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San Marquel's Lookbook for Fall 2013!

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  1. 1. San Marquel’s Fall 2013 Lookbook!
  2. 2. Look # 1: With the cold weather approaching and those super windy days – this layered look is perfect for the upcoming weather while still looking incredibly fashionable!
  3. 3. Look # 2: This cashmere inspired hooded oversized sweater is the perfect addition to your wardrobe for those chilly months!
  4. 4. Look # 3: This next look couldn’t get any cuter! Not only is it extremely warm and fuzzy, but it even features the latest trend – imprinted animal faces!
  5. 5. Look # 4: The collegial look is making a big comeback and can we just say that the layer look is definitely working!
  6. 6. Look # 5: This bohemian fringe inspired cardigan is too cute to pass up! Pair with a plain tee and a simple black pair of jeans and you’re set!
  7. 7. Look # 6: This 90’s grunge look takes a classic look and puts a modern day twist on it with the added hood – grunge, chic and comfort all in one!
  8. 8. Look # 7: Lets just take a minute to appreciate that even though we aren’t five years old anymore we can still rock Elmo!
  9. 9. Look # 8: Yeah, sharks are incredibly dangerous but let’s just say with this embellished oversized sweater its makes even a shark look incredibly cute!
  10. 10. Go ahead, we know you want to visit San Marquel! Happy shopping and be prepared to be ridiculously fashionable this Winter!