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led bulb-way to save money


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how to save money?

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led bulb-way to save money

  1. 1. LED bulbs---Saving Money for You As high power light-emitting diodes can be used to replace incandescent or fluorescent bulbs,LED bulbs are widely used and accepted nowadays. Some LED bulbs are made with the samebases so that they are directly interchangeable with incandescent bulbs. The efficiency ofconversion from electric power to light of the LED bulb is generally higher than with incandescentlamps. E27 bulbs are common use in family, shop and other places.It belongs to the series of LED bulbs. Some great benefits of LED Touch Strip Lights aregenerally:1. The plastic cooling LED lights are unlike usual metal cooling, they are 100% insulated.2. Use Samsung chip as light source.3. Non-dimmable and dimmable version available, fully dimmable with triac dimmer, no extradrivers needed! Compared to fluorescent bulbs, the advantages of LED bulbs are that they contain no mercury,and that lifetime is unaffected by cycling on and off, so that they fit light fixtures where bulbs areoften turned off and on. LED bulbs are also mechanically healthy; energy saving and long lifespan.Have you got more about LED bulbs? Loveislight will make you more professional about it!@lilbulb1114012