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CP Analysis


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CP Analysis

  1. 1. Contents Page Analysis
  2. 2. Edition of the magazine with website and MySpaceMain Category ‘Features’ which is in a red box to stand out underneath. Typical for a contents page to include contactfrom the black and white and to relate back to the theme of the details or websites somewhere on the page, mostly at topmagazine‘Q’ with its red background and white text. or bottom in small text. Main image is that of a featured article which is a main selling point of this addition of the magazine. Band standing on a hilltop makes them look big infront of the town/village below.Sub headings to show the reader differentarticles in the magazine. Brief descriptions areincluded under the headings to give us thereader a little more detail and what to expect onthat page.Page numbers are in a differentcolour whilst still matching the theme. Review section where they review albums, artists and books. Artists names or band names are in bold to quickly catch the eye of a reader. Same theme as rest of contents page but is smaller and slightly a different colour to understand the difference. Another Category, which is a monthly content that appears in the magazine like crosswords or top ten. This could be used to be more of a general magazine and appeal to a much broader audience.
  3. 3. Have decided to name it ‘Master Plan’ and not contents page like other magazines. This therefore draws it away from typical music magazines and Again we have a features box, with brands itself as something different and articles/content in white bold text and including unique. more detail underneath each heading. Wiz Khalifa is sitting on a wooden boxRolled up sleeves shows that he doesnt mind surrounded by plants/bushes. This isgetting his hands dirty music sense and also unconventional for a music magazine as itcould show he gets up to illegal activities like would normally include the artist standing inmany hip hop artists. front a white background. The artists is wearing a suit which shows wealth Page number and website, website and and also ‘Life’s a party’ vision through his shirt and tie contact details are typically at the top of being undone.He is clearly shown as a hip hop artists the page and again branches away from by wearing expensive jewellery, having visible tattoos the conventional design on contents and by wearing a baseball cap. pages.