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Last week at Facebook’s F8 Developer Summit, the company announced an ambitious series of features including The OpenGraph, Timeline, and Ticker that will greatly enhance the Facebook platform, and potentially have a far reaching impact on how 800 million people use the web.

We are pleased to have four industry thought leaders provide their perspective on the changes announced at F8 and how these changes will impact their businesses and the entire Internet.

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  • The news was all about the extended Open Graph, Timeline, social apps, Ticker, and the discovery and sharing of media content at an entirely new and comprehensive level. Facebook made a major statement: It wants to be the place where the world goes to connect, discover and share content of all kind. And the news is good for the social space and industry, Facebook leading the way for the continual growth and maturation of social. We will see an ongoing increase in the dollars, resources and importance that brands place on social. Opportunities abound for marketers – if they have the right social strategy. Brands will increasingly come to rely on marketing platforms to truly leverage social success. I’ve said that within 6 to 9 months every major brand and midsized marketers will need a social marketing platform to manage their increasingly growing and sophisticated global-local social communities. I might now say like 3 to 6.
  • Facebook’s revamped news feed uses the new Graph Rank technology to deliver users more relevant and important content. And the Twitter-like Ticker now offers a home for your more “light weight” updates and activities. But not everything gets in the feed; your competition with a user’s friends and family just got harder. The often-used phrase “Content is King” has never been more applicable. A renewed emphasis from your brand on creativity and content has to start now . Brands need the social marketing tools and technologies that allow them to deliver cutting-edge content that is not only engaging and interactive but also highly targeted. Content like photos, videos and wall apps are naturally more interactive, especially apps. And interaction and apps were a big part of the news. Analytics will be key. If engagement is more competitive, now more than ever you need to know your consumer engagement data to determine what is (or is not) working for best strategies for your brand. Brands need the innovative tools and technologies that platforms offer to keep pace with these changes now and in the future. Sponsored Stories became more real and relevant due to the increased ability of users to express themselves through actions and activities of all kings. Look for commerce opportunities to emerge…more quickly.
  • F8 call

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    3. 3. Lou Kerner @loukerner loukerner@gmail.comDisclosure: Lou Kerner owns shares of Facebook and Klout