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8thBridge - Social Commerce


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8thBridge - Social Commerce

  1. 1. Social CommerceWade Gerten, Founder & CEOMay 9, 2013
  2. 2. We are witnessing a historic andunprecedented level of human self expression.
  3. 3. Creating rich and realdigital identity
  4. 4. Open Graph Opened the Door in 2012
  5. 5. LikesLikesLikesLikesLikesLikesLikesLikesLikesLikesFriendsFriendsChecked InChecked InChecked InChecked InLikesLikesListenedListenedFriendsFriendsLikesLikesMarried toMarried toFriendsFriendsFriendsFriendsFriendsFriendsSocial IdentityBuild a Brand Interest Graph
  6. 6. 145 Followers145 Followers45 ReferredVisits45 ReferredVisitsInfluence Score: 120Influence Score: 120$565 ReferredSales$565 ReferredSalesWantsWantsAdded to SpringPicks CollectionAddedAddedBoughtBoughtSocial IdentityBuild a Brand Interest Graph
  7. 7. ExistingData Name Email Address Purchase History
  8. 8. RelationshipStatusExistingData Name Email Address Purchase HistorySocialDataNameProfile PictureGenderNetworksUser IDFriendsEmail AddressActivitiesBirthdayEducationWork HistoryInterestsLikesLocationHometownReligious ViewsPolitical ViewsWebsiteFriend LikesFriend ActivitiesFriend BirthdayFriendEducationFriendInterestsFriendLocation
  9. 9. Top Influencers in Women’s Fashion
  10. 10. Top Influencers Near New York City
  11. 11. Top Experts in Shoes & Accessories
  12. 12. Controlled by Users & Transparentreplace with fashion COreplace with fashion CO
  13. 13. Marketing IntegrationLeveraging Social Data within Existing SystemsAdvertisingImprove ad targeting across search,display, re-targeting, and FacebookWebsite PersonalizationAdd social insight and explicit intentsignals to existing personalizationsystems for better productrecommendationsEmail MarketingExport target email lists to email marketing softwareCRMEnhance existing customer databasewith social data including influencescoresLoyaltyGrant loyalty points for socialrewards and add socialengagement functionality to loyaltypages
  14. 14. Social Identity is driving retailShoppingExperienceMarketing MixMerchandisingDecisionsTIME
  15. 15. Social linksIn-Storeor
  16. 16. SearchSearchSocial will driveas Page Rank is evolves to People Rank
  17. 17. Marketers using social identitydata in 2013Survey of 700 attendees at DMA2012 and Forrester Research eBusiness conference. Published by Infogroup Targeting Solutions and Yesmail.80%
  18. 18. buysbuys
  19. 19. The path to social identitystarts here