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Question 2 Evaluation


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Question 2 Evaluation

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and Ancillary Texts ?
  2. 2. What is our main media product ? • A 5 minute short thriller film Plot • School girl Amy is going off the rails again But this time her boyfriend has had enough. He decides to take matters into his own hands by asking his mate Ben to take care of her. When Amy returns home from school she forgets to close the back door which could lead to costly consequences.
  3. 3. The Prowling • From audience feedback we have found that the majority of our viewers enjoyed our short film and was in line with their expectations. • We followed many different codes and conventions to try and make it as effective as possible and work as a short thriller film. Conventions such as sound effects and eerie music were used together to create a strange atmosphere and put the audience on edge. • However our audience did tell us where we could have made improvements, areas such as the acting and lighting could have been better thought out to achieve a more professional looking film and entice the audience more but overall our film achieved its purpose to entertain the audience.
  4. 4. Film Poster • In order for our film posters to target the right audience, it would have to follow some typical conventions of a thriller poster. We conducted research into existing thrillers posters and made a list of conventions that many or if not all of the posters contain. Some of the Conventions • Film title clearly visible and in a large font • A limited colour palette which are mainly dark • Credits at the bottom of the page • Image of the actors/actress • A strapline to accompany the title
  5. 5. Strapline to ask the audience a question, one they can only answer if they watch the film. Both our protagonist Annabelle and our antagonist Ben feature on the poster to introduce the characters to the viewer before they watch the film. It supports the strapline as Ben is looking over Annabelle, creating tension and makes them question his intentions. Our logo for our production is situated at the corner so it doesn't’t take attention away from the main design but still shows the audience who created it. Credits are located at the bottom of the page, we used the font in which blockbusters use as we are trying to create a professional looking poster. A limited colour palette consisting of only red, white and black. The film title is the biggest font and is centered in the middle so that it gains the full attention of the audience. It is slanted to be a different and make our poster unique and stand out from others.
  6. 6. Film Review Conventions of a Film Review • Just like our film poster, we conducted research into existing products such as the magazine Empire in order to find codes and conventions present in todays film reviews. I then used this as a guideline when I designed my own film review. • Text laid out into columns • Images from the film reviewed • Large capital letter to start the review • Star rating or out of 5 rating • Large quotes from within the review • Page numbers and website details • Image of reviewer and his title and name
  7. 7. Page numbers and the edition that it is, also a website is included so the reader can get more information. Film review pages normally have their own unique title and this one is ‘Movie Corner’ with its own strapline. Text is in columns which is normally always the case with magazine articles. Rating of the film and a feature with a sticker telling us it is film of the month. Film critic with a picture of him, his title at the company and his twitter account, social media is more prominent in media today. In film pictures are used to support the review, they are shortly described in the corner so that the viewer understands.
  8. 8. Combination • The combination of all three products help together to create a strong identity in order for us to to advertise and market our film to the audience. • The poster and film review both help to advertise the film in different ways. The poster is a visual representation of our film and is good for billboard or bus stops and will attract the less film savvy audience. Where as the film review gives more detail and will attract those who are keen thriller viewers and have a general interest in film as there are reading a film magazine and will have more knowledge in the field. • These 3 media products could be effective by themselves but together they work hand in hand to effectively target our target audience and reach further to the wider public and different demographics.. Poster can be distributed to the wider public and can encourage people who aren't usually interested in thriller to go and watch it as it is mysterious.
  9. 9. Conclusion In conclusion, the use of our main task reinforced by our ancillary tasks made it collectively more effective. The poster effectively grabs the attention of the audience and can be enough by itself for them to watch the film. If not then the film review will reinforce the film and give them more information on the film if they want it. This is what the film industry does as it reinforces the marketing campaign and targets every type of viewer. Both of our ancillary tasks do this and help to lure the target audience in to eventually watch our short film and enjoy it.