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Economic survey


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Economic Survey of Oikos Christian Network Cooperative

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Economic survey

  1. 1. Economic Survey I. a. Proposed Name: Oikos Christian Network Cooperative b. Kind of Cooperative: Consumer’s Cooperative c. Member Group: Christian Communities d. Address of the Cooperative: Karuhatan, Valenzuela City e. Number of Original Members: 75 f. Proposed Number of Increase Membership for 1st year and the following years: First Year : Five Hundred ( 500 ) Second Year :One Thousand(1000) Third Year :ThreeThousand(3000) The names, nationalities and mailing addresses of its Cooperators.The board of directors and members of different committees.Names of Directors Nationality AddressNames of Management Staff
  2. 2. I. Common Bond of MembershipThe members of the cooperative shall beFilipino Christian communityresidingat Valenzuela city, Metro Manila, Philippines.II. Objectives of the Cooperativea. Primary Objective: To make the lives of the Christian community more productive and prosperous and achieve quality of lifeb. Secondary Objective: To create a culture of social capitalism, people empowerment, spirit of cooperativism and transform the lives of the community at large.c. Proposed Business :( mini-grocery or Sari-sari store , Coffee vending machines and lendinggoods) III. Economic and Technical Conditions Regarding the Businessa. Are there other organizations (like your cooperative) in yourproposed area that offer the same products and services yourcooperative will be offering?Yes. The Karuhatan market is the venue, some cooperative exist around areengaged more on credit and financing, banking and none of them has a mini-grocery and vending machines. 1. The mini-grocery or sari-sari store will be rented on the heart of Karuhatan market which is strategic for more members of the cooperative and its office. The Store will be patronized and publicized. The COOP will be supplied volumes of grocery items on consignment basis. More items are priced identical and/or lower than PuregoldValenzuela ,Puregold is known as the cheapest grocery mall of the town.
  3. 3. 2. Coffee vending machines are stationed in the market place but our machines will be positioned near the stop light, we will place 4 machines on 4 corners of the streets where market, schools , TODA , hospitals , schools and business firms are located. Pls see Vending Machine FS below:b. How many employees are there and where will the cooperative getthe people needed to run the business?The cooperative will have 3 employees and they will come from qualifiedresidents of the city.c. What machinery/equipment will the cooperative need to run itsbusiness?The equipment needed to run aretables, chairs, computer, Adding machine,electric fans.Vending machines cost 15K each only. We will buy 4 machines. The magic is :when we reach certain required kilos of coffee, mocca and choco – themerchant will continue to supply a brand new machine which is free of charge.d. Do the officials/employees/members need special training to be ableto run the business of the cooperative?Basic training to the Gen. manager on simple accountinge. Considering the present situation in your area, explain how thecooperative will succeed in running its business?
  4. 4. Our store shall be patronized by the members and the public ( to be registeredat Barangay level only ) and products will enter into consignment basis from afactory, sell grocery goods in large amount at reasonable prices. The store shallbe located strategically, accessible .Second, our vending machines are without maintenance, no largecompetitions, no need for an employee to manage, income is on a daily basiswith less operating cost a day.Third, lending goods to market vendors by 5% interest rate only instead of 10or 20% i.e. Bombay. The interest is really attractive to market vendors.IV. Financial Aspecta. Where and how will the cooperative get its capital to run abusiness?From the contribution of each member.b. How much is the cooperative expected to earn during the first yearof operation?Projected Annual Income( Conservative figures )with Capitalisation of155,000.00 only – Initial Capital from75 members alone. Our projectedmembership by December is 100 .Besides,Cooperators share cap is 6000each. b.1 Vending Machine : Conservative Figures each machine will earn 57,120 x 4 machines = 228,800. Based from 175 net income per day. Pls see FS below: Take Note : We can generate additional branded machines by patronizing the merchant’s products which is free of charge b.2 Sari-sari store :Capitalization – 75K
  5. 5. Store will earn 144,200 annually based from conservative daily income of 500 pesos only. b.3 Market vendor’s lending : Start up cap say 20,000.00 We will lend 20K worth of goods payable in one month with just 5% interest , thus; We earn 1000 per month x 12 months = 12,000.00 Therefore : The COOP earns 392,800 a year. Or 1076 per day or 32,284.00 per month . TAKE NOTE AGAIN; Income from other business enterprises are not counted yet such as Capitalization coming from daily savings deposits, micro-financing program coming from grants/government loans , donations, mission fund or mission campaign, etc.Projected Annual Expense : b.1 Personnel Allowance : Gen. Manager – 100 a day or 2400 monthly Store Manager – 100 a day or 2400 monthly Collection Officer – 80 per day or 2400 monthly Bookeeper - ( part-time ) 25 per day or 600 monthly Total of 7800per month x 12 month = 93,600 b.2 Monthly Maintenance: Office and Store Rental : 7000 or 233 per day Billing : 1500 or 50 per day
  6. 6. b.3 Honorarium : ( Maybe effective after 6 months operation ) 15 cooperators plus 5 committee chairman for 150 pesos each a month during co-operators monthly meeting . Total of 3000 per month.However, honorarium shall be entitled to those present on the meeting only. b.4 Training Cost : ( covered by our safety net procedures ) TOTAL ; 18,700.00 Monthly Expense Vis-a-Visour Monthly Net Income of 32,284.00 = 12,984 COOP MONTHLYNET INCOME OR 155,808 ANNUAL INCOME i.e. 89% of interest incomec. How much will the cooperative need to run its business during thefirst year?P 200,000.00on its 1st year,P 2,000,000.00on its second year? P6,000,000.00on its third year?i.e. Based from my membership projection ;First Year : Five Hundred (500)Second Year : One Thousand (1000)Third Year : Three Thousand (3000)d. Is the cooperative planning to invest? If yes, what investment andwhen?
  7. 7. Yes. The cooperative plans to build its own building, probably after five (4)years of operation .Next year, We will consider Mutual Fund Investment, Bondsand Equities,Franchising businesses like Generic/Branded pharmacy on itssecond year of operation; Computer Center, Micro-financing, etc.V. Structure and Managementa. Who will be assigned to manage the daily operations of thecooperative?There will be somebody whom we will pay to manage the cooperative.b. How many people will compose the cooperative’s Board ofDirectors?Seven (10 )c. What will be the role of the Board of Directors?The Board of Directors will manage all the activities of the cooperative andprovide the rules according to the Bylaws.d. Will the cooperative have an audit committee? Yese. Will the cooperative have a credit committee? Yesf. Will the cooperative pay an accountant/bookkeeper? Nog. What will the salary of the following personnel be?1. General Manager – 2400.00 per month2. Store Cashier –2400.00 per month3. Collector – 24 00.00 per month4. Bookeeper - 600.00 per month
  8. 8. 1. Total Initial Investment Products Packing Unit Unit Price AmountCoffee Vending Machine 1 unit 1 15,000.00 15,000.00Barista Choi Coffee Powder 1 kilo/pack 1 240.00 240.00Barista Choi Choco Powder 1 kilo/pack 1 240.00 240.00Barista Choi Mocha Powder 1 kilo/pack 1 240.00 240.00Barista Choi 6.5oz Paper Cups 2,000 cups/case 1 1,400.00 1,400.00 Total Initial 17,120.00 Investment FS of Vending Machines:2. Cost per Cup Cost perConsumables/Supplies Costing cupBarista Choi Coffee, 10 grams m Php 240.00/kilo makes at least 100 cups 2.40Choco or Milk Powder waterBarista Choi 6.5oz Php 1,400.00/case has 2,000 paper cups 0.70Distilled Water 5 Php 25/5gallons makes 151 cups of 0.15gallons 125mlElectricity Php11/12 hrs that feeds 200 cups 0.05Consumption Total cost per cup 3.303. Computation of Profit Selling price if Php 5.00
  9. 9. Total cost per cup - 3.30 Gross profit per cup Php 1.70Estimated no. of cups sold per day if x 100 cups Gross profit per day Php170.00/day No. of days per month x 30 days Note: monthly gross profit depends oGross profit per month Php 5,100.00/month of cups sold per day4. Return of InvestmentTotal Initial Investment Php 17,120.00Gross profit per month / Php 5,100.00 : return of investments depends oestimated Return of Investment 3 to 4 months profit per monthSpecifications of the machine: Canister no./capacity: 3 x 1.6 kilos each (3 varieties of hot beverages) Electronic sales recording and resetting of each canister. Automatic setting of water, temperature, powder. Automatic cup dispensing or choose to provide cups manually. Cup capacity is 62 cups (6.5oz paper cup) Machine Size 300(W)*480(D)*630(H) 2.7 liters of water inside reserve tank. Recognizes 5 peso coin and able to set from free, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30pesos/cup..... by Electrical Power : 220v 820wattsSubmitted by: ptrcrisPosition: Chairman of the Board of Directors