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Unit 1, Task 1


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Unit 1, Task 1

  1. 1. Unit 1:pre-production techniques for the creative media industries TASK 1: UNDERSTAND REQUIREMENTS FOR A SPECIFIC MEDIA PRODUCTION
  2. 2. WHAT is a music video? Louise sheridan
  3. 3. Types of production: music video-tELEVISion-film- interactive media- web- video
  4. 4. A music video is a short film integrating a song and imagery, they are producedfor promotional and artistic reasons. Modern music videos are used as a way ofartists promoting themselves and their songs. Music videos were first properlyintroduced in the 1980s. Some of the first artists to have music videos producedfor them were Queen with their song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, The Buggles withtheir song ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ and David Bowie with his song ‘Ashes toAshes’ which he got his first UK number one with. Before the 1980s, they hadshort promotional clips, which later then formed music videos.
  5. 5. Music videos use a lot of different styles of film making techniques, such aslive action filming, animation, documentries. Some music videos puttogether different styles, such as animation and live action. Many musicvideos do not interpret images from the songs lyrics.
  6. 6. Finance : sources of financeif an artist is signed to a record label for example a major label likesony, the record label will usually pay for the producing of theirmusic video.
  7. 7. Finance : sources of financeon the other hand unsigned artist would have to find the moneythemselves themselves, which may be unaffordable.
  8. 8. Finance : sources of financeif unsigned artists have already become more popular through doinglive performances they can use crowd funding. a cinematographer, aproducer or film maker that has access to facilities and equipmentmight offer to film a music video for new artist.
  9. 9. sources Of financeMajor record labels promotion costs are about 20% of the total amount ofmoney which is invested in each artist or band. Independent record labelsspend about half the amount that major record labels use which would be 10%.This might include music videos, TV promotions, press kits and radio, publicrelations, etc. which is again, paid by the artist’s advance but would never begot back by the label if the artist doesn’t make any money.
  10. 10. Case study : silvertip films, how much is invested year ismusicin videos by the record• US $5 billion a in invested artists by record companies globally. label to break a new pop act?• Around 30% of revenues is spent on artists marketing and development.• US $160 billion bigger part employing two million people.• US $1 million to break a new artist into major marketsSmall and big record companies invest about US $5 billion every year on music talent. They support an international catalogue of thousands of music artists and spend about US $1 million to launch new pop acts and make them successful in major markets.
  11. 11. case study: silvertip films,the budget range for music video production at silvertip filmsSilvertip films have a range of budgets from £1000 through to £10,000 plus.These sort of budgets are not uncommon for unsigned acts and slightly moreestablished ones. Big name acts usually spend lots and lots of money on theirmusic videos.
  13. 13. case study: silvertip films, music video cost guide• TWO DAY SHOOTS – from £2500 + expensesFormat : HDSilvertip Personnel: Director and CameramanBreackdown:• Two days• 10hours each• Pre-production (1 day)• 2 day’s shooting with Director and Cameraman• Edit (3 days)Ideal shoot for solo acts and group acts.
  14. 14. case study: silvertip films, music video cost guideFULL DAY SHOOTS (Bands/Singers + Narrative) – from £1500 + expensesFormat: HDSilvertipPersonnel: Director and CameramanBreakdown:• Full day (10hours)• Pre-production (1 day)• Shoot (1 day)• Edit (2 days)Ideal for single location, band performances or multiple location performances.
  15. 15. case study: silvertip films, music video cost guide• HALF DAY SHOOTS (Singers/Rappers) – from £1000 + expensesFormat: HDSilvertip Personnel: Directore and CameramanBreakdown:• 5 hours• Pre-production (1 day)• Shoot (1/2 day)• Edit (1 dayIdeal for single location performances by solo acts like singers, rappers or duos.
  16. 16. Music Videos/PromosIn music videos the commissioner:• Would be the person who decides the go ahead for a music video• Works for the record label or is a freelancer.• Keeps the copyright for the music video• Keep the rights.Delivery Date: The delivery date is the date that you have to give the music video to therecord company. JAMES HACKETT : DIRECTOR OF MUCIC VIDEO COMMISSIONS AT EMI AND BEFORE THAT MUSIC VIDEO COMMISSIONER FOR SONY.
  17. 17. Delivery Materials/Format: The delivery materials/format is what will outline the different formats that you have delivered in the music video in e.g. the DVD and master. Your agreement could maybe include some other delivery requirements such as things like photo stills.Artists: The record company would get the music artist to come in during the shooting period if they are needed. It would most likely be the record company who will meet any more costs that the producer needs in case the artist fails to come in at the arranged time.
  18. 18. Approvals: The artist or group and also their record company have the rights tobe told and have got to authorise the production of the music video.Payment: The record company pays the producer a production fee which coversthe production costs of the artists music video.
  19. 19. Licenses: The producer will be the person that is responsible for keepingclearances and licences for all material that is used for the video.Copyright: The copyright in the video will belong to the record company.
  20. 20. Finance : sources of finance ; requirementsMUSIC VIDEOS – STARTER PACKAGESSuited to non professional bands & artists to introducethemselves or just for their first promotional musicvideo.Band / Artistes will need to make sure that permissionhas been given by the venue, and to make sure postersare visible on entrance to let the audience know thatfilming will be taking place.FOR ALL PACKAGES.
  21. 21. Live performance video – 1 track (£ 2,000 ex vat (£2350.00 inc vat), plus anytravel costs.)• 2 camera coverage of performance.• Venue and audience shots.• Cut together to a studio track or live audio• Editing (3 days)• Master copy on DVD.
  22. 22. Live performance video – 2 tracks (£ 2,500 ex vat (£2937.50 inc vat),plus any travel costs.)Format : HDBreakdown:• 2 camera coverage of performance.• Audience & venue shots.• Cut together to a studio track or live audio• Edit (5 days)• Master copy delivered on DVD.
  23. 23. Studio shoot (1 track) – white or blue screen Approx. £6,000 ex vat(£7050.00 inc vat).Personell :Director, lighting cameraman, camera assistant, prod.assistant. HD camera,track / dolly for moving shots. Format : HD•Studio filming.•White or blue screen for FX background.•Edited to a pre-existing studio track.•Edit (5 days) suite & editor.•Master copy on DVD & Broadcast tape.Band / Artistes will need to provide their own wardrobe/costume, and any otherperformers they wish to include. We can of course provide models / dancers / make upstylists etc for additional cost.
  24. 24. time: deadlines• friday 21st september 2012:Purposes: promotional ; extension of income; extension of outlets (music channel, direct DVD and CD sales, website, download); synergy (films, tv programmes); producers’ strategies (major label, independent, artist self-produced).• friday 28th september 2012Understand requirements for a specific media production, evidence required : an individual visual presentation demostrating a detailed undertanding of the music video and logistical and material requirements for production, including: funding, costs, timescale, personnel, equipment and materials, locations and legal & ethical research.
  25. 25. • friday 5th october, task 3:- choose music track- analyse music track (e.g. meaning, content, imagery, narrative, duration, pace, style, semiotics)- performers style- performers image- videos style, creative concept• friday 12th october, task 2:- procedure: Identify finance available; identify personnel needed; identify personnel available; identify resources needed; identify resources available; prepare budget; contract personnel; book resources available; prepare budget; contract personnel; book resources; prepare schedules; identify health and safety implications; identify legal implications; identify risks to project.- Documentation: production documentation, eg scripts, storyboards, mood boards, thumbnails, properties, contact lists, location recces; production schedules; budget; clearances; plans, eg location plans, studio plans; health and safety assessments; risk assessments; contingency plans.
  26. 26. • friday 26th october 2012,task 3:originate ideas: choosing music track; analysing music track (meaning, content, imagery, narrative, duration, pace, style, semiotics); performer’s style; performer’s image; videps style; creative conceptresearch: sources for locations; found footage (video archives, libraries, websites, copyright, waivers)plan: script; storyboard; shooting script (camera movements, takes, angles, continuity); selection oftechnical and performance crew; team roles and responsibilities; production organisation and schedule; location recces; risk assessments; permissions to film; clearances.• friday 26th october 2012be able to apply pre-production planning for a specific media production- elements of production: logistics; finance; creative processes.- project management: personnel management, resource management; time management; monitoring progress; risk management; crisis management; maintaining documentation.• friday 9th november : task 4:work : individually, as director, as production manager, as camera operator, as editorproduction : direct action, manage productiob, shoot footage, create animation, light, create sfx, edit ; production log.
  27. 27. looking at the dates of each deadline the schedule has been well puttogether.
  29. 29. Group Time Date Action membersMyselfCallieAbby 3:30- 5:00ShannonMyselfCallieAbby 3:30- 5:00ShannonMyselfCallieAbby 3:30- 5:00ShannonMyselfCallieAbby 3:30- 5:00Shannon
  30. 30. chris cunningham
  33. 33. materials : CostumeCostume is the wardrobe and dress worn by a particular character, or to the style of differentperiods, people or class. Costume can also refer to the artistic arrangement of accessories instatues, picture, plays or poems, or to a particular style of clothing worn to portray the personas a character rather than just a there usual self at events such as theatrical performances oreven fancy dress parties.
  34. 34. Costume requirement
  35. 35. materials : propsA prop, is an object used on stage by actors to help the actor express their feelings orwhat they are doing to the audience. Larger props could be decoration for a set, such as achair, wardrobe or table. Smaller props are sometimes referred to as "hand props". If theitem is touched by the actor in accordance to script requirements or as wanted by thedirector it would be seen as a prop whereas if it is not touched by any of the actors it willusually be set decoration enless made clear that it is being used for a purpose.
  36. 36. chris cunningham - windowlicker
  37. 37. james hawkinson
  38. 38. WindowlickerVideo Production TitleName Position Responsibility Other workCindy Burnay Producer Raising the money. Overall responsibilty for the Warp Vision: The Videos 1989-2004 production. Hiring and firing the crew. (video) (producer - segments "Come to Daddy", "Come On My Selector") 2003 The Work of Director Chris Cunningham (video) (producer) 2002 Björk: Volumen Plus (video short) (producer - segment "All is Full of Love") 2000 Flex (short) (producer)Steve Beckett Executive producer Responsible for the overall production of the music Warp20 New York (documentary video. Handles business and legal issues. short) (executive producer) 2009 Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee (executive producer) 2005 Rubber Johnny (short) (executive producer) 2004 Dead Mans Shoes (executive producer)James Hawkinson  Cinematographer /  Has expertise in the art of capturing images either Hannibal (TV series) director of photography electronically or on devices and the selection and of visual recording film stock through the application – Pilot (2013) – Potage arrangement of the lighting. The chief cinematographer. Happy Endings (TV series) – Pilot (2011) Running Wilde (TV series) – Pilot (2010)
  39. 39. Case Study: Michael Jackson’s Scream Music VideoWho was the designer?Tom FodenWhat other work had he done?Mirror Mirror: The Untold Adventures of Snow White 2011Immortals 2005The Work of Director Mark Romanek (videodocumentary) (segments "The Perfect Drug" and "Closer") 2004Tooth Fairy (short) 2004The VillageWho was in his teamThe music video, ‘Scream’, is produced by Tom Fodenart directors :• Richard Berg•Jeff Hall•Martin MervelThey made the 13-piece set for it, they only had one-month to do it.
  40. 40. Understand Requirements for a specific media productionMeital Dohan - On Ya ft. Sean Kingston Location Info Strengths Limitations The nearest tube is Notting Hill Gate, which is 50 meters from the cinema. Screen 1 - 388 seats. (203 in stalls and 185 in balcony) 35 mm projection. Ratios 1.1.85/2.2.35. Dolby Digital sound. SD video projector for DVD and other audiovisual presentations. Digi beta, Beta SP, MiniDV and DVcam available through external hire-ins. There It is an ideal location for film location is also a large staging system with professional stage lighting. There is a powerful PA system with sound work. The building has featured in engineer available at an extra charge. many films and TV programmes. the Screen 2 - 147 seats. 35 mm projection. Ratios The coronet Theatre was opened in original theatre includes a balcony in 1.1.85/2.2.35. Dolby Digital sound. An additional PA can be supplied. 1898 as a Victorian theatre, it was the main screen. It has retained all its The cinema has a small licensed bar. The Coronet Theatre seen as one of the best theatres 28 New Kent                       Edwardian features. equipped with the RENTAL RATES - excluding VAT. iutside of the West End. It has hosted latest 35 mm projection and sound Weekday before 3.00 p.m. £130 per  Road  London, hour. some extremley public figures such as equipment. It would be run by a  Greater London  Weekday after 3.00 p.m. but before  : professional event management team  SE1 6TJ 6.00 p.m £180 per hour.  020 7701 1500 • Hugh Grant able to cater for all your Weekday after 6.00 p.m. (6.00 to  •Julia Roberts requirements from technical support 8.30 & 8.30 p.m.till close) £900 per  • King Edward VII to catering. slot. Weekends before 6.00 p.m.  £400 per hour. Weekends after 6.00 p.m.(6.00 to  8.30 & 8.30 p.m. till close) £1600 per  slot. We do not hire the cinema out  on Tuesdays. We do not hire the cinema out on  Sundays before 2.00 p.m.
  41. 41.
  42. 42. ninja tuneNinja Tune have worked with over a 100 acts such as:• Wiley• DJ Food• Totla T
  43. 43. xl recordingsXL Recordings have worked with 30 big name acts suchas:• Adele• Dizzee Rascal• M.I.A• Tyler, The Creator
  44. 44. tempa recordsTempa Records have aslo worked with some big name artists such as:• Benga• J:Kenzo• Skream
  45. 45. codes of practice and regulation : Mechanical Copyright Protection society (MCPS)Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS)/ Performing Rights Society Alliance (PRS) is a copyrightcatolouging society carrying out collective rights management for musical products. It was made in 1997 inthe UK, bringing together the two:• Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS)• Performing Right Society (PRS).
  46. 46. codes of practise and regulations : british board of film classification (bbfc) The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), is not a governmental organisation, it’s funded by the film industry and is also responsible for the national classification and censorship of films within the United Kingdom.