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A storyFirst Approach to Human-Centered Design | Installment #2 @ the 2014 UX Boston Conference #1


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When we design for experience, subtle and peculiar shifts come into play that demand a uniquely empathic way of thinking about our practice.

We’re no longer designing for an ‘audience’ or ‘viewers’ through our previously static / mass mediated, one-way delivery of the information and designs we’re communicating. Instead, when we consider aspects of interactive engagement for our ‘users’ to experience — we need to thoughtfully dream up the actual stories we’re asking the people in our audience to actively live out. In this talk we discuss the benefits of putting story at the center of a human-centered design approach to improve the design process as well as the quality of the total human experience we’re ultimately all creating through our work.

I delivered this installment of the storyFirst talk at the very first UXBoston Conference on Saturday, July 19th 2014 at the Microsoft NERD Center in Kendall Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts { further details about the conference can be found at: }.

Stay tuned for further public speaking installments of the storyFirst Approach by visiting: and and

Any UXBoston Conference attendees that would like to provide comments or feedback on the talk can graciously visit my SpeakerRate page for the presentation at: — I truly appreciate any continued conversation, critical feedback and other discussion as it will help me continue to develop the concepts we discussed at the conference for further clarity and development as a more and more valuable approach to experience design for both personal human-centered design and professional team-based experience design collaborations.

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A storyFirst Approach to Human-Centered Design | Installment #2 @ the 2014 UX Boston Conference #1

  1. astory rst APPROACH tohuman-centered DESIGN.
  2. storywhy ?
  3. one
  4. stories aretheway weunderstand
  5. two
  6. storytellers weareall natural-born
  7. three
  8. ourstories wecanchange theworldwith
  9. four
  10. weallhave asimplechoice
  11. design
  12. orbedesigned
  13. weareourchoices
  14. weareourstories
  15. weare stories living
  16. andbythatimean
  17. both
  18. weare ourstories livingout
  19. …and…
  20. we stories living,breathing
  21. storymy
  22. storyback alittlebita
  23. QQ
  24. Mommy, wheredid comefrom? story rst
  25. interaction D E S I G N
  26. its almost inevitable
  27. first assignment
  28. boring
  29. nocontext
  30. giveitsomelife
  31. tellmeastory
  32. bringstories totheroom
  33. ux
  34. thefutureisastory
  35. absurdity aneveningof DESIGN interaction
  36. tactile
  37. collaborative
  38. real
  39. social
  40. fun
  41. design
  42. interaction D E S I G N
  43. storywork
  44. astory rst APPROACH
  45. advice,inpractice
  46. develop personas asyougo
  47. humanstories
  48. notastechnicalas AGILE
  49. ordinary, everyday language
  50. iterateon everything
  51. notjustthedesign
  52. notjustthecode
  53. iterateon everything
  54. astory rst APPROACH
  55. thebiggerpicture
  56. honeststory
  57. abouttoday
  58. becritical
  59. bebrutal
  60. captureyour currentstory
  61. thestoryabout whoyouaretoday
  62. whatdoyouwant yourstorytobe?
  63. bigbluesky
  64. beridiculous
  65. neversay‘no’
  66. ‘wecan’t’is NOTanoption
  67. thatshit’sboring
  68. pretendyour budgetislimitless
  69. pretendthat youhave allthetime intheworld
  70. pretendyouhave alltheresources youneedtodo amazingwork
  71. dreambig
  72. nowdreambigger
  73. bebigandbold
  74. whatwouldbe yourultimatestory?
  75. thestoryyou’dlike totelltheworld
  76. thestoryyou’dlike toleavebehind
  77. whatstorydoyou wantotherstotell?
  78. doit
  79. getnuts
  80. ownit
  81. aimrightfor yourdreamstory
  82. higherthanshe’s aiming,right?
  83. keepiteratively designing+ developing thestoryas youprogress
  84. testwithyour targetaudience
  85. testwithyour stakeholders
  86. testwithyour anyone+everyone
  87. listen
  88. bringthefeedback intoyourprocess
  89. feedyourstories
  90. storyBIGGE what’sthe gonnabe?
  91. weliveourstories
  92. weliveourstories
  93. what’sourstory?
  94. storyour it’s
  95. wegottaownit
  97. SpeakerRate
  98. stay in touch | @loususi @storyfirst |+ +
  99. story rst.L I F E D E S I G N P H I L O S O P H Y
  100. story rst.L I F E D E S I G N P H I L O S O P H Y ifyouenjoyed you’lllove...
  101. story rst.L I F E D E S I G N P H I L O S O P H Y
  102. thank you