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Love and money


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Presentation for Love is Not Enough Conference 2013.

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Love and money

  1. 1. Love and Money Maeve CrawfordThe Soul Mate Catalyst The Secret Mind Movie
  2. 2. The Soul Mate Catalyst•Education•Parent•Soul Mate•RelationshipCoach for Singles•Discovery•Vision
  3. 3. • Arguments about money?• Feelings?• Background?• Family discussion?• Visualise?• Focus on feelings...•• Abba Money Money Money
  4. 4. Less IntimacyCommunicationAngerResentmentRelationshipBreakdown
  5. 5. Activity• Think about an argument you had regarding money• Talk to your neighbour about how it felt• Talk about how it impacted your relationship
  7. 7. Activity Acts of Love
  8. 8. Become Your Own Soul Mate • Do you love yourself? • What do you need to be able to love yourself? • How important is money for you to make this happen?
  9. 9. AttitudesHabitsBeliefsBehavioursExperience
  10. 10. AttitudesHabitsBeliefsBehavioursExperience
  11. 11. 3 Behaviour Types • Control • Spend • Avoid
  12. 12. Attitudes Towards Money
  13. 13. Negotiating About Money • Values • Beliefs • Feelings • Attitudes
  14. 14. Communicating About Money
  15. 15. Energy • • Lighthouse Family High
  16. 16. Are You Ready? Do You Love You Enough?• A money conversation starter that helps you talk about the • A hands-on activity that helps to difficult topic of money in a build trust and rapport even constructive way. when you are anxious or resistant• A game-like tool that creates a since money is such a personal fun, nonjudgmental, non- topic. threatening environment for • A way to discover one’s habits more open, honest money and attitudes—habitudes— conversations. related to money and have instant insights into how, why and when you spend, save, give, invest and go into debt.
  17. 17. Do You Love You Enough? • Discover Who You Are • Understand Why You Are Here • Greater Connection With You • Deeper Levels of Intimacy with Yourself and Others
  18. 18. Become Your Own Bonuses Soul Mate • Personal Coaching• Live Workshop Call• 6 Weekly Group • MP3 Recordings of Coaching All Classes Support Calls • Members Only Forum
  19. 19. I appreciate Maeve’s Beyond the professionalprofessionalism – as a coach approach, this is clearly notshe is great and goes to great just a business for Maeve. Shelengths to make sure she does believes in what she is doingthe best she can every time. heart and soul and it shows – there’s a lot of power,Also I felt she really cared. authenticity and love radiating around her. Thank you Maeve it has been a pleasure and it has been truly enlightening working with you. Rita
  20. 20. Maeve speaks with my life with her knowledgeauthenticity and empathizes and understanding of thewith those struggling in importance of self love. Maeverelationships. is an incredible coach whoMaeve has left her mark on lives what she teaches.” my Mary Dirksenheart from the first time I met Ohio – United Statesher and continues to influence
  21. 21. • “I just want to say that I am truly amazed by how much I have achieved emotionally by working with you.” Janice, Leeds
  22. 22. “Maeve is one of the most spiritually Every now and then you find ainsightful, unstoppable and profound person who has put all the pieceshumans on the planet. If you have together for themselves and has theeverwanted, desired or longed for unique capacity to share their giftsKnowing how to cultivate a deep and with others for the betterment of thelasting love relationship that world, this is what you will find inoriginates with self and expands Maeve. If you seek to love deeply,from there in all directions and connect to yourself and another asespecially includes sharing your life you once dreamed it could be,intimately and fully with a partner, contact Maeve to begin the journeyYou will find yourself in the loving home to your true source andhands of a most qualified and experience the love and light that iscapable guide. yours by Divine right.” Bill Paglia-Scheff – Connecticut, USA
  23. 23. •What Is Your Biggest Take• Away Today?• Bette Midler God is Watching Us
  24. 24. Maeve