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Sony vaio project

  1. 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSONY is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and informationtechnology products for the consumer and professional markets. Its motion picture,television, computer entertainment, music and online businesses make Sony one of themost comprehensive entertainment and technology companies in the world. VAIO is aleading PC brand among many of Sony’s family of innovative products. MEC is one of theworld’s leading media agency networksThe Sony vaio laptop sold by comes with brand name of sony VAIO .it was launched in Indiaon 24th oct 2004.there are deferent model which differ in different thingSONY product 7 model of laptop. There are VAIO SR,VAIO FW,VAIO TOKEG,VAIO CR,VAIONR,VAIO TZ& VAIOS ZS. SONY has verity of laptop to offer to its customers. These come withdifferent feachuter, quality, designs Model and sizeSONY VAIO is sub brand used for many of sony computer product originally and acronym ofvideo audio integrated operation this was amended to visual audio intelligent orgnigetion in2008 to celebrate the brand 10th anniversary the branding was created by Healy todistinguish item that integrated consumer audio and video with convansiol computingproduct such as the SONY VAIO W series personal computer which functioned as a regularcomputer and a miniature interment centre although sony made computer center in the1980 exclusively for the local marketThe company withdraw from the com. Business around the turn of the decoded sony re-entry to the global computer market under the new vaio brand in began in 1996 with thePCV series of desktop the vaio logo also represent the integration of analog and digitaltechnology with the VA representing an analog wave and the IO representing a digital binarycode.
  2. 2. PRODUCTSONY has expended its used for the vaio brand which can now be found on“NOTEBOOK, SUBNOT BOOK” desktop and media senter network media solution by sonywill also carry the vaio brandVAIO notebook as currently shipped with windows7 professional windows7 home premiumwhile high end model sum time comes with windows7 ultimate. SITUATION ANALAYSISMARKET SUMMARYPromotion is the key element of marketing program. sony promosonal effort are the onlycontrollable mean to create awareness among public about itself the product & service itoffers, there facture & influents their attitude fireflySony India will spend Rs 200 corer in this financial year on advertising & promotion of theentire range of consumer electronic, out of which Rs60 corer will we spend only on digitalimagine productThe major aliment use by Sony for promotion mix include advertising personal selling, sellspromotion direct marketing & publicityThe continues youth marketing strategy aimed at computing young consumer & enhancingan innovating brand image will also be employed through product group incorporating aseries of out of box marketing campaign to convey a unic life style to customer such as thelets colour strategy under witch sony makes its colour product available in all colour productgroup from bravia, camera walkman & vaio laptopSony will be launching a nationwide sales and promotion campaign entitled “sony day2009lest cheer”
  3. 3. MARKET TRENDThe Vaio W will be available in three colours: berry pink, sugar white, and cocoa brown.Under the hood, the Vaio W is akin to most other net books on the market, sporting a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N280 processor, 1 GB of RAM, a 160 GB hard drive, and Windows XP. TheVaio W can also read SD and Memory Stick Duo media and sports 2 USB 2.0 ports, Webcam,and VGA output; users can connect to networks using 100Base-T Ethernet or 802.11b/g/nWi-Fi wireless networking. The Vaio W also come with Bluetooth 2.1+EDR connectivity,along with headphone and microphone jacks. The mercury-free 10.1-inch LCD display offersthe aforementioned 1,366 by 768-pixel resolution, which is very generous for a netbook(where screens typically measure 1,-24 by 600 pixels) and might be enough screen realestate to do use productivity applications meaningfullyThe W Series lets you quickly look something up online whether searching for a recipe in thekitchen or relaxing on your recliner—there’s no need to trudge upstairs to your office," saidVaio business group VP Mike Abary, in a statement. "And it’s sturdy enough for the kids touse, making it perfect for every member of the familyMARKET NEEDSONY VAIO is a best brand of the laptop series vaio brand is many brand of the market andsony vaio is laptop in many feaucher and many colour and many type processor. And it priceis small price vaio is the faster selling consumer laptop brand in India and it has over 100parent growth during the last year we are expected to double sales of VAIOThe new product line up are lunched under more colour more styles brand campaigntargeted across segment to sait the needs of every user including business exclusive stylesyouth student and be beginnerUnder the new brand campaign sony has introduce a long product line up with 62 modelsavailable cross 16 colour for this yearMARKET GROWTHVAIO is the fastest selling consumer laptop brand in India and had over 100 per cent growthduring the last year here. We are expected to double the sales of VAIO .The new product line up are launched under “More Colour, More Style” brand campaign,targeted across segments to suit the needs of every user including business executive,stylish youth, students and PC beginners.
  4. 4. Under the new brand campaign, Sony has introduced a long product line up with 62 modelsavailable across 16 colors for this year. “We have unique products to suit every Indiansneed,”VAIO S is a mobile PC with a premium design for business and outdoor use,.VAIO C is targeted for fashion conscious user, with light emitting material, vivid colour,.On the other hand, VAIO E and Y are targeted for daily and mid-budget users. VAIO E .From 800 distribution outlets last year, Sony is ramping up its distribution network to 1500outlets for this fiscal. Also, the company will increase the number of VAIO flagship stores to50 by adding 30 more stores during this year SWOT ANALYSISSTRENTHOne of Sony’s greatest strengths is their ability to produce innovative, quality products.Sony’s web page states “Sony innovations have become part of mainstream culture.Another strength of Sony is their ability to be successful in several different markets. Theyhave made an impact in the video game market, the PC market, and especially the televisionmarket and there are still numerous othersSony vaio brand in many color and many and many price in availebalWEAKNESSsony vaio bass is very weak, on the speakers and on the external output Sony Vaio , comesup with green light on power switch, shows no indicator that power supply is connected,will not boot, green light will not go off. Machine has started up OK at some points in thepast but after about 5 minutes, FAN goes mad, screen goes white and then the machineshuts down At this point in time, green light is on all the time and machine is dead.o playaorund with it
  5. 5. OPPORTUNITIESSony seeks a lot of opportunities that utilize their strengths of innovation. At Sony vaio,design is about more than just a good looking product: it is integrated into every step of theprocess – intelligent features, user-friendly applications, innovative materials and, of course,attractive visual appearance. Design is the essential differentiator when comparing mobilecommunications productsTHREATSA common threat facing any company in sales is competition. Sony’s Vaio is its newestinnovation in notebook computers. The various models range in price from 27 thousand to1.50 thousand . However, Dell has a great reputation when it comes to laptops similar to theVaio and has a broader range of notebooks to choose from, not to mention that Dell hasalso been a top seller when it comes to desktop computers. Additionally, the cost of a Dellnotebook computer seems to have a lower price tag than many of Sony’s Vaio modelsSONY VAIO COMPETITORESony vaio many competitor like :-ACER LAPTOPDELL LAPTOPAPPLE LAPTOPHP LAPTOPLENEVO LAPTOPIt all pcs company creat laptop and givan the many featur of laptop. and many series manytyep so these company will competitor of laptop market in creat comptitonSERVICES In today’s increasingly competitive and customer-driven marketplace, there is strongpressure on companies to adapt their customer service standards and operations tochanging customer demands and characteristics.Challenges include the need to balance service with costs, optimizing the use of the socialweb and customer-to-customer support channels, and achieving the right level of customerself-service. It is also important to achieve the right balance of insourcing versusoutsourcing.
  6. 6. At the same time, organizations must keep an eye on the future, understanding how thedigital world influences customer service today and tomorrow. In April 2011, CapgeminiConsulting brought together customer service directors from leading global organizations,plus industry experts, to take forward this debate. The insights and ideas developed duringthis event were summarized in an eBookE Capgemini Consulting works with you to improvcustomer service systematically by helping you increase satisfaction and advocacy whilemanaging operational costsKEYS TO SUCCESSSONY VAIO Sony has a variety of laptops to offer to its customers. These come with differentfeatures, quality, designs, models & sizes. The laptops sold by Sony comes with brand nameof Sony VAIOSONY VAIO promote to advertising on “KARINA KAPOOR” and lunchin to many type laptoplike :-EC SERESX SERESP SERESW SERESTX SERESZ SERSThe Z series has recently replaced the SZ series and does not require a restart of the systemto change graphic modes on Windows Vista, which can be done "on the fly". This featurehas subsequently been used by other manufacturers, including Apple, Asus and Alienware.CRITICAL ISSUESWell his initial problem is that his Mcafee wasnt uninstalling and it kept popping up updateprompts and they wouldnt go away even after he updated it. That and there was a spywareprogram that wouldnt uninstall either. even Add/Remove Pro. I had to go into the registryto remove these programs. So after finally removing them, Windows started getting theblue screen critical errors, so I told my friend it would be best just to start over and formatthe HD and reinstall windows. So I did that and now every time I install Windows I either geta blue screen error message during install or right after I install windows and run it the firsttime. I had a similar issue to this on my desktop one time and it ended up being a bad RAMchip. Can anyone help me out to figure out if its the hard drive, RAM, or whatever. Im at astand still. Before I go out and buy a new RAM module or HD
  7. 7. CHANNALEDepending on the nature of the product marketing management desided to put in to aninsentiv network of distribution while selecting the apropiat marketing .financial etcSony begning the company whith position it self as a seler of durebal 7 high end product,it ispractising selective channalSony india has major towne & cities with a distribution channalIn india sony used the method of one leval CHANNEL MARKETIN FINANCIAL OPRETION PRODUCTIONMARKET STRATEGIESMISIONSony vaio mission all over laptop market captur in india and they lunched new, new brandof india Sony is committed to developing a wide range of innovative products and multimediaservices that challenge the way consumers access and enjoy digital entertainment. Byensuring synergy between businesses within the organisation, Sony is constantly striving tocreate exciting new worlds of entertainment that can be experienced on a variety ofdifferent productsSony vaio target student and business man parson
  8. 8. MARKETING OBJECTIVSony has for some time recognized the growing importance of using digital channels toreach and engage consumers in Latin America. Sony VAIO has worked closely with its mediaagency MEC to build a digital ecosystem that leverages the changing behaviors of LatinAmerican consumers.One of the company’s first steps was creating a Facebook Page, the free public profile onFacebook that enables a brand to share its business and products with consumers on anongoing basis. Launched in March 2010, the Sony VAIO was designed to be a place whereconsumers could easily interact with the brandOnce the profile was live for a few months, the objective for the upcoming campaign in June2010 was clear: to build a long-term property that maximizes the opportunity to engage in atrue dialogue with the brand’s fans. Sony VAIO set a goal of increasing the number of peoplewho connected to its Page from 10,000 to 90,000 in 10 weeks. As part of building a long-term social media strategy, MEC created a Paid-Owned-Earned strategy that put Facebookat the heart of the digital campaignThe brand took advantage of Facebook Targeting to aimthe ads at adults ages 18- to 34-years old from all of Sony VAIO’s key markets in LatinAmerica. “Using the Facebook Targeting capabilities, we were able to effectively reach ourconsumers and also provide the proper weight against the market priority,” says GilbertoInes, Marketing Manager for Sony VAIOFINANCIAL OBJECTIVSony has sold 2.5 lakh Notebooks in the 2010 Financial year and aims at selling upto 5 lakhunits in the current year. For achieving this goal Rs. 50 crore have been alloted towards themarketing activities.Sony has already achieved 15% market share in the Indian market when it comes to VAIOlaptops, but they expect it to reach the 20% mark by the end of this financial year.These aims seems achievable because of the wide variety of Laptops offered by the VAIOseries!The VAIO Y series is targeted towards casual users who basically need to stay connectedand do some normal work on their Notebook. It comes in 4 colours and starts at Rs. 24,990
  9. 9. TARGET MARKETINGWith consumer notebook sales in India estimated to touch 12.5 lakh units by June next,Sony is expecting to double its sales to Rs 1,000 crore in FY ’10, a top company official said.“The consumer notebook segment (laptops, netbooks, pocket PCs) are growing fast in India.In FY ’10 (starting this May), Sony intends to achieve a 20 per cent market share in thissegment and double the sales to 2.5 lakh units,Sony India had sold about 1.2 lakh units of different models of its Vaio notebooks in FY ’09ending May, The sales stood at around Rs 520 crore.Last year, the market was pegged at Rs 4,000 crore with 10 lakh units of consumernotebooks sold across the different brands and this year it is expected to touch Rs 5,000crore.Sony company is launched its Vaio E Series laptops“The E Series models are designed keeping in mind everyday ease-of-use and the youth.These are affordable, light in weight, easy to carry and use and also comes in vivid colours,which makes it more appealing,POSITINIGIt is very colourful Ad by Sony For its Range of Notebooks And Laptops. Ad KAREENAKAPOOR their Brand Ambassador in trendy , Beautiful and Classy looks, each an and everylook is different and in different ‘colours’. And exactly this happens to convey the veryreason behind this Commercial.Sony , brings its Laptop brand Vaio in numerous colours for their niche. This is there latestmove for positioning there brand in the segments of laptops, with players like Dell, Lenovo,Acer etc. in their Competition. There definitely are many more laptop brands but the targetsegment sony focuses on is the upper society SEC A and to an extent SEC B Lenovo, Acer &Uptill a certain extent Dell are their competitors.Earlier sony had come up with a Same commercial Showcasing lesser colours , as they hadintroduced 3 of them in the market with the tag Line ‘Go vivid With Vaio’. And yet anothercommercial for their X series Laptops, which had the USP of a being a slim laptop. For the Xseries they had used Kareena with her zero figured resemblance to the slimMARKETING MIXConclusion of the Current Marketing Mix: The current marketing mix which SonyCorporation has is satisfactory to customer needs. As it can be clearly seen that Sony as acompany has expanded its products & services from electronic and digital devices totelevision broadcasting & entertainments like music & movie production. In providing a
  10. 10. wide range of products & services with high quality, Sony has by far influenced most of theconsumers perception favourably towards its productsSERVICE AND SERVICE MARKETING This Sony accessory store offers the most complete selection of Sony accessories along withits main product lines and support services. They got spare batteries and sleeves for yourVAIO, marine case for your Cyber-shot camera, spare charger for your Handycam, and lensand filters for your Alpha camera… and that’s just to name a fewThe store also acts as a drop-off and pick-up point for Sony devices that needs repair.There’s a Sony technician that can handle minor repairs but mostly, it’s a convenient placeto have your units servicedIf you’re curious about a product, or need help understanding and maximize your newly-bought NEX camera, you can schedule a 30-minute one-on-one with an in-store productspecialist where you can ask as many questions as you like, or ask for demo pertaining to aparticular product. There are a lot of other premium services being offered in this Sony storeespecially for those who brought their gadgets from official channelsPRICINGSONY PRICE Pricing decisions are always made in consultation with the marketingmanagement. Price is the only marketing mix that can be altered quickly. Price variablessuch as dealer price, retail price, discounts, allowances, etc influence the development ofmarketing strategy, as price is a major factor that influences the assessment of valueobtained by customers. For Sony series of VAIO laptops, Sony has tried to categorize themaccording to style, user, purpose, mobility& performance: VAIO SR , boast on the excellencein mobility & perfection in performance. It is designed for businessmen & its price is aroundRs75,000/- VAIO FW , boast of theatrical experience & world class performance. This modelwas designed mainly for home/ casual user of laptops who aims on media playback. Theprice of this is around Rs 80,000 & Rs 1,20,000PROMOTIONIts a marketing discipline that utilizes a variety of incentive techniques to structure sales-related programs targeted to customers, trade and sales levels that generate a specific ,measurable action or response for a product or service. For ex: free samples, discount,rebates, coupons, contests, premiums, scratch cards, exchange offers, etc. Sony haspromoted its products through different sales promotion strategies. For example after therelease of Sony VAIO CR laptops, Sony promoted them by saying that all Sony VAIO CR
  11. 11. laptops purchased during July 2008 & registered within 2 weeks of purchase qualify for aBonus carry case as long as the customer claims is one of the first 35,000 received &validated by SonyCHANNEL OF DISTRIBUTION Depending on the nature of the product,marketing management decides to put into place an intensive networkof distribution, while selecting the appropriate dealers or wholesalers.Sony being the company which positions itself as a seller of durable &high-end products, it is practicing selective distribution of its productsfrom the selective dealers i.e. SONY WORLD.17. Sony India has its footprint across all major town & cities with adistribution network of over 7000 channel partners, 260 Sony outlets &21 direct branch locations. In India, Sony has used the method of onelevel distribution channel. MANUFACTURER RETAILER CUSTOMERMARKETING RESERCHSony Vaio has always tried to promote itself as an aspirational brand and resisted thetemptation to get into the volume game. But here in this scenario , Vaio succumbed to thetemptation. With technology no longer a major differentiator, Vaio understood that unlessthe brand repositions itself it may be ousted by the feature rich rivals.Viao CR was Sonys take on the new segment. Vaio targets the hip hop Indian youth aged18-26 with the variant CR. The brand is now positioned as a fashion accessory rather than alearning/working tool. The new variant comes with attractive color optionsBlazinRedIndigoBluePureWhiteBeautyPinkandAroma Black. The new variant has some attractive features like Luminous Trim that reflectslight which gives the laptop a shining look. Lustrous coating, custom Keyboard, and apersonalized illumination LCD. The brand is now repositioned to reflect a playful spirit and azestforlife.The brand now aims to catch the imagination of the youth market who looks beyond thespeed and memory into design and aesthetics. At Rs 55000, Vaio tries to integrateaesthetics, brand image and technology to get into the minds of the young customer
  12. 12. LINKING SALES AND EXPENCE TO STRATEGY Sony India today announced its strategy to double VAIO sales in India by selling 5 lakhlaptop units in FY11. VAIO is already the fastest growing laptop brand in India (according toIDC report 2010) with more than 100% growth and the new product line-up will ensure thatit becomes even closer to the Indian audience. VAIO S, C, E & Y series are tailor-made to suitthe diverse lifestyle of the customers, so there is a laptop for everyone, be it a businessexecutive, style conscious youth, students or even PC beginner Sony offers an extensive VAIO line-up that is aimed at different consumer segments with varied lifestylerequirements ranging from business class to college goers to even casual PC users. Theprice, features and the captivating colours compliments the product ensemble and lendsunique beauty to the product offering. Details for each series are as followersIMPLEMENTATION MILESTONESSony is one of the world’s leading manufacturers for consumer electronics and broadcast &professional products. Established for more half a decade, Sony is known for it innovativeand high quality products. This section brings you through Sony products from its