Grow Your Business With Email Marketing - Roadshow 2013


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These are the slides from the little green plane 2013 roadshows, I hope you enjoy them, if you would like to attend one of our events please visit our website:

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Grow Your Business With Email Marketing - Roadshow 2013

  1. 1. Grow your business withemail marketingPresented By: Louise StephensEmail Marketing Consultant at little green planeFollow: @lgplane & @loulou1987x
  2. 2. • Status of email• Email objectives• Data• Design & content - Task• BREAK• What is SPAM?• Rise & rise of mobile• Email & Social• Analytics influencers• Case Study• Setting a strategy - TaskAgenda:
  3. 3. Introductions
  4. 4. • Digital Marketing Agency• Offices in London and Suffolk• Established for over 10 years• 6th Fastest growing digital marketing agency in the UK• Winners of the best digital B2B campaign at Europes largest awards
  5. 5. Who we work with…
  6. 6. What about you?
  7. 7. Status of email marketing• Email is expected to produce a ROI of £24.24 for every £1 spent in 2013• The DMA projected email to drive £42.4 billion in sales in 2012 and £51.5billion in sales in 2016• Last year 3.1 billion new email accounts were created, this is more thanFacebook, LinkedIn and Twitter combined.
  8. 8. How do you send your emails?CRM System• Issues with highvolume• Lack testingfacilities• Basic reportingEmail Service Provider• On going costPurchased Software• Issues withdeliverability• Using your own serverOutlook• Using own server• Deliverability• No testing• Little reporting• No automated unsubscribe
  9. 9. Setting objectivesWeak objectives = Weak campaigns
  10. 10. What are your objectives?
  11. 11. Customer acquisition…
  12. 12. Customer retention…
  13. 13. Re-engagement
  14. 14. DataGrowing your list…The best way to grow your data is to use an incentive…
  15. 15. Knowing your audienceEnables you to tailor campaigns to their specific needs…• Content – What are they interested in?• Tone – How do you communicate to them?• Design – Is the design correct for your audience?• Incentivise – With what?• Purchase – Where are they in their buying cycle?
  16. 16. John.Personal:• Aged 45, married 20 years to Emily.• Enjoys golf and camping.• Risk adverse, logical thinker.Work:• Role: Technical Director in Engineering firm.• Vast understanding of industry.• Involved in strategic decisions and supply chain management.Issues:• Dealing with rapid change and re-structuring.• Ensuring his team keep up with changes.• Meeting KPIs.Key Messages:• Needs confidence / credentials in his field.• Need top line information only. (but access to detail)• Accreditations and quality standard mean a lot.
  17. 17. SophiePersonal:• Aged 18, single• Loves socialising with friends and partying.• Heavy web user and enjoys taking photos and uploading them to Instagram• Bright, bubbly individual who participates in everything.Career:• Interested in working in fashion.• Enjoys finding out about new products and getting a goodprice on them.Issues:• Wants more experience.• Need qualifications to accelerate her career.Key Messages:• Messaging can be more laid back / informal• Passion, creative and innovative.
  18. 18. Design and Content
  19. 19. TemplateA. B.TextTop banner12 543ButtonText• Bullet• Bullet• BulletTop bannerButton123
  20. 20. The winner…Text• Bullet• Bullet• BulletButton ButtonTop bannerB.• Focussed• No distractions• Not text/ image heavy• CTA buttons• Short and sweet
  21. 21. John
  22. 22. Sophie
  23. 23. Rendering…
  24. 24. Be consistent…Keep them on the scent…
  25. 25. How do we look at emails?
  26. 26. Top left is thefirst place welook• Previewpanes• Clear call toaction• Branding
  27. 27. Eyetracking…
  28. 28. Design v’s content• Keep it short - people DON’T read emails…• Don’t try and be all things to all men, (try segmenting)• Tone of voice to match audience• Email structure / layout• Clear call to actions• Be legal
  29. 29. Email Marketing LawData Protection Act 1998• You must supply an unsubscribe mechanism• Full company details must provided• Any commercial motives must not be hidden• Recipients must have opted in• You must not use competitions as a way of harvesting data unless consenthas been given for marketing• You must have a clear Privacy Policy explaining how their data is storedand used
  30. 30. 5 Minutes…Things to consider:• Structure• Content• Design• Best practiceTask
  31. 31. BreakFollow: @lgplane & @loulou1987xTweet: #growyourbusiness
  32. 32. Grow your business withemail marketingPresented By: Louise StephensEmail Marketing Consultant at little green planeFollow: @lgplane & @loulou1987x
  33. 33. Agenda:• Status of email• Email objectives• Data• Design & content - Task• BREAK• What is SPAM?• Rise & rise of mobile• Email & Social• Analytics influencers• Case Study• Setting a strategy - Task
  34. 34. What is SPAM?
  35. 35. SPAM or bust?
  37. 37. From: noreply@mybusiness.comSubject: No risk investments
  38. 38. From: jbloggs@mybusiness.comSubject: Grow your portfolio with our investments…
  39. 39. Viagra
  40. 40. My business isamazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  42. 42. Your invite to a priceless email marketing event…
  43. 43. CompanyFilterISP FilterEmailClientFilterHumanFilter4 levels of SPAM filtering
  44. 44. The rise & rise of mobile…
  45. 45. • 480m - Econsultancy: ‘Email MarketingCensus 2012’• UK – 67% of people with smart phonesuse them to access their emailsNumber of mobile email users?
  46. 46. By 2015, more internet users willaccess the web through mobiledevices than through PCs.(econsultancy 2012)
  47. 47. Return Path 2012Mobile device
  48. 48. What is your mobile strategy?
  49. 49. Call to action buttonEnlarged fontsGet to the pointLayoutFinger targetsSize of images
  50. 50. Not optimised Optimised
  51. 51. Responsive templates
  52. 52. Return Path 2012What if you are not optimised?• 41% of Europeans will close or deletean email not optimised for mobile• 29 % would read later on a PC orlaptop
  53. 53. Email & Social
  54. 54. Social media needs email!You can’t even create an account without and email address!
  55. 55. Social sharing…Getting your subscribers to do some of the leg work and spread the word!
  56. 56. Social connecting…Step 1.Ask people to share your email…
  57. 57. Social connecting…Step 2.
  58. 58. Social connecting…Step 3.
  59. 59. Social connecting…Step 4.
  60. 60. Social connecting…Step 4.
  61. 61. More…2,500 contacts4 Tweet2 likesa) 250b) 120c) 300d) 550a) 400b) 85= Total potentialoutreach: 4,205
  62. 62. AnalyticsWhat influences them…
  63. 63. Open rates Time & daySubject lineFrom
  64. 64. Open rates
  65. 65. ClicksCalls to actionDesignContent
  66. 66. Clicks
  67. 67. Measuring effectivenessCampaigns Sent % Opens % ClickThruWebsiteConversion20%Email A 5,000 40% = 2000 5% = 100 20 PurchasesEmail B 5,000 12% = 600 1% = 6 1.2 PurchasesCampaigns Sent % Opens % ClickThruWebsiteConversion20%Email C 5,000 40% = 2000 4% = 80 16 PurchasesEmail D 5,000 40% = 2000 18% = 360 72 PurchasesSplit testing – Subject LineSplit testing – Subject Line A & New Email Content
  68. 68. Other tests to consider• Location• Behaviour based segmentation• Sex• Age• Time and daySize doesn’t matter!
  69. 69. Case study.The Society for all Artists
  70. 70. Brief• Increase audience engagement.• Create a re-useable template design• Educate on best practice• Increase ROI
  71. 71. Strategy• Analyse existing data• Design• Content• Set realistic objectives• Educate
  72. 72. Execution• Re- design of templates – largeemphasis on call to actions.• Full data analysis to understand theiraudience and set tone• Behaviour based segmentation• Where they are in the buying cycle• Google analytics conversion tracking• 2 hour training session to educate onbest practice and analysing data.
  73. 73. Result• 33.2% increase in open rates• 11.5% increase in click through rates• A staggering £111 return for every £1 spent“The analysis and education has enabled us to be much more proactive in creating anddelivering our e-news campaigns. With the new template giving our emails better focus andless distractions we are now able to target our audience in a much more precise manner.The support and service from the little green plane team has been excellent and the returnon our investment has been outstanding as a result.”Jessica Reynolds, marketing co-ordinator at the SAA
  74. 74. Strategy…Task – 5minsThings to consider:• How often• Content• Objectives• Grow your data• Type of email• Design• Tone• Segmentation
  75. 75. Resources… - Blogs- GuidesLinkedIn Groups - Email Marketing Forum- East Anglia Email Marketing Forum- Email Marketing GroupTwitter - @lgplane
  76. 76. Grow your business withemail marketingPresented By: Louise StephensFollow: @lgplane & @loulou1987x