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Are you a pro in choosing a gaming laptop?


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This is how you choose a gaming laptop! Trade in laptop now at

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Are you a pro in choosing a gaming laptop?

  1. 1. Are You a Pro inChoosing a GamingLaptopBy Cash For LaptopsPlease Like us on Facebook!
  2. 2. Short Introduction • Gaming laptops are abundant these days. If you want to sell your laptop for one, you have plenty to choose from. Other companies specialize in just making gaming laptops. Other companies only sell one gaming laptop. It’s all up to you, but there are several factors you have to take into account.
  3. 3. Screen Size • What are your gaming habits? Do you prefer large screens? Obviously, large screens offer the best gaming experience, at the cost of mobility.
  4. 4. CPU• Some games are demanding on the CPU, such as strategy games, where the AI can flood your screen with units, causing a performance breakdown.
  5. 5. GPU • A laptop with a dedicated graphics card offers plenty of visual power for a laptop, but they can be very expensive. • As with the CPU, the GPU is also offered in different alternatives. Normally, gaming laptops offerNVIDIA graphics cards, but sometimes, they also utilize AMD.
  6. 6. RAM • It allows you to multitask and load many programs simultaneously, such as playing music and surfing with many opened tabs. It keeps your computer from slowing down tremendously. • helps programs load quickly because little files are stored there, and when you open an already pre-opened program
  7. 7. Pro Tip!• Remember to tweak your laptop for maximum performance relative to the budget, and you’ll have a product you’ll thoroughly enjoy.
  8. 8. Thanks!• Source: tips-in-choosing-gaming-laptop.html• Resources:• Trade in Laptop at Cashforlaptops