Crowd-sourcing: Social media senior project


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An exploration of the various uses of crowd-sourcing, interviews from experts in the field, examples of best practices, and predictions of future direction.

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Crowd-sourcing: Social media senior project

  1. 1. CROWD-SOURCING Harnessing and Appreciating the Power of the Crowd Bader, Hayden, Jones
  2. 2. What is Crowd-Sourcing? Remember outsourcing ? Sending jobs to India and China is so 2003. The new pool of cheap labor: everyday people using their spare cycles to create content, solve problems, even do corporate R & D. - ‘Crowd-sourcing’ was coined in 2006 by Jeff Howe.
  3. 3. Most Common Uses of Crowd-Sourcing
  4. 4. Strengths of Crowd-Sourcing“The best benefit to crowd-sourcing is “getting a broad set of opinions you never would haveconsidered, coordinating many peoples intelligence to attack hard problems, and using crowds tocreate new kinds of interactive technology” - Michael Bernstein
  5. 5. Weaknesses of Crowd-Sourcing
  6. 6. Do your Homework• Define your crowd• What do you want out of them? Build your Community • Describe the process • Deadline • Incentive or reward
  7. 7. Give Feedback
  8. 8. Utilize Results“Innovation is driven by everyday end-users. …Today, more and more innovation comes from the myriad hobbyists and enthusiasts at the tech-savvy edges of the computing ecosystem.” -Geoffrey Koch, Senior Manager at Intel Solution Services
  9. 9. Know the Risks• No control over output• Sensitive data• Giving credit• Participation ≠ brand loyalty
  10. 10. Give Credit
  11. 11. Mob the Rainbow•
  12. 12. Toyota: Ideas for Good•
  13. 13. Tweeting the Revolution "Our evidence suggests that social media carried a cascade of messages about freedom and democracy across North Africa and the Middle East, and helped raise expectations for the success of political uprising,” -Philip Howard
  14. 14. Crowd-Mapping Torture“The last ten years torture became systematic. So I thought, why not plot these violations on a map?” -Abdelrahman Hassan, Cairo
  15. 15. “Ain’t no Grave”
  16. 16. What is the future of crowd-sourcing?“It’s going to get a lot bigger because technology is making it very possible to get a lot … of work done in a very short amount of time” -Brent Frei, Smartsheet
  17. 17. Making the World a Smaller Place =
  18. 18. How will it change? As the crowds grow & increase, it will become easier for revolutions, advertisers and businesses to reachspecific categories and groups. Platformslike Twitter, FourSquare, Facebook make it possible to find the crowd you want almost IMMEDIATELY instead of wading through thousands of useless sources. -Brent Frei
  19. 19. Target Specific Crowds 22
  20. 20. There’s no telling…
  21. 21. 24