Quantum Compliance Systems Overview


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Quantum Compliance provides Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) software solutions that help businesses implement and maintain compliant and sustainable EH&S practices.

Founded in 1986 by a team of environmental engineering and computer science professionals who "knew there had to be a better way," Quantum's EH&S Information Management Systems enable users to effectively store, retrieve, and analyze EH&S data.

Quantum has conducted over 100 licensed installations to help corporations increase productivity and profits using information technology to comply with EH&S regulations and improve sustainability benchmarks. Its products are installed facilities-wide in many Fortune 500 companies in the United States, in the international facilities of US-based companies, and worldwide facilities of internationally-based companies.

Quantum offers the most comprehensive EH&S compliance reporting system available with six suites: EH&S Dashboard, Environmental Reporting, Health & Safety, EHS Management, SDS Authoring and Generation, and Data Management Tools. Quantum also provides extensive professional support services, including training, data entry, software maintenance, implementation consulting, and software customization.

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Quantum Compliance Systems Overview

  1. 1. www.qcs-facts.com
  2. 2. www.qcs-facts.comQuantum Compliance developssoftware that integratessustainable EHS practices into acompanys daily operations.
  3. 3. www.qcs-facts.comOur tools collect and analyzeprocedural and business systemsdata to generate practical, easy-to-understand EHS performance reports.
  4. 4. www.qcs-facts.comOur software solutions providemanagement teams assurance thatEHS records and filings are consistentwith other compliance and auditreports issued by their company.
  5. 5. www.qcs-facts.comOur software consists of four suites:• EHS Management• Environmental Reporting• Health and Safety• MSDS ManagementThese suites provide tool sets to meetcompanies most pressingenvironmental, health, and safetyrequirements, meeting necessaryobjectives and goals.
  6. 6. www.qcs-facts.comThe EHS Management Suite can beused by a wide range of businessesand industries, and offers tools tomonitor, track, and manage activitiessuch as:• tasks• audits• inspections• incidents
  7. 7. www.qcs-facts.comEHS Management Suites:• Catalogs commitments• Manages and tracks one time events• Provides checklists and forms to document completion• Attaches guidelines, procedures, or training videos• Issues alerts of outstanding and upcoming tasks• Document s issues• Identifies & tracks corrective actions• Generates Aging and Trending reports• Generates KPIs and metrics• Supports performance assessments
  8. 8. www.qcs-facts.comBenefits of EHS Management Suite:• Improves overall efficiency• Increases productivity• Provides a means to rapidly assess operational andprocedural issues• Streamlines audit tasks and ISO procedures
  9. 9. www.qcs-facts.comOur valued clients include:
  10. 10. www.qcs-facts.comSince 1986 Quantum Compliance hashelped corporations increaseproductivity and profit, usinginformation technology to comply withEHS regulations.By merging with technology partnerLogic Solutions in 2012, Quantum’scustomers receive products and servicemade with a combined 43 years ofexperience.Our high-impact, innovative solutionswill soon include a mobile app for taskmanagement.