives loyalty • How the constantly evolving and changing “Fantastic new program that is very relevant to what’s happening in today’s Uline • What you need to know to profit from online Soft S’s – customer loyalty staff, style, skills and Dell Intuit customer communities shared values – impact your organization’s market. We all lose customers, and we all want to get better at keeping them and Verizon Discover Financial John Deere • The important role customer targeting plays in structure and systems getting them to come back.” Visa CEUs AwArdEd holding on to customers • A game plan for putting customer value Julie DeFelice Services JP Morgan Chase Involve Your Entire Company concepts into action immediately Lenox Collections Wachovia Bank Continuing Education Units may be used as evidence of your new skills and E-Commerce director, Cabot Heritage Corporation Dow Jones Company • The importance of creating winback and Target and Acquire the Best Customers educational accomplishments. Attendees at this seminar earn .8 CEUs per day. “Michael Lowenstein is an outstanding, engaging, and honest instructor. He pulls Oppenheimer Funds WW Grainger ” other customer-focused teams to help execute • Who are your best prospects? Why is it EarthLink, Inc. important to correctly target them? no punches in describing what does and does not work in today’s business environ- Yahoo! You will be mailed your certificate of completion reflecting CEUs earned. your plans Empire Blue Cross/Blue Prudential Financial • Is there a connection between staff loyalty and • How to make sure you’re doing the right things to attract the best customers ment. The material presented will be extremely beneficial to my company. I can't Shield QVC, Inc. Zurich Insurance customer loyalty? • 9 best practices for building a company culture • How the overall success – or failure – of your wait to start implementing the ideas.” CANCELLAtION POLICY efforts depends on identifying and eliminating David Arant YOUr stAff. YOUr OffICE. that encourages loyalty undesirable prospects If you cannot attend an event for which you are registered, please send a VP Marketing, Skinner Nurseries Employee Mirroring and Ambassadorship • Why it's nearly impossible to build customer • How to build products and services your best customers want – the key to retention success OUr EXPErts. substitute. Substitutions are allowed at any time and no fees are imposed. loyalty without a staff that is both committed • Strategies you can “borrow” from other If you must reschedule or cancel your registration, please visit and productive organizations to build a staff of employees who Customized direct Marketing training delivered right for the cancellation policy. • Aligning and committing the employee to the match customers’ needs YOUr sAtIsfACtION Is GUArANtEEd to your company. brand and value promise, the organization and • What is the Casanova Complex? Why must you avoid it at all costs? Or YOUr MONEY BACK How it works: DMA will provide you with your own personal In-House the customers • Referrals: How to work harder to get them … You will be 100% satisfied with what you learn or we will refund your Training Manager who will work with you to develop the right training COMMItMENt tO CUstOMEr ChOICE Customer Save and Recovery Methods starting as early as the acquisition stage registration fee in full.† We can afford to make this offer because we know that program for your organization, your budget, and your time frame. Then we will If you wish to modify future marketing mailings or change your list rental • Today's most effective save and recovery • Turning prospects into first-time buyers – are this seminar is going to exceed your expectations. It’s part of our commitment techniqes and processes – win back lost you on top of what really works? bring one of DMA’s world-renowned instructors directly to your company. preferences, please call Customer Service at 212.790.1500. customers, and stabilize those at risk to providing you with the highest quality in education and training. Slice and dice Customer data to Improve We have 25+ different seminars, so you can mix them up or focus on one Retention Melissa K. Ruff Director, Education Services specific area. It’s easy, affordable, and gets the results you seek. Call your DMA • Don’t fight customer profiles and behavior Networking opportunity: – how to use current, accurate data to your †Requires written request within 30 days of the seminar. Direct Marketing Association, Inc. specialized Training Manager today at 212.768.7277, ext. 1609, or email Lunch will be served each day to benefit throughout the life cycle For more information visit facilitate networking with your peers. • Leveraging the power of Customer Divisibility: Core issues to address in understanding and responding to customers’ * Outline is subject to change. Call: 212.790.1500 changing needs