8 2.2 leading to r evolution


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Leading to American Revolution, Stamp Act

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8 2.2 leading to r evolution

  1. 1. 8-2.2— Summarize the response of S.C. toevents leading to the American Revolution,including the Stamp Act, Tea Acts, & theSons of Liberty.
  2. 2. And the bickering begins… Events leading up to the Revolutionary War were theresult of the British crown & Parliament trying toimpose taxes on the colonists to pay for the French &Indian War Colonists believed that only their colonial assemblieshas the right to impose taxes, not the prerogative ofthe king or Parliament
  3. 3. Click pic forvideo: Frenchand IndianWar ChangesFate ofAmerica(18:54)
  4. 4. The Stamp Act The most important tax imposed byParliament was authorized by theStamp Act: Taxed individuals directly “No taxation without representation!” Colonist created the Stamp ActCongress Boycotted British goods; led to repel ofStamp Act Sons & Daughters of Liberty: Sons: intimidated & persuasion tactics Daughters: Spinning Bees & refusal tobuy British productsSymbol for Daughters of Liberty
  5. 5. Townshend Duties Colonistrefused toaccept this taxbecause it wasdesigned tocollectrevenue, not toregulate tradeA printed reaction to the Townshend Act by acolonist
  6. 6. The Tea Act The Tea Act was NOT a tax The Act gave the financially struggling British EastIndia Company exclusive rights to sell tea in thecolonies by Parliament Tea was boycotted because of the imposed tax underthe Townshend Acts (Even though boycotting had resulted in many repelsof Townshend Acts, tea was NOT one of those)
  7. 7. Boston Tea Party The Sons of Liberty were fearful that a cheap tea wouldhurt their boycott efforts In Boston, they threw shipments of tea overboard In S.C., Georgetown & Charles Town had smaller “teaparties” (small protests), but still allowed tea to be sold The Boston Tea Party Resulted in Parliament passingwhat colonist referred to as “Intolerable Acts” Colonial delegates weresent to address the problemswith these Acts
  8. 8. S.C.’s Role in it all… 1774, representatives from across the SC colony met inCharles Town to elect representatives to send toPhiladelphia for the Continental Congress They also established a General Committee of 99individuals to govern the colony instead of the royalgovernor Henry Middleton (elected president of theContinental Congress) established a non-importation& non-exportation agreement S.C. delegates argued that rice was essential to thesurvival of the colony, so rice trade should be allowed
  9. 9. “The shot heard ‘round the world”Importance of:•Lexington & Concord•Second Continental CongressSequence of EventsIntolerable ActsFirst Continental CongressLexington & ConcordSecond Continental CongressWAR