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Ali Baba And Aliddin 1


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Ali Baba And Aliddin 1

  1. 1. ALI BABA AND ALADDIN by:SHELBY MARCH 4TH HOUR 2/16/10 similarities: have you ever heard of the word folktale was or how about Arabian or even easier just Arabian folktale? Well so then you have probably heard of this two Arabian folktales. If you have not ever heard of the term Arabian folktale that's OK because i bet u have watched one just not known it was an Arabian folktale. The two I'm going to be discussing are Ali Ba Ba and the forty thieves and Aladdin. There are many similarities and differences between the two of them. Two similarities are that in both Ali Abba and Aladdin there are evil criminal people and there is treasure in both. Funny thing is that in Ali baba the forty thieves stole all of the treasure and in Aladdin it was just there and the thing is that they were both in secret
  2. 2. caves. One a moving rock that opens and closes when u say open sesame and it would move and in Aladdin it was in a sand tiger thing. A few more is Aladdin is un-greedy just like Ali baba. One of my favorite things ever is marriage its truly beautiful and in both these stories there is a marriage between Aladdin and the princess or with Ali Baba's son and morgeona. That's not all the things in common did you know that they both toke place in Asia to be more specific it would be India. differences: so there are so similarities but here are some differences is in Aladdin there is a princess,tiger,monkey,and a talking bird. but in Ali Baba there isn't a princess,tiger,monkey,and a talking bird. As we all know magic is not real
  3. 3. .But since were speaking of magical stuff in Aladdin there was a Gennie and a lamp. but there would not be a rubbing lamp Gennie in Ali baba. In Aladdin there is a lot of singing and dancing and stuff like that. But in Ali baba there isn't any singing or dancing. In Ali baba there is a good thing there wasn't any people living on the street. But in Aladdin there was a person in the street it was actually Aladdin but he was some what in a home but not really. One really large difference is that we read Ali baba and we watch as a Disney channel original movie. so all those people how didn't know about Ali baba or Aladdin some what do now. To me these stories really grasped my attention. I think I'm going to get some more of these Arabian folktales and keep reading
  4. 4. them or keep watching them. Also if you liked these stories keep reading cause there very interesting.