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SEO Packages

  1. 1. Search EngineSEO Optimization & Your Web Site
  2. 2. Search Engine Optimization Achieve website’s SALES effectiveness thruhigh visibility in Search Results that drives local and niche traffic to your website Google, Yahoo Search Results
  3. 3. Website Owners’ Testimonies• •Marilyn worked from the beginning a lot of hours and the project was moving fast. After one month my site jumped to the first page on Google. In the beginning it was scary to me because it takes some time before you can see the result on Google, but now Im very happy with the result! Thank you. – Vincent, owner of Ambrosia Hotel, Ypres, Belgium• •I trust Marilyn to help us to get a better PageRank for our website and achieve good results, increasing the traffic to our site. And she did! After few months, my website grabbed one of the top positions on Google Search for my target keywords and Google PageRank is now PR-3 from PR-0 – Julian, owner of• •(SEO Keywords Site Optimization) Marilyn has completed the work successfully and we are glad she joined our Team. Responsiveness, professionalism, cooperation and her white-hat techniques for SEO made her the right person for this SEO project. The final material provided was very well laid out and easy for my company to implement. She over-delivered and did a great job. Thanks! – Nancy and Trent Harrington of Enrichment Marketing (
  4. 4. Top Google Result Gets 36.4% of Clicks [Study]Importance of Page 1While the exact figures and data setsvary from study to study, they allconfirm that ranking at the top of Page1 on Google continues to be incrediblyvaluable. One final piece of advice isto stay on top of SEO best practices.
  5. 5. What is SEO?Search Engine Optimization is the practice of improving a website inorder to achieve high search results and drive traffic.
  6. 6. SEO and Your Web Site Achieve High Search Tools and Results and Increase Techniques to Traffic Optimize Your Web Two key factors influenceLive Web SiteJust having a site Site search results…in’t enough. You To increase your 1. Links to your site fromhave to get website’s online visibility, high ranking pages your website has to usecustomers find 2. Creative content. techniques andyou. To achieve technologies that makethat, your search engines rank yourwebsite’s online site high on their results list when your customersvisibility must do a search for your kindincrease. of business.
  7. 7. SEO and Search Engines Relevance Searchers’ goal is to find the most relevant search result. Search engines’ goal is to deliver the most relevant search results. Site Owners’ goal is to optimize their site and its content for the most relevant searcher.
  8. 8. Who are my customers? What is my budget? Site owners and SEO What is the target What are my community my goals? customers belong to?
  9. 9. SEO Challenges Business Goals• SEO considerations • Better search engine come after the site is placement built • Increase targeted search• Disorganized website engine traffic and sales content and under conversions /visitor optimized content, needs traffic from specific local better navigation search results on Google• Needs effective Title • Increase website tags and Description visibility on the search tags engines for specific• Website is undergoing keyword phrases major redesign
  10. 10. Our SEO Services plans are as simple as 1-2-3• First, we’ll help you pick the keywords with the highest possible number of searches on Google and we’ll take a close look at the search results landscape.• Then we’ll run an initial ranking query to see where your site is ranked in the search results on Google. We’ll also uncover your competition’s strengths and weaknesses to help us formulate a site optimization and link popularity building plan.• After you accept the terms of our contract we’ll begin working on your site within 48 hours.
  11. 11. Three SEO Packages we offer: Starter • 2 months project Business • 1 year project Premium • 2yrs SEO project with site maintenance
  12. 12. Starter Pack2 months project
  13. 13. Starter Pack – 2 months • ••Keyword Research and Analysis • ••2 Targeted Keywords • ••SEO-friendly Navigation Set-up • ••Meta tags Composition (5 pages) • ••5 optimized pages • ••25 Quality One-way Links • ••25+ General and Specialized Directories • ••Google Analytics Set-up • ••Local Competitor Analysis • ••Detailed Submission Report
  14. 14. Business Pack 1 Year
  15. 15. Business Pack – 1year • Keyword Research and Analysis • 10 Optimized Pages • 4 Targeted Keywords • SEO-friendly Navigation Set-up • Meta tags Composition (10 pages) • Google Analytics Set-up • DMOZ Submission • Google and Yahoo Link Submissions • 75 Quality One-Way Links • 20 articles/ Submissions • 300 General and Relevant Directories Submissions • Local Directories/Local Map SEO/Google Places • SEO Optimized Blog Set-up • 20 Blog Posts • Web 2.0 Pages Set-up • Google Plus • Feed URL Submission • PING Service • Detailed Submission Report • Traffic Report • Website Visibility (2 targeted Keywords phrases) > First 3 Pages in Google Search results
  16. 16. Premium Pack 2 years
  17. 17. Premium Pack – 2yrs• Keyword Research and Analysis• 10+Optimized Pages• 6 Targeted Keywords• SEO-friendly Navigation Set-up• Meta tags Composition (all pages)• Web Content• Google Analytics Set-up• DMOZ Submission• Google and Yahoo Link Submission• 150 Quality One-way Links• 1000 Optimized Blog Set-up Directories• SEO General and Relevant• 50 Blog posts/ blog commenting• Local Directories and Local Map SEO/ Google Places Optimization• 40+ articles / Submissions• Web 2.0 Pages Set-up• Web 2.0 Content• Feed URL Submissions• PING Service• Detailed Submission Report• Traffic Report• Website visibility (4 keywords) > First two pages in Google Search results• SEO maintenance
  18. 18. Website SEO and Maintenance Site SEO Maintenance Off-Page SEO On-Page SEO
  19. 19. Website SEO Maintenance Service Blog posts/ FB Articles/Submiss Link Popularity updates ion Building