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Loving Hut Togo Menu


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Loving hut to-go menu

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Loving Hut Togo Menu

  1. 1. Appetizers Entreés Fried Tofu 香炸豆腐 4.95 Asia Paradise 亞洲之香 8.95 Queen’s Lunch 女王餐 7.95 Deep fried silken tofu w/house special dipping sauce Pan fried soy protein w/ special spice sauce served with rice, Pan-fried white soy protein with onions and garlic in house spe- lettuce, tomato, and cilantro cial sauce Golden Nuggets 香炸麥克吉塊 5.95 Blessed Basil Stir Fried 羅勒炒腰 7.95 Sea of Love 海洋金針菇 6.95 Deep fried breaded soy protein w/ tartar sauce Deep fried exotic mushrooms, soy protein, ginger, seaweed 花 Stir fried yam flour with basil Golden Rolls 炸春捲 5.95 7.95 Spaghetti Marinara 意大利紅醬麵 6.95 Bliss Chowmein 極樂炒麵 Seasoned soy protein in an Italian tomato sauce with bread Crispy deep fried rolls w/ carrot, onion, bean thread Stir fried yellow noodle w/ vegetables stick 6.95 Spicy Cha Cha 辣恰恰 8.95 Lucky Drumstick 幸運吉丁 5.95 Chef’s Fried Rice 廚師炒飯 Stir fried seasoned yam flour crescent crumbed with hot spicy Deep fried soy protein with house special sauce Aroma cooked fried rice with soy protein, peas, carrots pepper, bell pepper, onions, garlic 6.95 Spicy Mambo 辣曼波 10.95 Spring Rolls 春捲 5.95 Classic Vegan Burger 家式漢堡 Stir fried exotic mushrooms with hot pepper, onions, garlic Rice noodle, soy proteins & greens serve with house Grilled soy patty, onions, fresh tomato, served with fries special dipping sauce 6.95 Steamy Cloud 柿子椒蒸吉 8.95 Ocean Basket 海花籃 11.50 Divine Vermicelli 悠樂米粉絲 Steamed soy protein chicken with bell pepper, celery, ginger Rice noodle with stir fried sliced soy protein serve with lettuce, A platter of deep fried breaded yam, variety of mush- bean sprout, mint, cucumber, special sauce rooms, coleslaw, & fries serve w/ exotic dipping sauce Eggplant Tofu 茄香豆腐 7.95 Steamy Ocean 柿子椒蒸餘 8.95 Salads Eggplant, firm and silken tofu, sautéed sauce Steamed sliced soy protein fish with bell pepper, celery, ginger Green Bean Delight 炒青豆 6.95 Teriyaki & Broccoli 照燒花椰菜 7.95 Aulac Special 悠樂沙拉 6.95 Stir fried with soy protein Stir fried sautéed soy protein with broccoli Shredded cabbage w/ soy chicken tossed w/ mint and special sauce Guru’s Curry 古魯咖哩 7.95 Heavenly Green 天堂沙拉 6.95 Special spicy curry sauce with soy protein, potato and rice Teriyaki Kabob 照燒烤串飯 6.95 Shredded cabbage, tofu, fresh herbs and soy protein Grilled sautéed soy protein on skewer sticks with rice tossed in vinaigrette w/ peanuts Happy Barbecue 快樂叉燒 7.95 Organic Green 有機沙拉 5.95 Hong Kong style barbecue soy protein [char siu] with rice Mixed organic greens w/ pine nuts, almonds and raisins Spicy Burritos 6.95 tossed in a light dressing Mushrooms, bell pepper, soy proteins, tomatoes, Jolly Rice 歡喜飯 6.95 cilantro blend in special marinated sauce serve Steamed purple rice with soy chicken, sprinkled with roasted with tortilla and salsa. sesame seed, roasted seaweed, cucumber, lettuce, sauce Noodle Soups Pho 悠樂河粉湯 $6.95 Royal Noodle (Bun Hue) $6.95 Wonton Noodle 雲飩餛湯麵 $6.95 Soup of $6.95 Hand made wonton, yellow noodle, barbecue soy protein [char Traditional Aulacese [Vietnamese] noodle soup, soy protein, tofu, cilantro, bean sprouts, basil, mint 文回湯粉 siu], bok choy, cilantro the Day Famous spicy rice noodle soup of central AuLac (Vietnam) with tofu, soy protein, mint 當日湯
  2. 2. 1 3 Beverages Lunch Special 1,2 Hot/Ice Coffee 熱/冷咖啡 2.50/3.00 Served between 11:00am to 3:00pm 3,4 Hot/Ice Cappuccino 熱/冷卡布 3.00/3.50 Asia Paradise 亞洲之香 6.95 Soda 汽水 1.50 Blessed Basil Stir Fried 羅勒炒腰花 5.95 3 8 Soy Milk 豆奶 1.50 Bliss Chowmein 極樂炒麵 5.95 Tea [pot] 熱茶[一 壺] 1.50 Chef’s Fried Rice 廚師炒飯 5.95 5 Aloe Lemonade 蘆薈檸檬汁 3.50 Classic Vegan Burger 家式漢堡 5.95 1 1 6 Pink Connection 草莓汁 3.50 Divine Vermicelli 悠樂米粉絲 5.95 Cranberry Drink 越橘汁 3.50 Eggplant Tofu 茄香豆腐 5.95 1 7 Plum Drink 梅子汁 3.50 Guru’s Curry 古魯咖哩 5.95 5 8 Loving Hut Cocoa 愛家可可 3.50 Happy Barbecue 快樂叉燒 5.95 9 Lychee Paradise荔枝樂園 3.50 Jolly Rice 歡喜飯 5.95 1 10 Mango Drink 芒果汁 3.50 Queen’s Lunch 女王餐 5.95 1 11 Piña Colada 菠蘿雞尾汁 3.50 Sea of Love 海洋金針菇 5.95 12 Rose Lemonade玫瑰檸檬汁 3.50 Spaghetti Marinara 意大利紅醬麵 5.95 13 Rose Milk Tea 玫瑰奶茶 3.50 Teriyaki & Broccoli 照燒花椰菜 5.95 7 14 Sunny Forest 陽光森林 3.50 Teriyaki Kabob 照燒烤串飯 5.95 2 4 15 Zesty Kumquat 桂花金桔汁 3.50 Soup of the Day 當日湯 4.95 Beer [non-alcoholic]無酒精啤酒 2.50 Additional Parking Map 1 Wine [non-alcoholic] 3.50/glass 杯 621 W. Main St 12.00/bottle 瓶 Alhambra, CA 91801 Desserts 6 9 Phone: 626 289-2684 Fax: 775 628-8037 Cheese Cake 豆腐創造芝士糕餅 3.95 see reverse map for additional parking in rear Carrot Cake 胡萝卜糕餅 3.50 Tuesday—Sunday: 11:00am — 9:00pm Muffin 松餅 1.50 Closed Monday [Banana/Blueberry/Carrot/Coconut] Ice Cream 雪糕 3.50 [Chocolate/Mocha/Strawberry/Vanilla]