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DPS Analysis


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DPS Analysis

  1. 1. Double Page Spread Analysis
  2. 2. Quote from the article is pulled out and made to reflect Main image is centered mid short of the artist of the left page the view of the person. Highlights the topic of the article of the double page. Colour of his clothes and his accessories and entices the reader. Colours are changed to match match the style of the magazine article. the house style of magazine. Main article is in columns because it is easier to read and is common in magazine’s. Questions are a different colour from the artists answer to notice the difference at a quick glance. Background is solid black, this has been doneColour scheme is very simplistic and sets the mood of the to make the white and gold text stand out better. Blackmagazine and article. Gold,White and black are the 3 main colours continues the house style across the double page spread.and all go well with each other.
  3. 3. This double page spread here has a headline “Man Made Made Man”. This is made easily visible by the bold sans-serif typeface on a simple white background. The headline isBlack and white colour scheme is simple and pleasing unique as it is reflected and makes it read something different.on the eye of the reader. While still looking professionaland makes the double page spread unique and stand outfrom others. First letter is enlarged and made bold to fit typical magazine articles and is visually appealing. Text is in one column and doesnt include too muchIn the image we see Rick Ross posing in a black suit detail. This could be to show that the magazine isagainst a white background of balloons while holding more simplistic and that it includes the importanta champagne glass. The champagne looks to be information and nothing else.expensive by the gold colour of the bottle whichfollows the convention that rappers are wealthy/rich.