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7. evaluation(2)


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7. evaluation(2)

  1. 1. FMP Evaluation Your name
  2. 2. Production Process Evaluation
  3. 3. Research • I looked back at existing products such as mortal combat, tekken and street fighter as part of my research in doing this I found several things I must include in my game (e.g. timer, health). • the research I made from these other games helped me make the overall objective of my game which will be to fight the opponent until death. • The strongest point in my research was when looking at the colors used and why they had used these colors this research helped me when choosing the colors I chose for my final game. • The parts of my research where I personally think I could of improved is in my audience profile which I left mainly blank, but if I did this I may have been given more of an idea of what my target audience prefer and what sells too them. Too improve my research I could have looked more into my audience and spent more time on my research.
  4. 4. Planning • The parts of my planning which I believe to be my strengths would be in the mind maps I made for my initial plans, which helped me to write down and expand on my ideas and final plans. • The planning I did helped me too make my game similar to my researched products and made the layout I decided easy too make into a final product. • The weaknesses of my planning would be in following my plans on my final product, I made several big changes on the final product which were nothing like my plans, this was mainly due to not enough time. • To make my plans better I could have planned it more around the time given and not made the final design too much of a task for me too complete, which may have gave me chance too make my game more detailed in the background and other aesthetics.
  5. 5. Time Management • I didn’t manage my time very well I spent far too much time on the characters then the actual game, I also made the game too much off a task for the time I was given. • If I was given more time on my game I could of completed it making it far more detailed and the animation would be much smoother with a more graphic final scene. • I would have spent more time on painting the back drop for the characters making the game in a graveyard, I would have also spent more time on my animation making it look smoother and have the death scene at the very end contain more graphic horror.
  6. 6. Technical Qualities Both my product and the existing have several similarities the first I notice is the layout, on both the characters, timer and the health bars are in the same places and they both have all these items within the games. The differences I notice from my product to the existing are the other games detail is far more intense on the back drop and on the characters, also the bars have the characters names on them as well unlike my own.The colours in both games are rather different my game being darker.
  7. 7. Aesthetic Qualities
  8. 8. Audience Appeal
  9. 9. Peer Feedback
  10. 10. Feedback 1 • What did you like about the product? • What improvements could have been made to the product?
  11. 11. Feedback 2 • What did you like about the product? • What improvements could have been made to the product?
  12. 12. Feedback 3 • What did you like about the product? • What improvements could have been made to the product?
  13. 13. Peer Feedback Summary • What do you agree with from your peer feedback? • What do you disagree with from your peer feedback?
  14. 14. Peer Feedback Summary