South carolina secedes 8 4.4


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South carolina secedes 8 4.4

  1. 1. 8-4.4-- Evaluate the arguments of unionists, cooperationists, and secessionists on the issues of state’s rights & slavery and the ways that these arguments contributed to S.C. secession
  2. 2. Unionists  Unionist favored remaining apart of the Union  They felt the Constitutions was well- equipped to protect SC’s way of life  They often times had to meet in secrete for fear of persecution Madison County, NC
  3. 3. SUFFERINGS OF SOUTHERN UNIONISTS  Published: February 3, 1862- NY Times  The Boston Journal says: "We know of a case of an industrious firm in Texas, who had a store filled with goods of the value of twenty thousand dollars, which was all taken from them. In another case, the head of a family remained at the South, while the mother and daughter came North. Communication was interrupted, funds failed to reach the unfortunate females, poverty followed with rapid pace, the mother sickened and died, while the daughter is now an inmate of an insane asylum.  In another case, however, the Southerners got the worst of the bargain. A shrewd Yankee, who had been long in business in a Southern city, foreseeing the coming storm, proposed to sell out to his partner his large investments in that region at a handsome discount, as his health would not permit him to remain in that section. The sale was effected, and the Yankee departed to his Northern home with a heavy balance in his pocket. But with the uncertainty of affairs there this property has depreciated rapidly until it is now not worth half what was paid for it. The Southern purchasers have since sent a notice to the Yankee merchant that it would not be healthy for him to show his head again in that region, and he will not, at least for some time to come."
  4. 4. Cooperationists  Favored seceding from the Union  Thought secession the only answer for SC as long as SC had cooperation & support form other states  Also known for being radicals or “fire-eaters”  Events from the 1850’s & the election of Lincoln convinced most South Carolinas to support the position of the “fire-eaters”
  5. 5. SC Secedes  When I was clear Lincoln would be elected, SC called a convention to discuss seceding  Small pox rumor moved the meeting from First Baptist Church in Columbia to Charleston  1860, SC votes unanimously an Ordinance of Session from the Union  Southerners assumed that b/c Lincoln was a Republican, he would outlaw slavery which would in turn end southern wealth, political influence, & way of life  Without waiting for Lincoln’s inauguration, SC & 6 other states seceded Fort Sumter Video (14:44)