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  1. 1. Excellent but Lifeless Day by day, it seems to become more apparent that all students do is study and study pointless being in or out of school. Average students like myself put in mind the question, " Do these students have a life?!" With all their time being spent hitting the books and doing infinite revisions, they appear to be unable to grab even a glimpse of the many enjoyments that one can find in life. It is not in my thoughts that studying makes a waste of childhood times but the procedure should be done with limits set, step to step, and not to an extent of occupying one's whole life and time. In my opinion, young people have little leisure time and deal with pressure in studies as they face tough competition from other students and are constantly pressured by their parents which later leads to antisocial beings among them. Youths are not granted much leisure time and are continuously piled with pressure when it comes to their studies as they are forced to face tough competition among their friends. The reasons to this is the strong desire in them, wanting to be the best and not losing, biting the dust of their classmates. The students then develop the fear of losing or having bad reputation once failure hits them in the face. When given the grades or scores after an assessment test, it is by nature that students will start comparing among each other thus given the understanding that obtaining A is the best while an F shows failure. However and
  2. 2. ridiculously, high-achievers study so hard to the extent that they find no satisfaction just obtaining an A but strive for a perfect score. According to Sohail Khan, just recently has a suicide case involving a 17-year-old student made the headlines. Unable to succumb to pressure overdose, he irrationally ended his life by consuming poisonous substance. Therefore, it is clear that academic competition that exists among youths leads to unpeaceful hearts and chimerical goals, adding salt onto wounds in sense of pressure when dealing with their studies. Besides that, another cause to the problem is the nature of parents constantly filling their cup with pressure. It is obvious that parents would consider the best for their children and want them to concentrate in their study but sadly, a fraction of parents has made their children's achievement an insistence to the extent that they are unable to digest failure made by their children. According to Allen Teal, it is discovered that parents feel humiliated when their son or daughter don't measure up to some arbitrary and usually unrealistic standard set by the parent. With that it is not only the student's reputation that is on the line, but also their parents' which clearly adds pressure and pushes them to work harder in their studies, sacrificing their leisure time for improvement academic wise. Thus, it can be concluded that unnecessary pressure that parents exert onto their children lead to them being granted less free time but more and more study time. Spending too much time in their studies, students get to enjoy little free time thus making themselves an anti-social being. This is due to the lack social
  3. 3. skills or abilities that we acquire time to time from dealing with all sorts of people around us such as knowing the right way to communicate or just have a simple conversation with another individual. With that crucial error in them, they fail to make friends and are forced on the journey of life alone with any fellow companions. Being too much into their studies for academic excellence alone, they ignore the chances to explore the outside world or even sparing a few hours for healthy exercises. Peer rejection and social alienation shows in black and white, that the very student whose only friends are books and pens have failed to find a place in society let alone in school. With that, it is clear that too little leisure time and too much studies make sad lonely antisocial students. In a nutshell, I believe that this fraction of 'lifeless' students should loosen up a bit. Spending one's whole childhood engaging in such obsessive studious behavior is too much plus retards the development of the individual in other areas such as personality built-up and social skills to deal with the real world on the other side of the door.