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I:\alan\suffolk university 10 07


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Kristen, I am sending you two versions of az presentation for my blog in PowerPoint and PDF versions. Use whichever one you prefer.

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I:\alan\suffolk university 10 07

  1. 1. Trends in Recruitment Marketing Presented by Alan Lovitz Success Recruitment Marketing & Communications October 1, 2007
  2. 2. Agenda • Introductions • Testing Your Recruitment Aptitude • Metrics & Trends • Research Tools • Employer Branding • Traffic Driving Strategies • Building A Pipeline • Recruitment Cutting Edge
  3. 3. The Candidate Funnel 4% of the people looking for work 96 % of the people who are currently working and not actively looking
  4. 4. Testing Your Recruitment Aptitude How do these recruitment platforms rank in terms of where candidates are coming from? • Agencies • Career Fairs • College Recruiting • Direct Sourcing • Employee Referrals • Internet • Newspapers • Other
  5. 5. Where Are The Best Candidates Searching? (How do you know you’re getting the top 10%?) 61% of all external hires can be attributed to just 2 channels—referrals by current employees and the Internet. [Just 5.5% come from traditional want-ads]
  6. 6. Testing Your Recruitment Aptitude Emerging Markets: 1. What % of the U.S Population is non-white today? 2. What is the fastest growing ethnic group in the U.S. today?
  7. 7. Emerging Markets Minorities: The emerging majority in the U.S. population – By 2050, 47% of the U.S. population is projected to be made up of so-called minority groups. Source: U.S. population projections, 2000-2050. U.S. Census Bureau. Accessed online at:
  8. 8. Emerging Markets: 2004 Percentage Hispanic in the US
  9. 9. Media & Lifestyle Survey
  10. 10. Competitive Website Analysis • Analyze Company’s Career Website Vs. Two Top Competitors • Benchmark Your Career Website Against ‘Best Practices For Website Development’ • Evaluate The ‘Strengths & Weaknesses’ Of Each Of Your Competitors • Conduct Gap Analysis And Outline Opportunities For Company To ‘Leap Frog’ To A Position Of Strength Over The Competition • Provide A Written Executive Summary Of Strengths, Weaknesses & Opportunities, As Well As A Proposal For Recommendations, Pricing And Timelines. • Analysis Will Be Provided Within 10 Business Days
  11. 11. Your Brand Internal External Interactive Collateral Direct Mail Radio/TV Print ERP PR
  12. 12. Benefits of Brand Positioning • If we’re true to the Company’s brand - or experience - advertising & communications should: - increase self-selection - increase retention - increase employee referrals
  13. 13. Ad Campaign “Before”
  14. 14. Employer Brand Campaign “After”
  15. 15. Job Board Branding
  16. 16. Traditional - 3 column ad Up & Down Google 2 column ad VS. Leveraging The Internet To Reduce Size and Cost of Newsprint Ads
  17. 17. Job-seeker clicks on top sponsored link/search result. The Process
  18. 18. Leveraging The Internet To Build Your Brand HTML Profile Pages (Flash Animation)
  20. 20. Integrated, Interactive Recruitment
  21. 21. Email Marketing: “Emerging Markets”
  22. 22. THE SOLUTION: Develop and Implement a Web-Based Relationship-Marketing Program: • Keep the Company Name in Front of the Candidate • Keep Candidate Apprised of Relevant Company News & Accomplishments • Engage Candidate in Web-Based Activities • Build Candidate Interest Culminating in a Recruitment Event/Overture • Have the ability to track candidate response and source Pipeline Building Strategy
  23. 23. eCards
  24. 24. To View eNewsletter Sample:
  25. 25. Employee Referral Program • Effective ERP Can Net 40% of Hires • ERP Platform Options – Traditional – Web-based • Micro-site • E-Cards – Non-Employee Referrals E-Card To Employee: E-Card To Friend:
  26. 26. Visit: Online Employee Referral Program
  27. 27. Testing Your Recruitment Aptitude What item - that every one of us currently has in our possession - may become one of the hottest new recruitment platforms?
  28. 28. Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Mobile/Text Marketing • Mobile Skews To Tech Savvy and Younger Audiences • Can Target By Blackberry and By Carrier VZ Wireless; Older, T-Mobile; Younger Potential Strategies Include: - Click To Call (Speak to the Recruiter) - Click To Form Fill (Bridge Online to Mobile) - Click To Text (Ongoing Interactions) (Includes Link to WAP site) - Click To Polling (Instantaneous Feedback/Engage Candidates) - Click To Video (Leads To Video or Landing Page/Data Capture
  29. 29. Search Engine Marketing on Google • Buy Keywords on Google • Drive Traffic to Sponsored Link; HTML Profile Page or Micro-site • Capture Passive Talent • By Geographic Area, By Discipline
  30. 30. Why Blogs? • Contains Fresher Content - Websites Are Not Updated More Than A Few Times A Year • Easier To Update And/Or Add New Info Regularly • Fall Higher In The Rankings Than A Website - Content More Relevant - Additional Blog Search Engines (i.e., Technorati) • The Client Can Determine Who Has Write-Permission And Approve Content • Ability to Track Keywords Being Used By Potential Candidate - Therefore More Effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) • You Can Easily Pull Relevant Data From Other Relevant Sites
  31. 31. Questions? Please feel free to contact me! Alan Lovitz 508-875-9767 x101