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  1. 1. Member A.O.I.AFellow I.C.O.IScientific consultant of sybron implant solutionsManager of implant direct company
  2. 2. The large prosthetic variety allowsindividual optimal solutions fortechnique and PITT-EASY
  3. 3. Post trial set to predetermine theexact prosthetic post angulations andhex versions (A and B) PITT-EASY
  4. 4. Impression posts for the open andthe closed impression.Gingiva formers for differentgingiva PITT-EASY
  5. 5. Anatomic gingiva former of acrylicfor the tempory PITT-EASY
  6. 6. The Ceramium Line for the definitiverestoration, precious-metal reinforced fordirect ceramics veneering, with anatomicalshoulder. For absolutely natural PITT-EASY
  7. 7. V.D.L. Anatomic PITT-EASY PITT-EASY
  8. 8. The new design facilitates for the technician toprepare an exact, clearly defined crown margin. Thesubgingival shaping allows an individual adjustmentto the gingiva contour as well as to the anatomicaltooth PITT-EASY
  9. 9. Gold-colored precious metal post withcervical shoulder for the directindividual ceramics veneering. Thecentral screw can be shortened up tothe PITT-EASY
  10. 10. The new C.A.S. Novobase post is a cast-onvariation. The base consists of machined gold-platinum. Der CNC drilled connection part to theimplant guarantees an absolute precise fit andconnection safety. The acrylic upper part is madeof burn-out PITT-EASY
  11. 11. The C.A.S. Esthetic Post made of burn-outacrylic can be individually adjusted and waxedup in any dimension on the model prior tocasting. Also the angulation can be changed PITT-EASY
  12. 12. The individual post serves to prepare patient-specific prosthetic solutions, for instance if apost requires more than 25°angulation, or toadjust to other anatomical PITT-EASY
  13. 13. A post for screw-on bars to easily compensatedivergencies. Bar segments of castableacrylic, titanium or precious metal and differentheights of the permucosal extension allowindividual PITT-EASY
  14. 14. Ball head post, AKV post andRoot-Buffer-Attachment now eitherwith metal ringhousing or withretention cap (Gold) PITT-EASY
  15. 15. The ball head post supports a resilient anchoringelement, secures the prosthesis from forces andguarantees a relief of the implants from anyrotation forces of different PITT-EASY
  16. 16. Adapter-Kugel-Variante (adapter ballvariant) for the reconstruction withremovable dentures (Cover Denture).Acrylic ring for individual PITT-EASY
  17. 17. Universal, castable ball anchor serves asretention element for all removablesuperstructures. Can be included in thewax-up for PITT-EASY
  18. 18. Standard posts, not antirotation safe, forcementable connection constructions withparallel insertion direction.Standardpfosten, antirotation safe, straightor angulated for single crowns or partialand total PITT-EASY
  19. 19. Ball posts serve to optimally compensatedivergencies of confectioned bars. Ball postcaps are available in burn-out acrylic orprecious PITT-EASY
  20. 20. The ball postscompensate non-parallel implantspassively with PITT-EASY
  21. 21. The bar clip system enables ascrew-on resilient bar constructionwith round or drop-shaped barprofiles for the clip-retained PITT-EASY
  22. 22. The defined adjustabletorque ratchet offers controlledsafety:High quality workmanshipInfinitely variable from 10-30Ncm„Adjusting screw 25 Ncm“ forthe defined fixation PITT-EASY