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E-auction software by


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e-auction software ,reverse and forward auction software that can be used easily by suppliers and buyers.The main advantage of procuring through e-sourcing software is better price that can be achieved.
We create reverse and forward e-auction based on your procurement project.

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E-auction software by

  1. 1. Create E-auction and get more saving!
  2. 2. • E-Auction software which is easy to use for suppliers, professional solution with transparent pricing.
  3. 3. It is simply technique to capture the best pricing available during E-auction.
  4. 4. • We are also helping to find the right suppliers prior to bid events and we also proud that this is the easiest e-auction software that every can use without any support..
  5. 5. Easy to use for suppliers. Easy monitoring during real time Auctions . Bid Report. Easy access to history of previous auctions.
  6. 6. • You can make more savings than you would expect from running a traditional paper based RFQ process.