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How to make money online


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How to make money on the Internet.
This Ebook contains all you need to know about how to started and how easy earning money can be and where to earn it.

It also contains marketing information so you can not only be successful in making money but making the most out of all the others who would like to earn what you will be getting.
Marketing is the number 1 thing that gets you the most out of any venture.

This is an amazing opportunity to earn extra income by reading and implementing some of this how to manual.
This is a complete solution on how to earn money, market and claim your money from the online payment sites.

Everything you need is in here,

Feel free to change this ebook and redistribute.

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How to make money online

  1. 1. Learn how to make money onlineWelcome and Thanks for Taking the Time to Read thisEbook. What You are about to read WILL change Your Life and the Way You Live it! This Ebook is FREE for Anyone Who So Desires a RealInvestment Opportunity that will Make You 60% Return on Your Money. This Ebook is REBRANDABLE.
  2. 2. When I first saw the ad above, I dismissed it as just another Internetmarketing ploy that wanted to take my money.... I now wish I hadtaken a good look when I first saw it. You see... I had joined at least adozen I marketing sites that promised "quick riches". And like thou-sands of other marketers who wanted the "overnight success" I joinedthe programs... and they ALL eventually failed.I am not a "newbie" to I marketing, but I am also not a "guru".I can created websites, do SEO, know how to advertise ect... but theproblem was not all my fault that these programs failed for me. I havelearned, after years and many thousands of dollars, that the MLMs andAffiliate programs were truly built to make money ONLY for the creatorof the site! But I am sure you already knew that, so let me explain why Iinvested my money with JSS.
  3. 3. I did join JSS, and placed a banner on one of my websites.... then Iforgot about it. About a month later I started getting emails that myreferrals were purchasing positions....a lot of them!I went to the JustBeenPaid Site (JSS Tripler is one of the programs ofJustBeenPaid), and I got a BIG SUPRISE... I had money in myaccount... ALOT OF MONEY! I had one referral who purchased 100positions!I had to find out why someone would buy 100 positions in this program.So I took a closer look at this "program" to see what was going on.Well... what a fool I was to not see the amazing potential JSS Tripleroffers. If you look at the Banner closely... see where it says EARN 2%per day -- 60% per Month, that is HUGE by itself. You cannot put yourmoney into ANYTHING and Earn a 60% return on Your Money...ANYWHERE! Plus... you get a Two-Tier Referral Bonuses! OnceAgain... AMAZING!So I decided to purchase 10 positions from the money my referrals hadmade me, I figured it was free money... lets give it a shot. To myastonishment (and relief), sure enough, my money was compoundingdaily at 2%. Every day I would log-in and see how my money wasgrowing...EVERYDAY!
  4. 4. Just imagine... Actually Logging into Your Account andSeeing that You Have More Money in it than Yesterday, or the Day Before!The More I Studied the JustBeenPaid Website and How itWorked, I was Simply Amazed. This was an ActualSystem that was Sustainable FOREVER! The RealProblem with MLMs Programs is that they can NEVERbe Sustained for Long. But JustBeenPaid has figured itout! But Dont Just Take My Word for It: Read These Reviews....
  5. 5. These are just a few of the THOUSANDS of Actual Members who are SUCCEEDING with JSS!
  6. 6. Here are some FAQS: Even If You Have Failed Before, Or WastedYears and Money Like I Have... This is YOUROpportunity to Finally WATCH Your Money Grow EVERYDAY!
  7. 7. You DO NOT have to refer Anyone if chose not to do so... But You will make ALOT More Money if You Do! JustBeenPaid Provides you with TONS of Banners, Emails, Splash pages, and Affiliate Pages... All with YOUR Affiliate link already built in! AND I MADE IT EVEN EASIER FOR YOU! Keep Reading.... After You Join JustBeenPaid and JSS Tripler(I almost forgot...You get $10 for Free to Start!)You will see Your Affiliate Link... AndYOU Will put it in THIS EBOOK!I made this Ebook Rebrandable So You can putYOUR Affiliate Link in... so all you have to dois just give this Ebook away! Put it on YourWeb pages, Your Facebook, or Send YourRebranded Ebook URL in an Email! ToRebrand this Ebook only takes 2 Minutes in apdf editor...Your Welcome! :)
  8. 8. Click HERE to join JSS Tripler Click HERE to Log in
  9. 9. * Do not worry if you cannot understand everything JustBeenPaid has to offer...becauseit is ALOT. Just Start with the JSS Tripler, it is the Easiest to Use and Does Not Require Any Referrals to Start Making Money. Take Your Time and Watch the Videos andTutorials...They Provide TONS of Material and Learning for You, from the Videos, to Live Webinars! This is Serious Business. Try it and I GUARANTEE You Will Love It as Much as I Do! The Real Secret is to JUST GET STARTED!
  10. 10. Get a great head start in marketingand gaining referrals for yourJust Been Paid.I use these affiliate web sites to marketand advertise Just Been Paid verysuccessfully and with very little cost.Don’t forget to change these linksto your own referral links.The first site is NEOBUXThe second site is WORDLINXBoth are pay to click sites andgenerate huge traffic and are greatsites where you can also earn moneyfrom by referring others.
  11. 11. Getting your money out of Just BeenPaid couldn’t be easier.There are two great on-line bankingsites similar to Pay Pal.The first one SOLID TRUST PAYThe second one PAYZACheck them out to see what thereabout.Once again change the links foryour own referral links.Thanks for looking :o)
  12. 12. Here is how to sign up and log in to start earning your moneyCLICK ON JOIN NOW AND FOLLOW THIS PROCEDURE TO VERIFY YOUR FREE $10!! JOIN NOW
  13. 13. This is the log in screen where you enter your detailswhich were provided in your email.
  14. 14. This is the main page where you can check your marketingand referrals.Click on the JSS TRIPLER button.
  15. 15. Click on the JSS TRIPLER buttonThe next section is inside JSS TRIPLER.Here you can check how much money you have, yourpossitions and your referrals positions.Buy positions and view the finances section
  16. 16. Use your free $10 to buy your first position.You can add more money to gain extra income
  17. 17. You can withdraw dailyYou earn 2% dailyYou earn 10% commission on your referrals purchasesYou earn 5% commission on your referrals, referralspurchases Watch your Money GrowCheck out YouTube for videos and proof For more infromation visit : JUST BEEN PAID Thanks for taking time to read this Ebook