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A2 Media question 4


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A2 Media question 4

  1. 1. Question 4
  2. 2. I first of need to break the question down into the sub-headings it is asking for.These are:-construction stageResearch stageplanning stageevaluation stage
  3. 3.  To actually make my product I used a number of media technologies One of these were the cameras I have used to capture the footage my film uses. This is one of the cameras I have used and this is the JVC Everio. I used this forThis is the Kodak play share, I a number of reasons and one of thesealso used this camera in my was because the camera recordedrecoding this was because as extremely clear picture and also in Highwell as being a HD camera as Definition. This would mean the footagewell the sound that was picked I took would also look more professionalup on the camera was so with a higher qualitygreater than the JVC. After Ifound this out I started torecord the scenes with audioand dialogue in with thiscamera. The image recordedon the camera was incrediblyclear as well
  4. 4. Digital camera was also used and this Nikon coolpics is the camera I used. I used this camera when I was taking the pictures for my ancillary task. This technology was vital in creating my movie poster, as well as the film review. This was because it gave me the image that is potentially the most important part of these two products as they draw the reader in to read or look at them and gain the advertisement requiredThis equipment is called a tripod and I have used in every scene bar thelast one where I used various things in the setting to hold the camera. Togive the scene a more natural effect that the audience can relate to. Thisis a very important part of a directors toolkit because it keeps thecamera still for the shot as well as creating the angles and shots that youwant. To use the tripod you attach it to the video camera and it gives youthe control that you need when recording video scenes.
  5. 5. This is the logo for the video editing software Ihave used to edit my main product. This wasthe most important thing that I had to learnabout and use to create my short film. Itallowed me to do a number of things fromcropping and trimming the footage to get thescene I wanted. To merging all the videotogether through a series of fades and cuts aswell as dissolve mixes. In the next slide I haveshown where a number of these things arefound in Adobe Premier Elements
  6. 6. This is how you add media: videos; sounds images etc. By clicking this button and selecting the file This is how I added edits to my film. I mainly stuck with fadesThis blue to white to givearea s my film awhere the psychotic edgevideo isand youcan see itplaying.This isimportantas you cancheck forgaps in Here is whereyour film all the availableand the media that youtimings have added is saved so it is easily accessible when editing in This is where the add text tool is as well as the tool premiereThe sceneline where you can drag to cut the film. I used the trimming tool constantlythe videos from the right side to throughout my filmedit
  7. 7. This is a screenshot of thephoto editing program Ihave used when creating myproducts. I have used itwhen I created my studioident as well as when I wasediting the main image formy poster ancillary taskIt is very easy to use with ahigh number of editing toolswhich I have found veryhelpful when editing myimage for example themagnetic lasso; burn tool;eraser tool; fill tool; paintbrush; crop tool etc
  8. 8. When I was creating my studio ident I used Microsoft movie maker as I felt this would be theeasiest program to use. This is because I was working with a high number of still images and thestory board layout that this program uses made the process incredibly easy to use. I liked thisprogram and if it had the editing tool that Premiere elements had I would have preferred tohave used this.
  9. 9. To research other short films I usedYOUTUBE as a research tool to find shortfilms as this print screen shows YOU TUBE is where I found quite a few of the films i researched before creating my own. I found the website highly resourceful as you can not only search for short films but theres is even a category on there specifically for films. Some of the films I watched on here were: Dipper; Gravity; The Sandman and others
  10. 10. Part of the BBC website called‘film network’ was also extremelyuseful in my research stage as ithas a number of short films fromunknown British film makerswhich is exactly what I am. One ofthe films I enjoyed from thiswebsite is enlarged in the centreof this screen sht. THE LAST MANON EARTH, I really enjoyedwatching this short film
  11. 11. This part of the planning stageis where I have produced astory board. A story board iswhere my ideas came to lifeand i drew out how I haveimagined my film will be shot.As you can see I have used avariety of shots and cameraangles. My favourite of these isthe low angle shot of thewoman bleeding out while thehero calls an ambulance. Asthis is the first draft of my storyboard and I have changed itseveral times and developed itinto what you can see in myfinal product
  12. 12. is where the main bulk of my planning and research was completed. Iused the blogging website to update my progress and track how far along my filmwas, as well as showing the development of other tasks I have under took like my filmposter and movie review
  13. 13. This website is called PREZI and I have usedit to answer one of my evaluationquestions. Prezi is an online presentationwhich is like a slideshow but so muchbetter. It allows you to make moreinteresting presentations and I believe Ihave shown this by constantly moving andzooming, taking the viewer on a journey
  14. 14. I have also used To use Slideshare I have firstcreated a PowerPoint on Microsoft PowerPoint and thentransferred the document on to Slideshare so that it can beseen on my blog