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Top 10 Tips for Stepping Up Your Presentations


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This isn't about making better slides...this is about making better presenters.

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Top 10 Tips for Stepping Up Your Presentations

  2. It’s your privilege… not theirs
  3. They are investors of their time
  4. It’s not about you, or whatever you’re selling… it’s about them!
  5. So what?
  6. Get past the facts, and get them to “relive” or “feel” something
  7. Stop talking before they stop listening
  8. Like bullets… use questions appropriately
  9. Get to know your audience. Connect. Relate.
  10. It’s a learning experience … for You
  11. If you or your audience aren’t enjoying it… consider doing something else.
  12. Questions? Comments@ Feedback! Louis Richardson Worldwide Social Business Evangelist – IBM [email_address]