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Datacratic - Machine Learning


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Overview of Datacratic

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Datacratic - Machine Learning

  1. 1. Business Impact of Machine Learning James Prudhomme, CEO Datacratic
  2. 2. Objectives / Agenda • About Datacratic • What is Machine Learning? • Machine Learning as a Cloud Service • Key Trends Driving Adoption • Democratization of Machine Learning
  3. 3. Will AI become our overlords? Do robots need to use keyboards?
  4. 4. What is Machine Learning?
  5. 5. Machine Learning as a Cloud Service
  6. 6. Trends Driving Adoption of Machine Learning
  7. 7. Big Data Needs Machine Learning
  8. 8. Machine Learning Powered by Datacratic
  9. 9. Objective: • Improve campaign performance by increasing click through rates and optimizing ad spend for an existing online consumer telecom campaign. Solution: • Score users in 1st and 3rd party datasets based on their past behavioral patterns and their likelihood to click on the ad. • Create audience segments using precision targeting to focus exclusively on the highest scoring audience members who are highly likely to click. Results: • Exclusively targeting audience members who scored in the top: – 37% - resulted in a demonstrated CTR lift of of 77% – 26% resulted in a demonstrated CTR lift of over 90% Lotame Optimizer Consumer Telecom – 77 to 97% CTR Lift
  10. 10. Machine Learning Powered by Datacratic
  11. 11. Copyright © 2014 Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. | Case Study: Leading Software Retailer Increases ROI 118% With Look-alike Modeling • Challenge – A top software company was looking to efficiently increase sales and improve the ROI from their display advertising campaigns • Solution – To effectively segment audiences, they created look-alike models based on their top customers and targeted these consumers with their media buys • Results – Look-alike model targets had the best ROI; 118% – Outperforming the campaign average by 64% & control group by 104% Datacratic look-alike models result in a 118% increase in ROI 118% Campaign ROI Look-alike Targets 118% Non Look-alike Targets 14% Total Campaign Average 54%
  12. 12. Disruptive Impact on Business
  13. 13. Democratizing Machine Learning
  14. 14. Thank You. @Datacratic