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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  1. 1. What is the meaning ofDraw a Picture/Diagramstrategy?
  2. 2. Is a problem solving strategywhich gives a visualrepresentation of what theproblem isIt really helps solidityconcrete thinking
  3. 3. When does a draw apicture appropriate?
  4. 4. The Draw a Picture strategy may be appropriate when:A physical situation isinvolved.Geometric figure ormeasurements are involved.You want to gain a betterunderstanding of theproblem.A visual representation ofthe problem possible.
  5. 5. When does draw adiagram appropriate?
  6. 6. The Draw a DiagramThe problem involvessets, ratios orprobabilities.An actual picture canbe drawn, but a diagramis more efficient.Relationship amongquantities is represented.
  7. 7. Examples: Sam wants to make stairway using blocks. How many blocks would he need to make 5 step stairway?
  8. 8. 1 step----- 1 (block)2 step-----(1+2) blocks3 step----- (1+2+3) blocks Can you spot the pattern?
  9. 9. He would need 15 blocksfor a 5-step stairway.
  10. 10. Using the pattern awhile ago, can you findout how many blockswould be needed for a12-step stairway?
  11. 11. Mr. Smith wantedtrees along his driveway.He planted the first tree10ft from his gate. Then heplant a tree every 10 ftafter that until he reached60 ft. how many trees didhe plant?
  12. 12. 10 ft
  13. 13. He planted 6 trees.
  14. 14. Starting at 10 ft from the gate and spacing of10 ft in between 2 trees.For distance of:60 ft------6 trees70 ft------7 trees80 ft------?90ft------?
  15. 15. A carpenter wants todivide a log into 5 equalpieces. How many cutsdoes he need to make?
  17. 17. Did you saw the pattern in the number of the pieces and the number of cuts awhile ago? 2 equal pieces------1 cut 3 equal pieces------2 cut 4 equal pieces------3 cut 5 equal pieces------? 9 equal pieces------?
  18. 18. He needs tomake a 4 cuts to get 5 pieces
  19. 19. James was placingskittles along a path. Heput the first skittle at thebeginning of the path.Then he put a skittleevery 50 m after that,until he reached 450 many skittles did heuse altogether?
  20. 20. START 100m 200m 300m 400m 50 m 150m 150m 350m 450m
  21. 21. He used 10skittles.
  22. 22. PATTERN a.) with a spacing of 50m between skittlesb.) 1st skittle at starting pointDistance450m-----number of skittles -> 9+1 =10 skittles500m----------------------- -> 10+1 = 11 skittles550m----------------------- -> _+_= ?600m----------------------- -> _+_=?
  23. 23. EXERCISES:1.) Mr. Brown put a square fence around his vegetablegarden to keep the deer from eating his corn. Each sidewas 10 m. If the posts were placed 2 m apart, how manyposts did he use?2.) If Mr. Tanabe started on the third rung, how manyrungs would there be on the ladder?3.) If Marie had three different skirts and four differentsweaters, how many different outfits could she wear?4.) Five kissing’ cousins meet at the family reunion.Each cousin kisses each of the other cousins just once.How many kisses were given in all?5.) Steve, Michael, Sandra, Lesley are standing in line tobuy tickets for a movie. In how many ways can theystand in line to buy their tickets?