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Maceo\'s Drawing Mindset


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At the end of my first year at The Dynamic Media Institute I realized a deep concern that through our progressively increased digital progress in life leaves us with a loss of texture and natural organic quality of surface. Our tactile experiences become more and more contained or limited by the surface of our computer monitors and devices. By exploring the conceptual prototype described in this presentation I am attempting to regain that textural innocence by cartoonishly magnifying the natural text of crayon, pen and pencil marks made by my son Maceo through an interactive projection loosely controlled by an easel-like interface \'kiosk\'.

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Maceo\'s Drawing Mindset

  1. 1. this is not a powerpoint
  2. 2. database :: interface 100 items + the truth design sudio 2 | de602 joseph quackenbush lou susi
  3. 3. maceo’s drawing mindscape delicious part 4 final conceptual prototype
  4. 4. on the last episode project background
  5. 5. maceo’s drawings database
  6. 6. sketches
  7. 7. interface inspiration all the good stuff that’s ‘out there’
  8. 8. wireframe concepts architecture ideas
  9. 9. design comps
  10. 10. wall display intro movie
  11. 11. general scale xw
  12. 12. blackboard remote
  13. 13. whiteboard remote
  14. 14. too confusing refine the whiteboard interface
  15. 15. whiteboard remote
  16. 16. whiteboard remote
  17. 17. whiteboard remote
  18. 18. whiteboard remote
  19. 19. whiteboard remote
  20. 20. maceo’s drawing mindscape conceptual prototype
  21. 21. next steps moving forward
  22. 22. thank you feedback and fundip