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Just came across this 2015 deck with advice on Presenting. Check out the speaker's notes or transcript for details.

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  • Presentation and Presenter Top 10
  • Presentation
  • 1. Know your audience
  • At IBM we have some wicked smart people and they’ve figured out a way to give you a 3rd eyeball (not true…just for the story sake). The problem is our marketing people don’t know where the eye should be placed. So if you had a 3rd eye where would you have it put?
    In crowds, a small majority usually points to the back of their head. Which you jump on.
    Back of head…that’s good. Do you know how small kids answer this question? On the end of an index finger. Ahhh.
    Why, so they can look around the corner to see if Mom is watching. They can look over crowds. And one kid said so he could look under the bed for monsters.
    How many people who said “back of head” now thinks end of finger is a better answer?
    Why did we say back of head? We’ve learned it. I’ve got your back. People talking behind your back. My mom told me she had eyes in the back of her head.
    Kids aren’t hampered with the curse of knowledge. Realize
  • 2. Start with Why
  • See Simon Sinek’s Start With Why video
  • 3. What do you want them to believe
  • 4. Three points
  • 5. Start Analog. Then go Digital.
  • 6. Cut until perfect
  • 7. Get them to feel something
  • 8. Don’t attack idols
  • The Apostle Paul when visiting Athens in the early days of Christianity was asked why he was there. The Greeks were avid worshipers. They had numerous temples and gods. A god of the sun, a god of the earth, and they even had a temple to the “unknown god” just in case he showed up. Instead of attacking them, he started by complementing them on their avid worship. He mentioned the numerous gods and said he was there to tell them about the “unknown god”. If he had attacked all their other gods, he would have been killed. Instead he leveraged their strong belief to open the conversation.
  • 9. Don’t aim to educate. Aim to enchant.
  • 10. Use stories
  • Tools & Tips
  • 1. It’s not about you
  • 2. No one in the audience wants you to be awful. Don’t disappoint them.
  • 3. Be approachable. Come early and mingle. And stay afterward for questions.
  • 4. Travel with a clicker for advancing slides. Don’t get trapped behind a podium. And get a clock. I use a clock app on an iPad and set it up where I can see it (sometimes in a front seat). That way I can track my progress against the allotted time. Going over time is selfish and rude.
  • 5. Fonts and Kerning
  • Kerning is the space between letters. Many authoring apps correct this, but some don’t. Good design matters, especially if you are presenting to marketing. When I was a VP of Marketing, I remember people presenting to me that had horrible kerning issues, or misaligned bullet points, or dozens of fonts. I couldn’t hear what they were saying because their slides were shouting “I don’t care enough about you to make this look good.”
  • 6. Style and Color
  • Find a color scheme and leverage it. is a good source.
  • 7. Space and Position

    Use the platform to your advantage.
  • 8. Avoid clipart
  • Just shoot me
  • 9. My view of Tell-tell-tell
  • I’m a fan of be selective about what you are going to tell them. Tell them in an enchanting and memorable way the first time and they won’t forget it. And if you keep repeating yourself, I get bored.
  • 10. Multi-media
    Make sure the videos load and play just before you present. Check the audio. And if you embed videos, know how to start and stop them. Or better yet, just embed them so they play automatically when the slide is shown. This requires you to know your deck, but if you don’t know your deck…don’t present.
  • Summary of 10s
  • Great books
  • Open questions
  • Thanks
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