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Promotional package


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This is the presentation for my promotional package.

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Promotional package

  1. 1. Promotional package
  2. 2. Promotional package mind map
  3. 3. Album cover ideas The album covers that I have chosen are from similar genres of music. I will use these album covers for inspiration for my album cover design.
  4. 4. Band/performer: Royal blood Chosen song: Figure It Out Official video-
  5. 5. CD/DVD digipak CD The CD will include exclusive songs as well as acoustic versions of songs from the album. DVD The DVD for my digipak will include interviews from each band member as well as life on tour footage from there world tour, and footage of them recording in the studio. • Digipak design: The front cover of the digipak will be an image of the band that has been taken in a studio. On the inside of the digipak there will be an image of the band performing live.
  6. 6. Music video idea: • Official video- H4rBKcu62 The band performing live Recording in the studio