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Question 4 Evaluation


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Question 4 to my A2 coursework.

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Question 4 Evaluation

  1. 1. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Prezi Prezi is used in my project as it is a creative way to present your work. It allows for you to customise how the viewer sees the information and the journey they take. Like most websites this could be shared online and was easily able to implement it into my Wix. It has a variety of templates to use or you can easily create your own with its own unique path through your presentation.
  3. 3. Slideshare Slideshare is a file sharing website and useful when you wanted to share PowerPoints online and make them accessible. Slideshare is used throughout my project due to ease of use and the ability for it to be embedded into my wix.
  4. 4. Wix I chose Wix to host my coursework as it is one of the leaders in free websites and contains many different features and applications which can enhance how I present my work. It allows you to upload almost any document such as images in which you can put into galleries or place into pages which you can fully edit. The layout, colour scheme and font have a wide range of variations thus allowing you to be able to design it to fit your needs and purposes.
  5. 5. SurveyMonkey Survey Monkey was used in the research section of my project, as it allowed me to post our questionnaire online and allow it to be answered by anyone in the world. This was great for getting a much bigger sample and get different views on thriller films which would benefit us when we constructed our own.
  6. 6. Youtube Youtube was used to upload our videos to the internet and therefore share them and upload to our Wix via links. I used YouTube during my film analysis as it allowed me to add text over the top of the short film. Youtube is easy to upload more and is the go to site for video sharing, this is why our finished film was uploaded to it.
  7. 7. Camera and Accessories We used a canon 700d to film our short film, this is a professional camera and has been used to create award winning films. It allows used to do focus pulls and pushes and film at a high resolution with a good frame rate so the audience would be able to receive what they were watching better. The tripod allowed us to create steady camera shots when we desired, height could be adjusted and the fluid head allows for smooth panning shots. The shotgun microphone and boom pole were important for picking up audio which the build in Mic couldn't’t. This allowed for our audio to be much clearer and made out film more professional.
  8. 8. Motion Motion was used in constructing our title sequence for our production company ‘BlackBox’. This involved us creating a short clip to visually advertise our company that we had created. This is a motion graphics program and lets you create something from scratch and put your own style onto it. This is one of the best programs in motion graphics so had a steep learning curve but was happy with the final result we got.
  9. 9. Final Cut Pro X Final cut was used in our construction stage. It is a professional editing software which is industry standard so the ability to edit and create effects was huge. We were able to add effects, transitions and additional sound effects onto clips to enhance our film and make it appeal to our target audience. The ability for colour correction and different effects were usual when editing our film into its chosen genre and was the difference from a amateur film to a more professional one.
  10. 10. Illustrator I used illustrator to create our double page spread film review, this was due to the fact that illustrator is good for fonts and layout which is a key aspect of a film review. Illustrator is a vector based program which allows you to upscale designs without them becoming pixelated and ruining the design. Different fonts and headers allowed me to design a visually pleasing film review that looked good.
  11. 11. Photoshop Photoshop was used in the construction of our film poster. With its strong image editing features it was ideal with editing pictures taken from our Photoshop and then adding them into our poster, giving it a uniqueness to our individual film. Photoshop is also good for brushes and different textures which we used to great effect. Various tutorials online show how to do almost every feature you can do in Photoshop so if we got stuck we would just figure it out by searching about the problem.