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Lace front wig blog, videos and tips


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Lace front wig blog, videos and tips

  1. 1. Stay Updated: SHOP LACE WIGS REMY HAIR EXTENSIONS CUSTOMER REVIEWS Browsing: Home Categories Lace Wig FAQ’s – The Information Black Hairstyles Guide To Lace Wigs Full Lace Wigs BY DANI TURNER ON OCTOBER 4, 2011 IN LACE WIGS Lace Front Wigs 1. How Can I Tell The Difference Between Human Hair and Synthetic Hair? Lace Frontals Human Hair is a type of hair that is attached to the cuticle. Whereas, Synthetic Hair has been processed with synthetic hair fibers which resemble the texture and style of human Lace Wigs hair. The main difference is human hair quality superior to synthetic hair quality. In fact, Human hair will last much longer and is more resistant to high heated styling products Remy Hair Extensions such as curling irons and flat iron. Human Hair is also more versatile when you are creating your desired hairstyle. Synthetic hair will be able to sustain heat to a certain degree, but may easily burn if the temperature is too high during styling. Uncategorized 2. What are the Available Hair Colors and Hair Lengths for Stock Wigs and Weave Hair Custom Wigs? Wig Care Tips Stock Wigs: The available hair color for most stock wigs are colors #1,#1b,#2, and #4. The available hair length for stock wigs are 12″,16″,18″, and 20″. How To Lace Wig Videos Custom Wigs: The available hair color for most custom wigs is any color you choose located on the lace wig color chart. The available hair length for custom wigs are 8″ to  How To Wash and Clean a Lace Front Wig or 26″. You completely customize the color, length, and style of your lace wig. Full Lace Wig Other Length & Color Search Options: You can also find the specific type of on our site by using the advanced search box located on the left hand side of our lace front wig How To Seal Knots on Lace Wig or Full Lace Front Wig hompage, or when browsing a particular wig category simply use the search box on the left. Limited colors, lengths, and textures are commonly available for lace wigs. How To Apply a Lace Front Wig with Tape 3. Can I Recolor or Restyle a Lace Wig? Adhesive Color Advice: Yes, you can only if lace wig is made with human hair. It’s very easy to recolor a lace wig. You may do so by using any hair color found at your local beauty Tags supply store. If you decide to recolor the wig, it’s important to know that everytime you dye the wig, the quality of the hair will degrade because it has already been processed. apply a lace wig clip in extensions hair You are processing the hair again and unlike your natural hair it doesn’t grow back. Also, it’s important not to get the hair dye on the lace portion of the wig. This will dye the lace hair extensions hair loss causing it to become more noticeable. We are not responsible for any damage that may lace frontals be caused if you decide to recolor a lace wig. lace fronts lace hair Style Advice: Yes, you can restyle the wig if it’s made with human hair or synthetic hair. lace wig application lace wig clips For straight hairstyles such as Yaki or Light Yaki, you may use hot irons or curling irons on the hair. For wavy or curly human hair wigs, we encourage you not to overstyle the lace wigs skin weft wig accessories Page 1 / 13
  2. 2. current hairstyle because the hair has already been processed with our curling machine. wig care wig clips wig conditioner This will cause the wig to loose it’s new look. For synthetic hairstyles, make sure to keep wig products wigs wig shampoo the hair iron or curling iron on low because it may burn the hair. If the hair begins to burn, immediately stop the new hairstyle you are trying to achieve as it may damage the synthetic hair fibers. Most 4. What About Lace Wigs with Baby Hair and Bangs? VIEWED COMMENTED Baby Hair Information: All of our stock lace wigs are made with baby hair. The baby hair is constructed along the front hairline perimeter which provides an all natural growing hairline appearance. Babyhairs can be styled to your needs when ordering a custom Lace Frontals with Baby Hair Compared to Lace Frontal Closures! (401) lace wig. All stock lace wigs baby hair are styled depending on the style of the stock wig. If the stock wig is straight, the baby hairs will be straight. If the stock wig is curly, the baby hairs will be curly…etc. Using Clip In Hair Extensions To Determine What Skin Weft or Weave Works for Your Hairstyle (232) Bangs Information: Limited stock special wig hairstyles offer bangs already made into the wig. If you choose a stock wig with bangs, the bangs will be cut into the wig when you receive it. If you purchase a stock wig and wish to have bangs cut in that is OK, it’s Lace Wigs – Turn your Hair from Rags to Riches! (94) simple process. If you choose a custom wig and bangs are NOT specified in the custom wig description, you may have the bangs cut in upon special request by filling out the What are The Benefits of Lace Wigs? (1) extra details information box at the bottom of the product page. 6. How Do I Attach a Lace Wig? Lace Wig FAQ’s – The Information Guide To Lace Wigs (0) Wig Application with Glue: Please see our video on Lace Front Wig Application With Glue. Using Clip In Hair Extensions To Determine What Skin Weft or Weave Works for Your Wig Application with Tape: Please see our video on Lace Front Wig Application With Hairstyle (0) Tape. 7. How Do I Wash a Lace Wig? Image Stream How To Wash a Lace Wigs: Please see our video on How To Wash and Clean a Lace Wig. 8. How Do I Trim The Lace off? How To Trim the Lace off a Lace Wig: Please see our video on How To Trim the Lace Off a Lace Wigs. 10. Looking for new type of hair extension? View our tape hair extensions or tape weft hair extensions Link to this post! <a href="">Lace Wig FAQ’s – The Information Guide To Lace Wigs</a> Share this on: Mixx Delicious Digg Facebook Twitter What are The Benefits of Lace Wigs? BY DANI TURNER ON AUGUST 22, 2012 IN LACE WIGS Lace wigs are becoming in demand nowadays because a lot of people, most especially the women who are fashionable and trendy are fond of experimenting their looks until they achieve their most desirable appearance. Lace front wigs allow them to look Page 2 / 13
  3. 3. more attractive and beautiful, the reason why they would wear these wigs. There are various benefits of lace wigs, which make them extremely popular today. In fact, most celebrities like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez started using these wigs, and they have influenced millions of ladies to wear these wigs to provide them with a great looking appearance. For a lot of women, they would love to wear these wigs because they simply want to imitate their favourite celebrities. Here are the benefits of lace wigs that ladies would surely enjoy: l  Hide the baldness- There are some women who naturally possess thin hair that they would look bald, but by wearing a lace wig, they can hide the baldness. In fact, a lace front wig can provide them with a natural look. Most lace wigs are made of authentic hair, so they would certainly complement the look of an individual, as they will give a very natural-looking. l  Durable- Another primary benefit of lace wigs is that they are extremely strong and durable. It just requires appropriate care and maintenance, as if you are taking good care of your actual hair. This way, the wig can maintain its quality and stays in good condition for a year or so. l Economical- Another benefit of hair lace wigs is that they are very economical. This means that you do not need to go to the salon just to cover up your bald head. This is indeed practical because it would be cheaper to purchase a lace wig instead of paying every time you visit your stylist for every service that you go through. l  Improves the physical appearance and lifestyle- A lot of women with low self- esteem was able to boost their confidence after using and wearing lace wigs. They were able to improve their physical appearances, which motivated them to easily fulfill their dreams and goals in life. With lace wigs, they were able to  overcome their insecurities because these wigs could allow them to look gorgeous. l Flexibility of providing different looks- Most women who are fashionable, most especially the celebrities just love to wear lace wigs because these wigs provide them with different looks every time. Even for ordinary individuals, lace wigs can also allow them to achieve different looks so that they would not look boring and plain. These wigs are much cheaper than going to the salon every month for a new hair style. These are some of the benefits associated with lace wigs. If you have hair loss problems, or you simply want to look gorgeous and attractive, make use of these amazing lace wigs. These wigs could be the answer to improve your appearance and help you feel better about yourself. You can find various styles and colors for these hair wigs that would best suit your preference. Link to this post! <a href="">What are The Benefits of Lace Wigs?</a> Share this on: Mixx Delicious Digg Facebook Twitter What Type of Wig Clips Are There For Lace Wigs? BY DANI TURNER ON APRIL 11, 2012 IN WIG CARE TIPS Page 3 / 13
  4. 4. There are many different type of wig clips, toupee clips and hairpiece clips used today. If you want the best wig clip that offers security, comfort and can be attached easily then Lace Front Wig recommends the U Comb Metal Wig Clip. This particular type of wig clip is also used for toupee clips and hairpiece clips and can be utilized on hair extensions, lace frontals, lace partials, wigs, lace wigs, and hair accessories. You can attach it quickly and easily by sewing it into the hair item with a needle and thread. If you can sew on a button, you can sew on a wig clip or hairpiece clip. What Size Do The Wig Clips Come In? The wig clip, toupee clip and hairpiece clip come in three sizes. They are considered small, medium and large which represents 2.2 cm, 2.8 cm and 3.2 cm in width, respectively. They are constructed with flexible metal and have a silicon backing that will hold the hair tightly for a secure and comfortable hold. Based upon the amount of hair you want the wig clip to attach to will determine the size you select. For the best hold and most comfort, most clients select the 2.8 cm size. Once attached, you can simply slide the hairpiece clip or wig clip into your own existing hair and snap it into place. The metal wig clip locks into place holding your hair tightly but comfortably. You can control the amount of hair it will hold, the tightness of the attachment and where to place it in the hair. What Color Would You Recommend? At Lace Front Wig we offer wig clips wholesale and carry three primary colors. The colors are black, brown and light beige or blond. You should select the color that would most closely match the color of the hair you are attaching. If you are using it to add a hair accessory, then select the color that most closely matches your own hair. For example, if you are putting on a blond wig and attaching it to your own hair which may be brown in color, a blond or beige wig clip would be used. If you have black hair and you are putting a feather extension into your hair with the wig clip, then a black wig clip would be selected.   Benefits of Using Wig Clips, Toupee Clips or Hairpiece Clips l Secure and Comfortable l Permanent in nature when applied but can be easily removed l Great for long term or short term wear l No messy glues, bonds or tape is required l You can adjust the hold, tightness of the bond and where you would like it attached. l Long lasting and reusable on your next wig, toupee, hair extension or hairpiece l Very affordable and you can buy wig clips wholesale l Are skin safe and you can add more for additional security or hold   Do Wig Clips Look Natural When Attached? If you want to attach a hair extension, lace wig, wig, toupee or hair accessory quickly and easily then wig clips are for you. When you attach a wig clip into your own hair, it will Page 4 / 13
  5. 5. blend perfectly and effortlessly.  It usually is attached under the hair accessory, wig,  toupee or hair extension and hidden from view. With a small investment in wig clips, you can have the hair you always dreamed of quickly, easily and securely. Try some today and see how secure they really are – regardless of the hair you are wearing.   Link to this post! <a href="">What Type of Wig Clips Are There For Lace Wigs?</a> Share this on: Mixx Delicious Digg Facebook Twitter Avoid Damaging Your Hairline When Applying a Lace Wig BY DANI TURNER ON APRIL 10, 2012 IN WIG CARE TIPS   lace front wigs are worn not only those having hair loss issues or baldness or even hair thinning, they are now a fashion accessory supported by many famous celebrities in music and movie industries. How do you go about wearing it then without damaging your natural hair? The types of wigs are rather trendy and will impact your overall appearance within  minutes. You can create gorgeous and trendy hairstyles in short period of time without affecting your own natural hairs or even skin. You can also find new styles or even types of wigs in the market, hence you will have a good variety of choices. To wear it, do note. Ensure that you clean all  areas around your forehead and ensure it is both dirt and oil free since it will affect the gluing of the wigs. Make sure to pin the wig strands backwards  to ensure that they do not get stuck by the glue when applying. Follow These Simple Steps l Cut off the additional lace or ribbons elements but do ensure you do not damage the lace cap. l l Outline the best position and area to apply the wig using the eyebrow pencil. l Image by Jason Hargrove via Flickr l Apply the glue to the hairline and lace cap, press the wig on when the glue become sticky. That’s all, your done! Link to this post! <a href=" Share this on: Mixx Delicious Digg Facebook Twitter Page 5 / 13
  6. 6. Lace Frontals with Baby Hair Compared to Lace Frontal Closures! BY DANI TURNER ON MARCH 7, 2012 IN LACE FRONTALS, UNCATEGORIZED Indian Remy Hair Lace Frontals Our Lace frontal with baby hair actually reconstructs your frontal hairline. Our lace frontals are made with baby hair for a very soft and natural look. Our lace frontals are 13 inches from ear to ear and 4 inches in depth from the front hairline to the crown. We always make our Lace frontals with baby hair for naturalness and to create the most natural looking hair line possible. The lace frontal can easily be cut down to any size. It is reinforced around the perimeter to accommodate any type of attachment or bonding system you would like to use. Indian Remy Hair Lace Closures Our lace front closures are made 4 inches wide by 4 inches deep with the front having very fine baby hair added. This allows the individual to utilize lace closures for a small front hairline if needed and cover the portion behind hair line up to 4 inches in depth. It is great for small thinning areas towards the front of the hairline or a can be placed over a thinning area anywhere on the scalp. Even with baby hair along the front perimeter it will blend perfectly with your own natural hair creating a natural scalp appearance regardless where it is used.   Who Should use Lace Frontals or Lace Closures? If you have good healthy hair and are subject to thinning or balding areas, then a lace frontal or closure is the way to go. The more of your own healthy growing hair that you can utilize the more natural your lace frontals or lace closures will look.  It is camouflaged  with your own existing hair and is easily woven or clipped in for support. Benefits of lace frontals or lace closures made by Lace-Front-Wig l Thousands of lace closures and lace frontals in stock and ready to ship. l Much more affordable and less costly. l Utilize your own natural hair with the lace frontals and closure. l Can part the hair anywhere and look completely natural. l Can be attached with adhesives, bonds, hair clips or sew into hair braids. Page 6 / 13
  7. 7. l Hair weaves are available from the same donor for a perfect match. Buy from the Manufacturer and Save We manufacturer top quality lace frontals with Indian Remy hair ranging in length from 12  inches to 22 inches with thousands in stock and readily available. You are buying directly from the manufacturer so you get cheap lace closures and cheap lace front closures with the best remy indian  hair available. They offer every type of texture including silky  straight, yaki, kinky as well as any style including straight, body wave, jerry curl, loose curl and water wave. Look Beautiful with Lace Frontals If you want a thick new natural looking hairline or want to fill in a balding area both comfortably and affordably – then go to You can select from the largest in stock inventory available on the internet at prices our competitors can’t match.  Lace Front Wig offers matching hair  extensions that come from the same donor so every item will blend perfectly. Many of the celebrities use our closures and frontals to cover their thinning areas to make them look fashionable and beautiful.  See  how we can make you look more beautiful today with the best in affordable lace hair pieces. Link to this post! <a href=" Share this on: Mixx Delicious Digg Facebook Twitter Lace Wigs – Turn your Hair from Rags to Riches! BY DANI TURNER ON MARCH 7, 2012 IN FULL LACE WIGS, LACE FRONT WIGS Lace Wigs – Why full lace wigs and lace front wigs can turn your hair from Rags to Riches! If you’re like most girls going to the beauty salon – you want thick, beautiful, shiny, bouncy hair that will make all the men turn their heads! Your hair is your calling card, it is  what everyone looks at first before they even speak to you! A person’s hair can affect their entire look and can take your appearance from rags to riches! Wearing wigs for black women will make you look your very best! Here are some benefits to wearing a full lace wig or lace front wig l Looks completely natural in any hairstyle or activity l Can shower, swim and sleep in a full lace wig without limitations to your lifestyle l You can wear it for weeks at a time without removing it l You can get it in any color, length, style or texture hair you want l The most natural, undetectable wig in existence today and can be worn for extended periods of time. l Does not damage your own hair under the full lace wig Page 7 / 13
  8. 8. l Lets your own hair regrow and become longer and stronger l Attaches to your scalp with bond or tape without damaging your own hair View Curly full lace wigs photo Lace Wigs give you a break from hair weaves While hair weaves are a great way to add volume, length and thickness – the braiding and the weight of the sewn in hair weave can cause damage to the hair follicles over a long period of time. This is known as tension alopecia and can cause hair loss by damaging the hair follicles. When hair weaves are first done many girls complain they are tight and hurt. This is due to the tension put on the existing hair with the hair braid and the additional weight. The answer to damage hair has arrived at Lace Front Wig The full lace wig and the front lace wig are the best solution to get your hair fit again. By switching out of the hair braid and wefts periodically your own natural hair has time to relax and grow stronger. It is recommended that you switch back and forth between hair weaves and lace wigs for style, versatility and to keep your own hair strong and fit.  This  will minimize any damage caused by the sewn in hair weaves over the course of time.    Your hair follicles become rejuvenated and alive again when the tension is released and you slip into a new cover up called a full lace wig. Full Lace Wigs do not damage your hairline and all in stock full lace wigs offered by Lace Front Wig  are made with Remy Indian hair. You can select from any color, curl,  style, texture, length and size you want. Lace Front Wig has more than 6,000 Indian Remy full lace wigs in stock and available for immediate delivery. You are buying directly from the manufacturer so their quality and price will blow away all the competitors.   Full Lace Wigs Can Be Style and Parted Anywhere With a full lace wig, you can style and part your hair anywhere, wear it permanently, sleep in your lace wig and even put your hair up in a high fashionable updo or ponytail! There is no limit to your lifestyle, hairstyle and your new found beauty! Look more beautiful than you ever imagined all while you are keeping your own hair physically fit and away from damage. So take our advice and see what a new lace wig can do for you. Go to Lace Front Wig and select from the largest inventory of top quality lace wigs in the US today. Your selection is unlimited and they have been manufacturing lace wigs, toupees, partials, frontals, eyebrows, hair extensions, wigs and servicing world famous celebrities for more than 30 years. See what you have been missing at Lace Front Page 8 / 13
  9. 9.   Link to this post! <a href="">Lace Wigs – Turn your Hair from Rags to Riches!</a> Share this on: Mixx Delicious Digg Facebook Twitter New Website Design Launched at BY DANI TURNER ON MARCH 6, 2012 IN LACE FRONT WIGS, UNCATEGORIZED We are proud to announce the website design launch at! Now shopping for you lace front wig or full lace wig has never been easier. We have thousands of in stock lace wigs available for immediate shipment. Along with an award winning design and layout, here are some important aspects that will enhance you shopping experience at our online wig superstore! New Website Design Makes Shopping Easy! 1. Easy Search: Sort through thousands of wig styles,colors,lengths, and textures using our “Narrow Search” filter. 2. Customer VIP Account: Register and account with us and get special promotions, discounts, and exclusive savings. 3. Photo Viewing: View lace front wig photos like you never did before using enhanced image zoom and layouts. 4. Affiliate Program: Sell wigs on your website and earn money by sending us referrals. 5. Wholesale Program: Join our wholesale program and get discounts right on our website. 6. Reviews: Read and Add reviews for others to see and talk about. 7. Q & A: Ask a question about a product or item in our store and have it shared with other visitors. 8. Custom Wigs: Easily order a custom wig or celebrity custom lace wigs without leaving the page. 9. Lace Wig Videos: View our video gallery instead of watching a DVD or visit our lace front wig YouTube channel. 10. Get Social: Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to receive exclusive updates from our company. Those are just some of the changes we have made to our redesigned website. Take a look of the new website photo featured below. Page 9 / 13
  10. 10. Check out our website today and join our lace front wig network for the lowest prices, outstanding customer service, and a website experience you can’t at other online wig store.         Link to this post! <a href="">New Website Design Launched at Lace Share this on: Mixx Delicious Digg Facebook Twitter Do I Need a Special Wig Shampoo or Conditioner for Lace Front Wigs? BY DANI TURNER ON FEBRUARY 23, 2012 IN FULL LACE WIGS, LACE FRONT WIGS, WIG CARE TIPS A special wig shampoo is necessary to maintain your human hair lace wig or full lace wig. It is critical to select a right conditioner for human hair lace wig. It must contain cantonal and him rich moisturizers that will replenish the hair with vital moisture. Since the human hair is not growing, it is not being protected with your own natural body oils. The elements and shampoo used strip the hair of moisture leaving it dull lifeless and brittle. It is important to condition your hair frequently so it does not dry out. Use caution in selecting a regular conditioner that contains loyal oil that may loosen the knots in the hair and cause excessive hair loss. Moisturize human hair frequently and supplement the hair with a leave in moisturizing conditioner that contains and funnel cantonal. Link to this post! <a href=" Share this on: Mixx Delicious Digg Facebook Twitter How To Attach A Lace Frontal So It Blends In With My Hair BY DANI TURNER ON FEBRUARY 23, 2012 IN LACE FRONT WIGS, LACE WIGS, WEAVE HAIR A lace front piece or lace frontal is attached in the front hairline in the same fashion as a full lace wig using adhesive, bond, glue or tape. The rear of the lace front piece must be blended into the existing hair and held in place with an attachment. Many women prefer lace front weaves for the attachment of choice but hair clips, tape, bond or glue can be used to secure the back of the lace frontal into their own hair. A lace front weave is a method of attachment whereby the hair stylist makes a braid in Page 10 / 13
  11. 11. the hair on the scalp and the back of the lace frontal is sewn into the weave or braid for a secure hold.  Many women who purchase the lace frontals also purchase our hair  weaves to use in the back of their heads for uniformity and the same consistency. Will a Lace Frontal look as natural as a full lace wig? A lace frontal is constructed the same way as the front of a full lace wig. Our in stock lace frontals come with fine French lace, top grade Indian remy hair, single strand by strand construction, bleached knots, and baby hair for a natural looking hair line. With combing and blending the lace frontal into your own existing hair, it can’t look more natural than that. Link to this post! <a href="">How To Attach A Lace Frontal So It Blends In With My Hair</a> Share this on: Mixx Delicious Digg Facebook Twitter The Best Wig Accessories For Lace Front Wigs BY DANI TURNER ON FEBRUARY 23, 2012 IN LACE FRONT WIGS, WIG CARE TIPS We carry the best removal products for glue, bond, tape and fusion hair extensions.  These removers are very important to correctly remove the lace front wig without causing hair loss or damage. Using the correct remover can increase the investment you made in your human hair wig by making it last longer. There are various types of removers with different strengths and properties. We will recommend our choices on the every the wig accessories page listed here. Link to this post! <a href="">The Best Wig Accessories For Lace Front Wigs</a> Share this on: Mixx Delicious Digg Facebook Twitter Lace Wig Care Product Tips To Make Your Wig Last Longer BY DANI TURNER ON FEBRUARY 23, 2012 IN WIG CARE TIPS It’s important to have wig care  products that you should have for occasional use in order  to maintain your lace wig. Here are some tips for correctly using wig care products  to make your lace front wig or full lace wig last longer. 1. For longevity of your human hair lace wig it is recommended that you let the hair dry naturally. 2. Do not try to brush the hair while wet if possible. Be gentle and careful when brushing the hair while it is wet to avoid tangling and breakage. 3. A wide tooth wig brush should be used together with your fingertips for natural styling. 4. One should also have available a professional detangler made for human hair lace wigs. 5. If the hair becomes matted or tangled especially by the nape of the neck due to rubbing of the hair, a detangling treatment or spray  can help alleviate the Page 11 / 13
  12. 12. problem. We hope these tips help you in maintaining you lace wig. Link to this post! <a href="">Lace Wig Care Product Tips To Make Your Wig Last Longer</a> Share this on: Mixx Delicious Digg Facebook Twitter Using Clip In Hair Extensions To Determine What Skin Weft or Weave Works for Your Hairstyle BY DANI TURNER ON NOVEMBER 1, 2011 IN BLACK HAIRSTYLES, REMY HAIR EXTENSIONS, WEAVE HAIR I want to tell you about a little trick by using clip in hair extensions that could save you thousands of dollars in a few years when shopping for skin wefts or hair weaves.  If you’re one of the millions of women that have had hair extensions weaves or braids done then you know how annoying the application is especially at the nape of the neck. The nape of the neck is one of the most problematic areas for hair extensions especially with hair braids. Many times the hair becomes knotted, tangled and loose due to the constant movement of that area against your back. Think about it, while you’re driving you’re constantly moving your head from side to side looking in your rear view mirror to watch for traffic. Every time you do this your hair is caught between your shoulders and your car seat pulling, tugging and tangling your hair in the nape of the neck. When you go to the gym and exercise your sweat and perspiration accumulates down at the base of the neck also adding to the comfortableness of the great. You rotate your neck and head throughout the day probably tens of thousands of times and many times the hair at the nape of the neck becomes tangled. Even when you sleep in bed and lay your head on your pillow, you constantly rub your head back and forth to get comfortable and cause extra tension where in tangling on your extensions especially at the nape of the neck. Making a Final Choice: Skin Wefts, Hair Weaves, or Clip In Extensions? There are various alternatives that you can consider and one of those is using clip on hair extensions at the nape of the neck. Either you or the salon owner has the ability to add clip in hair extensions at the base of the neck or the hair located at the nape of the neck. You can simply have the salon owner (no matter what type of hair addition you decide on) simply start above the nape of the neck with any of your preferred attachment methods. Then you can simply ask the salon owner to add clip in or click on hair extensions at the nape of the neck for easy removal, care and comfort. This area has the most wear and tear of the new hair you just added and you can easily substitute or change that hair regularly. It is much less costly to replace that hair with clip in hair extensions rather than going to the salon and having a new hair weft or extensions braided or attached. You are able to remove them whenever you wish in the in the comfort of your own home or even in a public rest area without anyone noticing. It is so simple you can even do it at your desk while at work. Just make sure that your clip in hair extensions match the color of your hair weft or permanent hair extension that are being used for the rest of your hair. With this blending Page 12 / 13
  13. 13. of color, it will still look extremely natural and no one can tell the difference. You can add as many clip then extensions as you wish and place them virtually anywhere on the nape of the neck if you want to add additional volume or length to that specific area. Here’s our video below from You Tube providing Instructions on How To Apply Clip In Hair Extensions.  If you’re afraid to offend your long time hair stylist then you can simply ask them to start the hair extension process higher on the back of the head. Simply tell them that the nape of your neck is very sensitive and you don’t like the additional tension put on the hair in that area. Tell them to please begin the hair extension process higher on the back of your head. In this regard you do not offend the integrity or your relationship with the hair stylist. You just need enough hair available for a clip in hair extension to be attached and can easily solve any problematic area with the nape of the neck.  The nape of the neck area has always been problematic for hair extensions and hair  additions regardless of the method used for attachment, and clip in hair extensions can solve this problem for you while saving you money, time and aggravation.  You can easily pop out the clip in hair extensions at any time, wash them, condition them  and clip them back in without having to take down an expensive hair weave or hair addition anymore. We hope these tricks have helped you in how clip in hair extensions should be used for the nape of the neck Link to this post! <a href="">Using Clip In Hair Extensions To Determine What Skin W Share this on: Mixx Delicious Digg Facebook Twitter offers lace front wigs, full lace wigs and lace frontals made with the finest quality remy human hair. We provide excellent customer care and our lace wigs are the finest available in the full lace front wig industry. Our lace wigs are available in various lengths, textures, styles and colors. A lace wig expert is always on call for any comments or questions you have concerning our hair products. You can speak with a customer representive by calling 1-888-424-7396. Copyright © 2012 Lace Front Wig Blog, Videos and Tips. Powered by WordPress Page 13 / 13