Tibet problems


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Tibet problems

  1. 1. The Problem In TibetBy Sasha Liberman and KyrahMendes and Amirah Edward
  2. 2. Nomadic HerdersOne million Nomadic herders have beenmoved from their grazing lands
  3. 3. Million TibetansIts estimated that a million Tibetans died dueto the Chinese occupation
  4. 4. ProtestsBetween March 2011 and December 2012,more than 90 Tibetans set themselves on fireto protest the Chinese governments rules. Theprotests are still going on today
  5. 5. Dalai LamaThe Dalai Lama called the protest "Amanifestation of the deep rooted resentmentof the Tibetan people under the presentgovernance."
  6. 6. TARThe illiteracy rate for TAR is 45% In 2000
  7. 7. DecreasingThe Tibetan population Is decreasing
  8. 8. Monasteries6000 monasteries were destroyed after theChinese Invasion
  9. 9. Tibetan Water SourceThe Tibetan plateau holds the worlds 3rdlargest store of fresh water In a glacier form,and feed Asias biggest rivers. One billionpeople rely on this water source
  10. 10. Chinese InvasionBefore the Chinese Invasion In 1949, Tibet hadits own government, currency, postal system,language, and legal system
  11. 11. 6 Million TibetansThe six million Tibetans left In the world aregreatly outnumbered by the ChineseImmigrants
  12. 12. Better TreatmentThe Chinese Immigrants get better treatmentthan the local Tibetans
  13. 13. Helping The TibetansThe Chinese seem surprised at the Tibetansanger directed at them. The Chinese like tothink that they are helping the Tibetans,especially in economical Issues
  14. 14. Tibetan DemiseBeijing will wait for the now 72 year old DalaiLama to die, which will result in the demise ofthe Tibetan protests
  15. 15. Chinese RuleMarch, and October are the 2 months that aresymbolic months for Chinese rule
  16. 16. SpeechWhen these symbolic months come, the DalaiLama gives a speech about peace.
  17. 17. Tibetan Activist GroupOn January 4th, 2008 a new Tibetan activistgroup began
  18. 18. Tibetan Activist Group DemandsThe groups demands were: The Dalai Lamasreturn to Tibet as its leader, The end ofChinas colonial occupation, The Release ofTibetan Political Prisoners,To give Tibetansback their Rights, and The Cancellation of The2008 Beijing Olympics
  19. 19. Tibetan GroupsThe Chinese call any Tibetan rights groupsoutside of Tibet part of the Dalai clique,meaning that they think every Tibetan rightsgroups are somehow connected to the DalaiLama
  20. 20. Tibet MeasurementsTibet is 3,000 meters and 13,000 feet abovesea level land size