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  • Social commerce software company Founded almost 4 years ago Goal = monetize social for retail Invested $15M in R&D to crack the code on it
  • Because of Facebook and other social networks we ’ ve seen an amazing amount of self expression happen It ’ s growing exponentially - doubling every year Facebook recently told us that they have to pick from over 2000 stories to show you each time you open your Facebook newsfeed
  • All of this sharing is creating an online / digital identity - richness and depth never before available People are defining who they are - what they care about and sharing it
  • In 2012, before their IPO, Facebook made a massive change. They opened up their platform, the Open Graph, so that brands could better access the digital identities of FB users and create social experiences off of Facebook.com. Brands can now access that rich identity data for the first time.
  • ...so thats where we come in from the social shopping engagement shown earlier - we create a complete picture of each of your users - it starts with someone ’ s social profile. all the things they ’ ve liked, music they listen to, movies they ’ ve watched, places they ’ ve checked in, who they ’ re married to... - ...and then the same information for every one of their friends (build 2)
  • - then we enrich the social graph data with merchandise interest and explicit intent - then we track the influence of each user down to the # of friends referred, # followers on your site, and the actual dollars their friends have spent because of their referrals - we use this data to score each user on multiple dimensions including overall influence Add following slide with screen shot of profile page
  • put the data volume we ’ re talking about into perspective
  • put the data volume we ’ re talking about into perspective list actual data points known for a given user people are much much more than just what they buy
  • ...then you can use our analytics technology to segment users into usable groups - example, you ’ re launching a new ebook line for children ’ s books - we ’ ll tell you who you should reach out to first
  • Add in screen shot after this slide
  • this might seem a little creepy but its not at all the customers are in complete control of their data - for the first time we ’ re moving from a market that buys data to one that earns data - you have to get permission to get the data brands have to ask permission for access to social identity (asking for access in return for a better more social shopping experience works great - asking for it instead of a traditional login doesn ’ t work as well). users also have complete control AFTER they ’ ve given you access - can see how often and what data you ’ ve accessed - and can revoke your access at any time.
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  • https://infousa.postclickmarketing.com/Global/ImageLib/ITS_Survey/Data-Rich_and_Insight-Poor_Infographic_from_ITS_and_Yesmail.jpg Add talking points
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  • Add talking points explaining network effects and need to start NOW Add in following slide on simple place to start and how to integrate.
  • 8thBridge - Social Commerce

    1. 1. Social CommerceWade Gerten, Founder & CEOMay 9, 2013
    2. 2. We are witnessing a historic andunprecedented level of human self expression.
    3. 3. Creating rich and realdigital identity
    4. 4. Open Graph Opened the Door in 2012
    5. 5. LikesLikesLikesLikesLikesLikesLikesLikesLikesLikesFriendsFriendsChecked InChecked InChecked InChecked InLikesLikesListenedListenedFriendsFriendsLikesLikesMarried toMarried toFriendsFriendsFriendsFriendsFriendsFriendsSocial IdentityBuild a Brand Interest Graph
    6. 6. 145 Followers145 Followers45 ReferredVisits45 ReferredVisitsInfluence Score: 120Influence Score: 120$565 ReferredSales$565 ReferredSalesWantsWantsAdded to SpringPicks CollectionAddedAddedBoughtBoughtSocial IdentityBuild a Brand Interest Graph
    7. 7. ExistingData Name Email Address Purchase History
    8. 8. RelationshipStatusExistingData Name Email Address Purchase HistorySocialDataNameProfile PictureGenderNetworksUser IDFriendsEmail AddressActivitiesBirthdayEducationWork HistoryInterestsLikesLocationHometownReligious ViewsPolitical ViewsWebsiteFriend LikesFriend ActivitiesFriend BirthdayFriendEducationFriendInterestsFriendLocation
    9. 9. Top Influencers in Women’s Fashion
    10. 10. Top Influencers Near New York City
    11. 11. Top Experts in Shoes & Accessories
    12. 12. Controlled by Users & Transparentreplace with fashion COreplace with fashion CO
    13. 13. Marketing IntegrationLeveraging Social Data within Existing SystemsAdvertisingImprove ad targeting across search,display, re-targeting, and FacebookWebsite PersonalizationAdd social insight and explicit intentsignals to existing personalizationsystems for better productrecommendationsEmail MarketingExport target email lists to email marketing softwareCRMEnhance existing customer databasewith social data including influencescoresLoyaltyGrant loyalty points for socialrewards and add socialengagement functionality to loyaltypages
    14. 14. Social Identity is driving retailShoppingExperienceMarketing MixMerchandisingDecisionsTIME
    15. 15. Social linksIn-Storeor
    16. 16. SearchSearchSocial will driveas Page Rank is evolves to People Rank
    17. 17. Marketers using social identitydata in 2013Survey of 700 attendees at DMA2012 and Forrester Research eBusiness conference. Published by Infogroup Targeting Solutions and Yesmail.80%
    18. 18. buysbuys
    19. 19. The path to social identitystarts here