Impact of wwii & cold war871


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Impact of wwii & cold war871

  1. 1. Impact of WWII & Cold War 8-7.1—Compare the social & economic impact of World War II & the Cold War on S.C. with its impact on the rest of the U.S. including the increases in high birth rate; the emergence of the consumer culture; the expanding suburbanization, highway construction, tourism, & economic development; the continuing growth of the military bases & nuclear power facilities; & the increases in educational opportunities.
  2. 2. Returning Home • GI Bill: veterans get an education, start new businesses, boost SC economy in the process • Improved economy • Baby boom • Demand & growing families led to the development of the consumer culture • Growth of suburbs US Post War Boom (13:12)
  3. 3. Improvements in Education • Growing families, need to attract industry, & Cold War competition with the USSR caused states & local governments to improve education • In SC- school year extended to 9 months & through 12th grade • A system of technical college was created to attract economic investments in SC • It supplied training for the work force to meet industry needs
  4. 4. Post War SC Tourism • Early 20th century, wealthy Northerners were attacked to places like Aiken & Camden for temperate outdoor pastimes: – Horse racing – Bought up former plantations for hunting reserves & relaxing vacations • Some large plantation parcels remained undeveloped so that they could later become parks & preserves for research, recreation, & tourism • EX: Brookgreen Gardens & Huntington State Park
  5. 5. On-The-Go Tourism • Automobiles & highway expansions accelerated the development of SC tourism • Motels & fast-food restaurants followed hwys • Resorts gave people a place to go • Air conditioning resulted in greater tourism in the summer months • Charleston & Myrtle Beach became popular tourist spots
  6. 6. Greatest Generation & Baby Boom Generation • looking for places to retire & enjoy their golden years • SC’s mild climate & moderate housing costs • Their love of playing golf • Resorts such as Hilton Head Island answer this demand • Development of these sea islands, however, can threaten existing historic communities – SC continues the tradition of actively preserving the cultural heritage of the regions
  7. 7. Cold War & After Impact • Military spending spawned industries that provided jobs • Savannah River Nuclear Plant built to provide weapon grade plutonium & still provides jobs today • Result of Cold War spending & war on terrorism, SC military bases continue to play an important role in the economy • Fighting in the Middle East resulted in a n increase of dependence on training facilities & staging areas in SC (Fort Jackson, Parris Island, Shaw Air force Base, Port of Charleston)