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Why desktops are still best for gaming part 1


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even if you could afford to do so, why bother when you can just buy a new laptop for a little over a hundred more? Bottom line: Once laptops become outdated, more often than not, that’s that.

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Why desktops are still best for gaming part 1

  1. 1. Why Desktops Are Still Best forGaming (Part 1)By Cash For Laptops
  2. 2. I’m looking forward to treating myself to awhole week of video gaming goodness. I’llsell my old laptop to begin with, replace itwith a high-end desktop, and immersemyself in the latest adventures of SAScaptain John “Soap”MacTavish, Renaissance assassin EzioAuditore da Firenze,
  3. 3. ….and whichever new hapless soulhappens to stumble along onto the foggystreets of Silent Hill, before capping it alloff with a nonstop weekend of buildingup my Ottoman civilization from a simplehunter-gatherer community to a far-reaching futuristic technological empire.
  4. 4. Yes, I need thatmuch respite fromwork. And yes, thisis how this geekwants to spend hisfirst of twovacations this year.Don’t judge.
  5. 5. Why do I need to sell my laptop for cashand switch to a desktop, you ask?Well, first of all, my laptop is alreadymore than two years old. It can stilloperate the mandatories like MicrosoftOffice and the latest Adobe Photoshoppretty well, but it can’t handle the stressof operating graphics-heavy programslike the newer video games.
  6. 6. Aside from beingmore expensivethan desktops ofequal specs, laptopshave a significantlyshorter high-endlifespan. This isbecause mostmakes of laptopsare not capable ofhaving theirprocessors, graphics cards, RAMs, andwhatnot upgraded;at least not cheaply.
  7. 7. And even if you could afford to do so, whybother when you can just buy a new laptopfor a little over a hundred more? Bottom line:Once laptops become outdated, more oftenthan not, that’s that.
  8. 8. Check out the next part of this articletomorrow. In themeantime, is looking foryour old laptop! Do check out the site andhave a laptop trade-in if you wish.
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