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Harper ppt copy 3


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Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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Harper ppt copy 3

  1. 1. Dr. Phil Harper
  2. 2. Always growing, engaging, improvingAlways growing, engaging, improving efficiency, and doing whatever we canefficiency, and doing whatever we can to help our help our staff.
  3. 3. The Two Economy System You have no control over THE economy; therefore, concentrate your efforts on things you can control in YOUR economy - and stay in the bubble! Insulate yourselves from negative economic thoughts, and focus only on what you CAN control.
  4. 4. What is a vision?
  5. 5. Core Ideology • Core Values: What We Stand For • Core Purpose: Why We Exist? Envisioned Future • BHAG: What do we aspire to become?
  6. 6. Core Values • Service to the Patient above all else. • Honesty and Integrity • Hard Work & Continuous Self-Improvement • Never Being Satisfied- Always seek to do and be better! • Excellence in Reputation, being part of something special.
  7. 7. Core Purpose ✴ To contribute to the success of our patient’s oral health and self confidence by improving function and by eliminating fear
  8. 8. BHAG: Big Hairy Audacious Goal To collect $20 Million Dollars in a single year by 2022.
  9. 9. Human Capital: hired another hygienist hired full time marketing director hired an associate dentist hired 2 more upfront people hired another sterilization person and 2 more assistants.They are all attending the U engagement is up and staff bonuses have increased (We still need to hire 4 more hygienists, 5 more upfront, 4 more associate doctors, and 8 more assistants to reach our goal.) Marketing: We hired a full time marketing director started an internal marketing referral program gifting the new patients more direct mail pieces more radio Dex/Yellowbook internet social media local events billboards word of mouth Cause Marketing: Dentistry from the heart - 7 years in a row, and now doing a $10,000 smile giveaway. Also we added a discount savings plan.We are going to tap into TV marketing very soon Space and equipment: We built a new building going from 2800 square feet to 5800 square feet. Recently, we remolded an office into another dental opertorary making us at 11 opps. We need 24 opps to reach our goal. We plan on buying the space next door to accomplish this. We are also in plans of adding a new sign outdoors.
  10. 10. Meet Jimmy QuickTime™ and a H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  11. 11. Change is inevitable, Growth is optional Growth is optional
  12. 12. Quarterly Rocks • 180 NP per month (Kim) • Get Hygiene up to $80K a month (Kris) and when we do hire another hygiene assist. • Collect over $475K in a month • Everyone Make Arrangements for attending the “U” for 2013 August is next phoenix time (Leads) • Implement new technology E4D same day crowns
  13. 13. What To Expect in 2013 ✴ You Get What You DESERVE!!! ✴ Our Focus is Simple: Improve quality of Patient Experience ✴ Year End Challenge: Pretend Dr. Harper is leaving. What do we do???? ✴ Highest Expectations ✴ Highest Training-more than ever! ✴ Highest Rewards ✴ Don’t get lazy! Stay Engaged! ✴ Giving
  14. 14. fin.