Relations between natives & european settlers 8 1.2


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Relations between natives & european settlers 8 1.2

  1. 1. Relations Between Natives & European Settlers Standard 8-1.2: Compare motives, activities, and accomplishments of the exploration of South Carolina an North America by the Spanish, French, and English.
  2. 2. The Spanish • Hernando de Soto was the first European to have contact with Native Americans in SC. He was in search of GOLD…. But only found COPPER!
  3. 3. • When the Spanish didn’t find gold, they started setting up encomiendas (large plantations) where Native Americans were put to work (enslaved) to produce wealth for their Spanish Masters. • Disease & overwork decimated the native population. Small poxTyphus Chole raMeas
  4. 4. •African slaves were brought to SC to replace the dwindling Native population (1700’s) •Slaves worked on plantations and in mines The Spanish built cities & established universities, transferring a complex social class system, their style of government, & their Catholic religion to the New World.
  5. 5. De Soto’s descriptive journals of the Mississippians gives modern day historians a wealth of information about the early Native Americans.
  6. 6. The French • Searched for the Northwest Passage • Established settlements in Montreal & Quebec • Only Catholic French were allowed to immigrate to the New World • They used the rivers to travel and established good relationships with the natives in order to trade for furs.
  7. 7. The English • Claimed lands along the east coast of North America, for the king. • Later permanent settlements in the area named Virginia and New England • Settlers seen prospects of gold and tobacco in these settlements • Others were fleeing religious persecution & founded societies based on their shared religious values
  8. 8. The English • All English settlers brought their culture, including language, Protestant religions, and ideas about self- government to the New World
  9. 9. South Carolina Colony Neither France nor Spain could establish a permanent settlement in SC Conditions at the settlements & trouble back in the mother countries resulted in them abandoning their SC settlements Spain founded the San Miguel de Gualdape settlement along the Waccamaw River near present – day Georgetown (1520’s).. But abandoned it 
  10. 10. South Carolina Colony The French founded Charelsfort near present-day Beaufort, but abandoned it in the 1560’s Spain tried again by founding San Felipe on the ruins of the French Charlesfort (lasted 10 years) Native Americans attacked the settlement… survivors fled to St. Augustine, FL.
  11. 11. South Carolina Colony The English succeeded with their permanent colony- Charles Town (1670) Now known as Charleston
  12. 12. New World Settlements