Results from our target audience survey


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Results from our target audience survey

  1. 1. Results from our target audience survey
  2. 2. Our Survey We created a survey to help us discover who our target audience is, their interests and what they enjoy to see in music videos. All of this information will help us and give us ideas for our own music video so we can successfully attract our target audience. When constructing our survey we were very careful chose our questions so we were able to collect all of the important information that we need. We used both open and closed end questions so we could get both detailed information and information that could easily be quantified. We posted our survey on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Altogether 19 people answered our survey.
  3. 3. Q1) What is your gender?
  4. 4. Q2) What is your age?
  5. 5. Q3) Name 15 of your interests/ hobbies Males Females
  6. 6. Q4) Do you prefer a music video to have more narrative, more performance or an equal amount of both?
  7. 7. Q6) What is your favourite music video and why? Males Females
  8. 8. Q6) Do you enjoy alternative rap/ hip hop music? If yes what do you expect to see in music videos of this genre? Males Females
  9. 9. Q7) How do you mostly watch music video?
  10. 10. Analysing the results from my survey -Most people who like our chosen genre our males between the ages of 1620, so this will be our target audience. Most of the men liked alternative rap whilst few females liked it and if they did were only interested in some of the very well known alternative rap songs songs. -Most of these males share interests in music, sports, nights out/ partying, gaming, TV, food, shopping and social networking. Many females also share these interests. - On average people mostly prefer equal amounts of both performance and narrative rather than more of one than another. - From asking people what they're favourite music videos were and why we found out what audiences particularly enjoy in music videos. They stated they enjoyed music videos which tell good, deep, meaningful narratives that link well to the songs lyrics and show emotion. They also enjoy videos that show effective shots of artists performing their instruments and vocals. In some cases they also enjoy good energy and comedy.
  11. 11. -Some also stated they found music videos easier to understand when artists in the performance were also the people that acted in the narrative, so narrative and performance are mixed in together. We also noted that in most of the videos people enjoyed the audio starts immediately as the video begins. -From asking people what they expect from an alternative rap music video we discovered most people expect a story line between the rapper and a female (often told from male’s perspective) which the lyrics of the story our presented through realistic and meaningful visual narratives. They also expect to see many attractive girls in revealing outfits, men in stereotypical rapper costumes (snap backs, high tops, sunglasses, etc) and expect it to be editited quite fast paced and upbeat. -People mostly view films through online sources such as YouTube rather than television.