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Cooperative group activity


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Published in: Education
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Cooperative group activity

  1. 1. Project: Travel Advertisement for Early SC (8-1.3)Directions: Analyze ways in which Lord’s Proprietors attempted to persuade people to settle in Carolina. Design anadvertisement to persuade people from Europe to settle in Carolina. Remember to include facts about the “NewWorld” in SC, ways to make a profit once here, and what settlers will get in return for uprooting their families andmoving here. Use your imagination when creating this project. Suggestions: record a commercial using moviemaker software, make a tour slide show, visit a local travel agency and see how modern places advertise for theirlocations to get more ideas. Provide a list of at least two sources of where you got your information from. Presentyour advertisement to the class.Due Date: Friday August 24, 2013GradingRubric:Excellent Passable IncompleteCompletedProjectContains at least three pieces ofinteresting information and somepersonal thoughts as well as basic info.Include Bibliography.Contains at least three pieces ofinteresting information and some basicinfo; but no personal thought on whythe info seems interesting. Includesbibliography.Very little information or justbasic, ho-hum info like basicfacts (date/place of birth), -OR-NO bibliography or incompletebibliography.Quality ofInformationThoughtful written or created work.Accurate info. Info stated in own words.(Not copied from source).Thoughtful written or created work.Info stated in own words. Someinformation misunderstood.Written or creative work skimpy& may look like student onlyread a small amount of info. –OR- inaccurate info –OR- infonot in students own wordsBibliography Has at least two sources and contains allbibliographic info, in correct order andform.Has at least two sources and containsall bibliographic info, but not in correctform.Only One source –OR-Bibliography missing someinformation.Pride inWorkNeat well designed product, use oftechnology evident, well edited, textneatly printed.Generally neat but may have somerough edges or slightly messy spots.Mostly well edited.And/or visible cross-outs, -OR-many misspellings, -OR- textpoorly written, -OR- messyglue/tape/ visual presentation ofprojectGradingA+= all ExcellentA= 3 Excellent, 1 PassableB+= 2 Excellent, 2 PassableB= 1 Excellent, 3 PassableC+= 4 PassableMaximum of C awarded if incomplete;may redo by _____/_____/_____ to earn maximum of B+.Reflective Teacher Comments:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________This form will be returned to the student with their graded project.Example bibliography:Author’s last name, first. (year). “Title of book, article, or webpage”. Where you found it: (book-publisher, article-the magazine title, or website-web address).Grade Awarded:________