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  1. 1. KIOSK What is kiosk? •A small structure that provides information and services on a computer screen. •An open summerhouse or pavilion. •A small stand-alone device providing information and services on a computer screen <a museum with interactive kiosks> Examples of KIOSK •She sells souvenirs at a kiosk in the mall. •You can pick up your plane tickets at one of the airport's kiosks.
  2. 2. Design and construction •Aesthetic design •Manufacturing volume •Graphic messaging •Maintenance and thermal design •Component specification •Ergonomic •Durability
  3. 3. Kiosks around the World •Government usage •Several countries have already implemented nation-wide installation of kiosks for various purpose. •Example :- In the United Kingdom, where thousands of special- purpose kiosks are now available to aid job-seekers in finding employment. •The United States Department of Homeland Security has created immigration kiosks where visitors register when they enter the United States.
  4. 4. Industry usage •It is estimated that over 1.200.000 kiosk terminals exist in the U.S. and Canada alone. •Groups who use kiosks in their business environment include: •Delta Airlines •United Airlines •JetBlue Airways •GTAA •Future Shop • The Home Depot •Target Corporation •Wal-Mart.
  5. 5. Types of kiosks Telekiosk •A publicly accessible set of devices that are used for communication. •These can include email ,fax , SMS , standard telephone service. Financial services kiosk •These units are generally referred to 'multi-function financial service kiosks‘ • Check-cashing, bill-payment and even dispensing cashcardS. •The largest bill pay kiosk network is AT&T for the phone customers which allows them customers to pay their phone bill. •Verizon and Sprint have similar units for their customers
  6. 6. Photo kiosk •An interactive kiosk which allows users to print pictures from their digital images. •Digital Order Stations:- This type of photo kiosk exists within retail locations and allows users to place orders for prints and photographic products. •Instant Print Stations - This type of photo kiosk uses internal printers to instantly create photographic prints for a self serve paying customer.
  7. 7. Internet kiosk • It is a terminal that provides public Internet access. • Internet kiosks sometimes have a bill acceptor or a credit card swipe, and nearly always have a computer keyboard, a mouse. •Businesses that provide Internet kiosks are encouraged to use special Internet kiosk software and management procedures to reduce exposure to liability
  8. 8. Movie ticket kiosk •Many movie theater chains have specialized ticket machines that allow their customers to purchase tickets and/or pick up tickets that were purchased online. Restaurant kiosk •A new way to order in-cafe from iPad kiosks. •Kiosks are available in addition to cashier stations so that wait time is reduced for all guests. DVD vending kiosk An example of a vending kiosk is that of the DVD rental kiosks manufactured by several manufacturers, where a user can rent a DVD, secured by credit card for $1 per day
  9. 9. Usage of Kiosk In Banking •Attendance Management •Automatic Payments. •Queue Management : Waiting lines are now Finished. •Digital Signage Solutions •Real Catcher : The Automated Audience Measurement Solution.
  10. 10. Customizing Your Kiosk: 5 Ways to Make Your Kiosk Strengthen Your Brand •Customize your kiosk’s color •Integrate your company logo •Customize your user interface •Promote your latest offers •Build an email marketing list
  11. 11. EXAMPLE Burberry's flagship London store aims to bring some of the web experience to the high street, featuring mirrors that double as video screens and staff armed with iPads. Other clever tricks include the use of radio-frequency identification technology (RFID), which triggers related catwalk footage when some products are taken into a fitting room, or near a video screen
  12. 12. Tommy Hilfiger •This is an old one (from 2008) but still a good idea which could be developed for window shopping. •This campaign encouraged shoppers to leave their images for use in a collage of images being shown in shop windows.
  13. 13. Nike FuelStation •This interactive store in London's pop up Boxpark mall uses motion- sensitive mirrors which display footage of local runners wearing products from the store as customers walk past them