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We do a bi-weekly UX MindShare Session at Mobiquity as a way to share and keep abreast of the latest trends, tools, methodologies, thinking and technologies within our UX and Creative department. I actually use the session as my veryOwn user-centered sociology lab, to see what presentation delivery styles and content might prove valuable to a professional UX design organization. Much of the content is pre-thought but unscripted, exploring timely topics in device and application design that hopefully entertain while provoking further discussion and thought around certain thoughtStreams that come to me during the week as I'm engaged with clients, colleagues, product design and processes. My goal in creating these presentations is to surface new ideas that come to me in as fresh and raw a state as possible to gauge real-time reaction in the room and feel out whether or not the material resonates deeply enough to deepen the thinking further with follow-on presentation exploration.

As with most design endeavors, I continually strive to clarify a set of ideas, both for myself and for others.

This presentation continues on with the concept of using a StoryFirst approach to user-centered design and specifically delves into what I've been thinking of as Behavior Modes. Behavior Modes are just one of many forces that influence the perception and use of an experience. My theory here is that the device type itself is one such influence and can have an interesting impact on whether or not an experience comes across successfully or not.

Much of the presentation as seen here on SlideShare only provides the visual content as displayed live in the room as accompaniment to my high energy, slightly improvised and performative delivery of the actual mindshare information and concepts behind Behavior Modes, StoryFirst design methodologies, the embeddedStory system that most wanted consultants design, developed, tested, refined and deployed for the MassArt Made retail venue on MassArt's Boston campus, and so on.

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UX MindShare — epiSode 4 — StoryFirst / Behavior Modes

  1. 1. ux mindshare
  2. 2. episode 4
  3. 3. this time its personal
  4. 4. story rst . LIFEDESIGN PHILOSOPHY
  5. 5. embedded stories
  6. 6. embedded stories
  7. 7. story rst . LIFEDESIGN PHILOSOPHY
  8. 8. behavior MODES
  9. 9. context device emotion motivation person aka ‘the user’
  10. 10. device how does the influence user? BEHAVIOR
  11. 11. behavior MODES
  12. 12. let’s take a quick look at . . .
  13. 13. . . . an evolution of our devices
  14. 14. conclusions lessons learned
  15. 15. thank you