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Citrix vision and product highlights november 2011


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Scripted customer facing high level presentation that outlines the Citrix vision and strategy set in the personal, private and public cloud framework. Includes latest messaging from Synergy Barcelona.

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Citrix vision and product highlights november 2011

  1. 1. November 2011
  2. 2. $1.9B revenue in 20106,600 employees worldwide10,000+ partners in 100 countries100% of Fortune 500250,000+ customers#1 Desktop & App virtualization75% of internet users80% of Public CloudsTop 5 SaaS vendor
  3. 3. A world where people can work or play from anywhere
  4. 4. lower better more cost security control deliver virtualize centralizePeople IT
  5. 5. virtual virtual workstyles datacenters virtual computing data | meetings | support | clients | desktops | apps | networks | servers | cloudsPeople IT
  6. 6. work compute business
  7. 7. • Globalization – interconnected & multipolar• Disruption – geophysical & geopolitical• Consolidation – reach, scale & profit• Regulation – security, compliance & privacy• Generations – born digitals
  8. 8. Consumerization
  9. 9. PC Era Cloud Era
  10. 10. Empower Aggregate & Deliver Build & Connect
  11. 11. Receiver | ShareFile XenApp | XenDesktop | XenClientGoToMeeting | GoToMyPC | GoToManage XenServer | CloudStack | CloudPortal CloudGateway CloudBridge NetScaler Cloud Networking Powering virtual workstyles & cloud servicesd a t a | m e e t i n g s | s u p p o r t | c l i e n t s | d e s k t o p s | a p p s | n e t wo r k s | s e r v e r s | c l o u d s
  12. 12. My Data My My Prefs Apps My My MyFriends Location Devices My Life | My Work Personal Cloud
  13. 13. people mobile workstyledata apps
  14. 14. follow-me meetings, data, apps & desktops
  15. 15. Intuitively easy places tocreate, share and store meeting content
  16. 16. Share any file, instantly with anyoneby Citrix And seamlessly across all your devices
  17. 17. • Send, request & share files within Outlook• Data from all your devices• Desktop widget & sync tools• File encryption – at rest and in transit• Versioning & comment tracking• File activity alerts & notifications• Remote wipe & account locking
  18. 18. Amazing access todesktops, apps, docs and IT services from any device
  19. 19. • 1000s of PCs and Macs• 150 different smartphones• 40 different tablets• 10 different thin clients• 1.5B+ devices supported
  20. 20. • Access data from any source… on any device• Open, view, edit, save and share any document• Remote wipe built in Available in Q4
  21. 21. people mobile workstyledata apps
  22. 22. Aggregate & Deliver Private Cloud
  23. 23. Windows apps & desktops Web & mobile appsUnifiedServiceBroker SaaS apps Corporate & cloud data
  24. 24. XenApp XenDesktopStoreFront™ services Web & SaaS Data Mobile Gateway services
  25. 25. • • • • • •My Life | My Work
  26. 26. Windowsas-a-Service
  27. 27. Device Service Device-centric People-centric Corporate PC Any type of deviceImage & deploy Self-service experienceLimited access Dynamic access Fixed costs Usage-based costs
  28. 28. • Any device, anywhere• Stunning HDX user experience• All virtual desktop models in one product• For all types of apps• Open and scalable
  29. 29. • New class of devices with HDX Ready System-on-a-Chip• Unique Citrix innovations (FlexCast, IntelliCache, Personal vDisk)• Industry advances in server, storage and hardware technology• Extensive “Wow to How” Desktop Transformation Model• New free “Success Accelerator” tool to share best practices• New free Virtual Desktop Assessment tool (scan, inventory, advise)
  30. 30. • All the power of HDX in silicon – New class of devices for virtual desktops and apps – Hardware-based HDX optimizations – Open standards-based program – Designed to keep up with new innovations• Full HD experience at a fraction of the cost – Reference designs from NComputing & TI – First devices in market in early 2012
  31. 31. Laptop Users Knowledge Worker Task Workers On-Demand Apps The Right Desktop for Every User
  32. 32. • 2X number of users on existing WAN• Flash redirection 1000s of miles• Local scanning and printing 6X faster• Guaranteed Quality of Service• Real time voice and video
  33. 33. • Personalized apps, data & prefs• Departmental & user installed apps• Single OS image management• Reduce storage by 65%• Personalized PC experience• Enables pooled VDI
  34. 34. Simple, proven, industry-endorsed best practices, tools and services to ease your transitionPhased approach to Broad industry Supporting tools, transformation partnerships resources & programs
  35. 35. • Market leader in speeding the migration of Windows & browser apps to new platforms Physical to virtual transitions OS and browser upgrades Existing apps to new platforms• Rapid Portfolio Analysis• Intelligent remediation• Automated app packaging
  36. 36. Connect & Build Public Cloud
  37. 37. NetScalerCloudConnectors     Citrix NetScaler CDN, SSL acceleration, Malware, & Mobile apps Connect NetScaler directly to 3rd party “last mile” cloud services to further secure and optimize web, mobile and SaaS apps
  38. 38. Build
  39. 39. Server Virtualization++ Cloud PlatformBuilt for traditional Designed around big data,enterprise apps & massive scale &client-server compute next-gen cloud apps• Enterprise architecture for • Cloud architecture for 100’s of host servers 1,000’s of host servers• Traditional management • Autonomic management• Proprietary vendor stack • Open, value-added stack
  40. 40. • Largest Cloud Providers running Xen Amazon (Xen) RAX (XenServer) GoGrid (Xen) Linode (Xen)• Continued migration from OSS Xen to XenServer• New deployments almost Amazon Rackspace Other Solaris ESX exclusively on XenServer (Xen) (XenServer) (XenServer) Source: Jack of all Clouds (2011 survey)
  41. 41. • Secure, multi-tenant cloud orchestration platform Turnkey platform for delivering IaaS clouds Hypervisor agnostic Massively scalable, secure and open Open source, open standards• Deliver cloud services 50x faster at 1/5th the cost
  42. 42. • Comprehensive BSS/OSS portal Account management SaaS application portal Billing and metering CRM and support ticketing• Manages CloudStack and OpenStack resource pools• Accelerates differentiation and ROI
  44. 44. Telco and Service Web 2.0 and Enlightened Providers Media Enterprise
  45. 45. Greater productivity. Agile business. Flexible infrastructure. any any Powering virtual workstyles & cloud services d a t a | m e e t i n g s | s u p p o r t | c l i e n t s | d e s k t o p s | a p p s | n e t wo r k s | s e r v e r s | c l o u d s
  46. 46. A world where people can work or play from anywhere