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The story of and strategy behind Instagram on NBC News, as presented by Anthony Quintano on Nov. 12 at Facebook's #Instamedia event.

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Instagram + NBC News

  1. 1. on
  2. 2. The Beginning• Testing the waters• Started out with posting behind-the-scenes images
  3. 3. Expanding Our Presence• Learned that followers on the NBC News account wanted news images and not concert images from TODAY.• Created @todayshow account.• Encourage engagement around photos on social media during TODAY concerts.
  4. 4. Instagram Strategy• Overarching Visual representation of real-time social news events.• Keep It Real DSLR is not always best.• Involve Others Don’t just post photos but feature your audiences photos.• Be a Human Like and comment on your audience’s photos.• Avoid the EarlyBird Don’t use filters when reporting news, behind-the-scenes images ok with filter.• Keep Up Post in real-time.
  5. 5. Growth of Instagram• Facebook purchases Instagram, brings awareness to more users. Instagram growth Dec. 2010 - July 2012 (via
  6. 6. On The Trail• Supplied each embed reporter with branded usernames for all social accounts including Instagram.• Each embed gave unique stories of what they experienced on the trail.• Took more than 3,000 Instagrams by Election Day. “ “Instagram was the best way to create a ‘scene setter’ image upon arriving at a political event. It was also a wonderful medium for doing portraits of supporters at rallies and including biographical ” information in the caption. Who were“ the people at rallies and why were they there? That information could find a home on Instagram.” ”“Whether it was a spirited moment at a rally or a - James Novogrod (@JamieNBCNews)funny example of #lifeonthetrail, Instagram allowedme to give followers instant, often behind-the-scenes looks at covering a presidential election.” - Ali Weinberg (@AliNBCNews)
  7. 7. Olympics: London 2012• Cheers, Mate Provided 1st person view of what it was like to experience the Olympics.• Royal Family Joint effort with NBC Sports and NBC News. (• Cheeky Jumping Started a jumping photo craze with Shawn Johnson and the Olympic athletes who visited the TODAY set. (#OlympicsTODAY)
  8. 8. Expanding Access• Give access to camera operators/producers to post directly to the account when in the field.• No iPhone/Droid? Have team send you photos from the field to upload yourself.• Use iOS’ Photo Stream to have photos sent to us from the field.
  9. 9. Featuring Our Audience• Weekly themed callouts with a custom hashtag. (Ex. #HC_Halloween)• Special Coverage around big news events. (Ex. #NBCNewsPics)• Feature the ones we like most at the end of the week in our Instagram feed.• Callout should be something everyone can take part in.• Hashtag Collection Callout Hashtag Collection Features Special Coverage
  10. 10. Thank you
  11. 11. Accounts to FollowNBC News and Shows • NBC News • TODAY • Rock Center • Meet The Press • NBC Nightly News • Dateline • Kathie Lee and Hoda Embeds • Jamie Novogrod • Anthony Terrell • Jo Kent • Ali Weinberg • Alexandra Moe • Andrew Rafferty • Carrie Dann
  12. 12. Accounts to FollowTalent • Savannah Guthrie • Hoda Kotb • Matt Lauer • Al Roker • Natalie Morales • Tamron Hall • Carl Quintanilla • Richard Engel • Lester Holt • Erica Hill • Jenna Wolfe • Sara Haines Weather Channel • Stephanie Abrams • Jim Cantore
  13. 13. Accounts to FollowCamera Operators/Producers • Yosef Herzog (TODAY) • Dwaine Scott • Jim Long • Rich Latour (Rock Center) • Callan Griffiths (Camera) • Ray Farmer (Camera) • Alex Gittleson (Producer) • Erika Masonhall • Anthony Galloway • Ian Sager ( • Sarika Dani ( • Zoe Marcus (TODAY) • Frank Thorp • Steven Flisler
  14. 14. Accounts to FollowNBC News Digital • Ryan Osborn • Anthony Quintano • Lou Dubois • Sarah Coffey • John Baiata • Jim Seida • Jon Sweeney • David Britt-Friedman • Matt Rivera • John Makley • Alastair Jamieson • Dave Wiley